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  1. I'll have a crack at them in the next week or two see how I go. Surely there's something out there that will clean them. I'll upload some photos when they're clean. Some 'older generations' might know some of them. Some of them have the year moulded into the bottom, the oldest I found was 1958. Ironically the year the lake was completed... There's a couple with a heart with a mb....Melbourne bitter? Cub and courage are the two I recognise
  2. Spent a few days fishing in the snowy mountains, with low lake levels found a heap of old long necks from various breweries from the 1950s and 60s! They made them tough back then .... Question is, is there a way to give them an ultra make over? Not sure napisan will do the job , having been soaked in mud for 50 years
  3. Seems like a good night for it
  4. bennysbrew


    Thanks Hairy, good options, a few there close together. I'll see if I can talk the boys into it
  5. bennysbrew


    Got a long weekend in Sydney coming up, with a spare day up our sleeves now, are there any breweries worth visiting ?
  6. Ok enough, but nothing special
  7. In the reduced tub at Dan's , $14 for 6, why not!
  8. A good stout that one. So cheap too, in Sri Lanka anyway
  9. There's a few on the way to Mornington. Boatrocker, daintons, Mr banks . Only problem they don't line up with public transport, so a crawl is out of the question unless you have a driver...
  10. Thanks everyone. Well I'll bag another one, bottling is a pita when commando, especially the last few litres
  11. Hi all Do people find any difference in muslin bag and commando dry hopping? I used to just throw them in, but last batch I used a bag for first time. Taste test last night was a bit underwhelming . Having said that I have been buying a lot of hoppy beers recently , so perhaps in comparison mine was a bit weak ..
  12. Ok, maybe I'll just put a bit in the first bottle handed to the birthday recipient...
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