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  1. Cerveja

    What is an XPA??

    The aqueduct?
  2. Cerveja

    what is saison?

    Brew the saison recipe on here. APA, can of wheat, some Saaz and Belle Saison yeast. Delicious and so, so easy. I'm working towards a lemongrass saison but Amarillo version has me intrigued El Capitano. Recipe?
  3. Cerveja

    Kegerator - which way to go

    Long, long story but I was given a KL kegerator for my 50th last year. Worked well for 6 months but recently has struggled to either get to temp or stay there. I also have defrosted it twice in the last month. Sad thing is KL don't give a toss. Only remedy is to ship it back to them so they can decide whether something is wrong or not. Given past product failures of theirs and their reluctance to accept fault in any way I will be now starting a keezer build while hoping the shiny KL kegerator lasts a bit longer. Highly recommend you or anyone else do not go down the KL route. You will regret it. Cheers.
  4. Cerveja

    Mangrove Jack's craft series kits

    The Berlinner Weise pouch is my standard beer on tap. Current keg is flavoured with homegrown mulberries. So easy to brew and tastes better than any sour I've ever bought. Have also done the Grapefruit IPA (Brewdog clone). Awesome beer. I plan on trying other pouches. No dramas handing over a few more shekels if the quality is there. Cheers!
  5. Cerveja

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Love the number plate Kelsey
  6. Cerveja

    LG Beer Bot

    I look away for a few seconds and it seems Coopers has an auto divert to AHB RDWHAHB fellas
  7. Cerveja

    Kit based Sour style

    Just saw this, bit late sorry. The pouch is awesome. So easy to make and tastes ridiculously good (if you like sours). I've made 3 and am about to start adding (home-grown) berries late. Perfect if you are a bit time poor.
  8. Cerveja

    Brewing Work shops QLD ?

    Pickled pig is at South Tweed. There is also Aardvark and Arrow at Varsity. I haven't been there but a mate at work gets kegs from them. Website seems a friendly bunch.
  9. Cerveja

    Making GR8 Yoghurt at Home, no mess, no fuss.

    Have done a few batches for my 'more cultured' better half. From memory muslin into a sieve with a bowl underneath. Pop the Greek yogurt in and leave in the fridge overnight. Easy as and tastes delicious. Must make it again someday.
  10. Cerveja

    free shipping!

    Not precious Lusty, just disappointed in the complete lack of customer service. Took the time to let them know my $300 plus order arrived with dents in every can. They asked for photos. Sent photos. They did nothing. I pointed out maybe an apology and replacing the worst tins (some nearly bent in half) would've been wise. They asked for details about my order (despite having it at their fingertips). Belatedly offered to do something but too late. I'll not order through Coopers again when I can get dent free cans at the LHBS (where Coopers will replace dented tins immediately). I will no longer refer new brewers to the Coopers site (in fact I discourage them). I will post in threads such as this one to alert people to the downside of ordering through Coopers. A shame Coopers take time to nurture brewers then one person stuffs it all for them. My $0.02 Cheers
  11. Cerveja

    free shipping!

    What you can't guarantee is that the tins will arrive in a similar condition to store-bought tins. I got sick of tins arriving all dented (anyone working in food science will tell you to avoid dented tins) and Coopers doing nothing about it. My $$$ go elsewhere now.
  12. Cerveja

    out of date

    Nice moniker and photo. Good luck with the brews.
  13. Cerveja

    Looking at Kegging

    $40-50 for a used keg that you know nothing about or about $90 from memory for a new one. 6kg gas bottle delivered filled with gas less than $100 will last 2yrs plus. Read Kelsey's (and others) thread "It's kegging time" - do it right the first time and it will cost less and be less pain in the long run. Save money on the fridge (heaps around) but new kegs/gas/lines/disconnects/gun are worth it. Just 1 lost keg will cost you up to $60 in ingredients plus the PITA of cleaning up and re-brewing. Plenty of deals around with the 'war' going on still. Either way - DO IT. Best thing I ever did. Cheers.
  14. Cerveja

    Woolies Clearance

    Had to get the car serviced this morning 'in town' and walked over to the shopping centre. First Woolies had Pale Ale and Dark on clearance. Everything else was on the shelf but normal price. Second Woolies (yes there's 2 Woolies AND a Coles in the same centre FFS but that's something for a rant thread) had zero on clearance. On the way home called into the local and zero on clearance. Seems very hit and miss and a bit puzzling. Either way, stocked up now for the coming year. Oh, nearly forgot, best before dates were late 2020 so not old stock.
  15. Cerveja

    Advent Calander

    For those living in the enlightened states Aldi have one arriving next Wednesday. I cheated and had a peak at the included brews. Probably worth a stab.