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  1. Cerveja

    Best way to add fruit?

    I do about 1.5 kg and after freezing they are whizzed in the blender and then pushed through a fine strainer into the FV.
  2. Cerveja

    More on the topic of bleach in the brewery

    Correct. Apologies it was a bit off topic but that comment was in response to quite a few posts about "sanitising". Cheers.
  3. I am also a fan of Gummy and second hand purchases in general. BUT, as much as I don't want to promote them as I've had some issues with them, you cannot beat buying from Kegland new. Last time I looked kegs and full 6kg gas bottles were less than a hundgy each. Why buy an unknown, second or third or fourth hand keg for 60 or 70 bucks when you can get new for about 90? And good luck with disposing of the bottles. I couldn't give mine away.
  4. Cerveja

    Kegerator For sale....

    On second thoughts it's probably crap. Send me the seller's details and I'll sort it out
  5. Cerveja

    Kegerator For sale....

    Check out the prices on Kegland. They'll give you a guide if you bought new. As Kelsey said, lines etc can be replaced/upgraded. Gas bottle and reg should be ok if only 2 years and little use. For me check out the fridge itself. That's what you really want to ensure works.
  6. Cerveja

    More on the topic of bleach in the brewery

    I use the bleach/vinegar sanitising method. 40ml of each in 20L. Plenty to read on the interweb if you are interested. Creator of Starsan believes it is the way to go. Supposed to be no-rinse but I give it a good rinse anyway. Zero infection since I adopted this and so, so easy and inexpensive. Many worry about using bleach, as I did, but it works for me. Cheers!
  7. Cerveja

    What quick disconnects to buy?

    Maybe hard to explain and harder to understand but all I know is since moving to plastics my beer lines are much easier to move around the kegerator and stay exactly where I want them. Not trying to be a smart a$&e, just offering an opinion to OP.
  8. Cerveja

    What quick disconnects to buy?

    I went stainless and have since changed to the plastic. Way lighter so the lines stay where you want and a cinch to get on and off.
  9. Cerveja


    They keep emailing specials on $50 bottles of wine when I never pay more than $5 for my wife.
  10. Cerveja

    All Things Salumi

    Yep, on the lookout for that book and Salumi. Not in a hurry so checking second hand places when I'm there.
  11. Cerveja

    All Things Salumi

    I so want to do this...
  12. Cerveja

    Champagne bottles

    Yellowtail bubbles bottles have re-sealable tops. I used them when I bottled and they were excellent. You just need a wife (and her friends) that knock em over like lolly water
  13. Cerveja

    Euro lager dress up

    Straight from the horses's mouth....As Kelsey pitches large (hmmmm, does that sound right?) he pitches at ferment temp. PB2's recipes are kit based and usually state to start about 18-22 and lower to 12/13 over a couple of days. Gives the yeast a chance to build up numbers. After that as per Kelsey above.
  14. Cerveja

    Euro lager dress up

    Lol, 50mg would make it a Great Northern clone. I actually did 50g in the tea.
  15. Cerveja

    Coopers APA

    Scottie created a page devoted to the APA - well worth a read as it has some great recipes in it including his Styx River PA.