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  1. No problem here, entering the MM/YY format like 06/17 Samsung running kitkat. Maybe try clearing the browser cache under settings > privacy.
  2. You're probably closer to the craftbrewer store than most of us.
  3. Yeah it's not obvious at all and I had the same problem. Click on visit coopers club at the top of the page then click on your name in there and you should find what you are looking for.
  4. I would like to think so! Those prices are from my two nearest LHBS' date=' but after another quick search the cheapest I can find locally online is still $9.50 for 500g DME. [img']annoyed[/img] I see craftbrewer has LDME online for $9.50 per one Kg but then you need to factor in the shipping. That's where I usually get mine when I'm buying other stuff from there, otherwise it's all liquid from the Coopers store with the free shipping. My local Dan Murphys has the 500g Coopers DME for $6.99 last time I looked.
  5. There was a thread about this here somewhere not long ago and the general consensus was there's no real difference in the final product and it's just what's convenient for individuals to use at the time. The discussion went something along the line of dry is easier to work with when measuring small amounts and liquid is easier to dissolve and 1.5 Kg of liquid is equal to 1.2 Kg of dry in fermentables. I tend to think the malt quality would have more bearing on the final product than the form it comes in. Although you should be able to find DME quite a bit cheaper than those prices per 500g.
  6. Nice tip. But I'd be giving them a sniff and a good soak before use as you never know what's been in them.
  7. I bottled my first pale ale made with the home grown Cascade hops today, it had a nice flavor to it sampling it from the test tube. My plant has lost all its leaves now and pretty much dried up right back to the ground. I'll probably cut down the baling twine this weekend and dump the lot. I sure wouldn't like to try and get the dead bines off of anything, they really get themselves attached to whatever they climb.
  8. G'day Henry, I'm sure your ale will be fine. I don't see any reason to fiddle with it just kick back and let it do its thing ;)
  9. That sounds delish, I suggest you make it and report back here with the result. Only thing I do different with similar brews is steep the specialty grain for 30 min.
  10. Try wrapping it in some towels or whatever you have to help insulate it against any temperature swings once it is down about 19°C
  11. Yeah for sure, the weather decided to warm up again yesterday down here to about 28 and the fridge kicked back in after a hiatus of about a week. I'm guessing a small but quick temperature change in the fridge along with the stress in the glass caused it to suddenly break.
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