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  1. Don't worry about the trub. Just make sure you've got a dog.
  2. I do exactly that. At that strength it's no rinse. Has solved all previous issues I was having. I researched widely before going with this. Developer of Starsan has stated it's the best method. Nothing toxic etc about it. Cheers. Edit: to clarify don't mix the bleach and vinegar together. Add the bleach to the water then add the vinegar to the water. The method is no rinse but I do anyway
  3. Coopers Pale Ale tin, tin of wheat extract, 150-250g of crystal malt cracked, steeped and boiled and US05 yeast will set you back about $35. Will make a great beer if brewed at 18 degrees. Add in hops of choice. Galaxy or Ella for a Stone & Wood style, Cascade and other 'C' hops for an American pale. Amarillo is great. Citra is loved by many. A bit of everything for a hop bomb . Plenty of info on here about cracking/steeping/boiling or ask for more info.
  4. They really downplayed "independence". Funny that it regularly tops craft beer surveys. It's our local. Usually a nice stop on the way home from the surf. Don't expect that will change but the bitter taste is likely to increase.
  5. +1 to the above. This is actually my fav beer and everyone that visits my bar raves about it. I have brewed it straight up and also added mulberries off the tree when in season. Froze them (about 1.5kg), blended, sieved and added about day 4 or 5. Turned out awesome. I also don't recommend hopping as the style doesn't suit. I just use the supplied yeast. Cheers.
  6. Beer is taxed at a higher rate than wine. The wine industry exerted some political muscle quite a few years ago and the government of the day caved in. From memory it was called a "WET" tax - wine equalisation tax. Can't remember what is was equalising but it was meant to protect the wine industry during a particularly challenging time. AFAIK it still exists today. The increasing popularity of craft beer has highlighted the different tax regimes. I have seen articles suggesting that if wine was taxed at the same rate as beer each bottle would be 2 to 3 times more expensive. It would kill wine sales. No thought, of course, to taxing beer at the rate of wine though.
  7. I remember reading somewhere that the Bootmaker has American style hops (Cascade?) and results in an American style pale ale.
  8. When I bottled I would've fridged them all if it was possible. Minimising temp fluctuations seems to be the key.
  9. No issues with head and as I've said on another thread some beers are 5+ years old. I used old, heavy XXXX bottles. My hoppy ales really go downhill at about 5/6 months taste wise but darker beers, lagers and even saisons get better and better.
  10. There was actually. Was really smooth with a great flavour. I've also got quite a bit of RIS I bottled nearly 5 years ago. Like drinking a fruit cake
  11. Yep, hop forward beers drink up. Other beers, chill. Maybe that's the mantra?
  12. Along with temp control one of the most important things for most brews. Last night I drank a Vanilla Stout that I bottled Aug 2016. Absolutely sensational.
  13. I do about 1.5 kg and after freezing they are whizzed in the blender and then pushed through a fine strainer into the FV.
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