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  1. bennysbrew

    Todays tastings

    It's Easter after all
  2. bennysbrew

    Melbourne Breweries

    There's a few on the way to Mornington. Boatrocker, daintons, Mr banks . Only problem they don't line up with public transport, so a crawl is out of the question unless you have a driver...
  3. bennysbrew

    Muslin or commando ?

    Just pellets
  4. bennysbrew

    Muslin or commando ?

    Thanks everyone. Well I'll bag another one, bottling is a pita when commando, especially the last few litres
  5. bennysbrew

    Muslin or commando ?

    Hi all Do people find any difference in muslin bag and commando dry hopping? I used to just throw them in, but last batch I used a bag for first time. Taste test last night was a bit underwhelming . Having said that I have been buying a lot of hoppy beers recently , so perhaps in comparison mine was a bit weak ..
  6. bennysbrew


    Ok, maybe I'll just put a bit in the first bottle handed to the birthday recipient...
  7. bennysbrew


    Got a couple of mates 40ths coming up. Making celebration ales for the day, was thinking of jazzing them up with edible glitter for a laugh. Anyone done it? Would normal edible glitter work, or glitter dust be better?
  8. bennysbrew

    Todays tastings

    Number one summer/Pacific/ tropical etc, etc ale .
  9. bennysbrew

    Todays tastings

    Love the kaiju Krush !
  10. bennysbrew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    St Pat's Day nears, thought I'd do a quick turn around Irish stout. One tin I've never used. Simple recipe, Irish stout tin, 500g ldm, 300 dextrose, 150g choc steeped, 25g fuggles steeped. Syringe will be in heavy use
  11. bennysbrew

    Rice wine

    Hard to get much info on it, roughly 20% they say. This one's definitely not finished, the pets I bottled it in were firming up after just a 4 hour trip in the car away today. I've loosened the lids now. Will get stuck into it Christmas day with the rellies..
  12. bennysbrew

    Rice wine

    Anyhow.... Bottled first batch tonight(20days) a little early I think, but I'm going away for Xmas tomorrow so it has to be done. Recipe/process, so simple. 1kg glutinous rice (boiled), 3 yeast balls. Water added- nil. Yield 1.7 litres. Taste, alcohol prominent, with a sweet finish. Something different . Amazing to get that much out of just boiled rice
  13. bennysbrew

    Quick Xmas brew for SWMBO

    Mexican cerveza, plus 40g of galaxy at flameout. Passionfruit beer
  14. bennysbrew

    Rice wine

    Bought some rice wine yeast balls to have a go at making some rice wine over the warmer months where I struggle with keeping temps down for beer. Anyone had a go at it, any tips?
  15. bennysbrew

    Half recipes

    First recipe Amarillo is 10g ( can't find the edit function?