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  1. Im glad I read your post, I just done my second batch since starting brewing again. I did a triple CIS to 60L mark and have a heat pad under with towels inbetween keepin it at 20 degrees I woke up in the morning to a volcanoe of black lava flowing over the airlock. in panic mode a bit I put a funnel in the top of the airlock this helped initially to condense the bubbles back to a liquid but it was short lived I had a golf day booked and was to be away all day till 8PM so couldnt moniter it. Had to check in with the wife and give her instructions she did ok just a par. When I came home the fermenter had been leaking out of the thread all the way around. I took the airlock out and one almighty explosion of black gold to the roof( lucky its in an old sunroom thats getting pulled down soonish)I had to think quick so I cut the top of the airlock off and fitted some hose to it and then put the other end into a bucket with starsan in it. Its bubling away now and seems fine How long do you guys advise to leave it in the fermenter Im thinking two weeks now after reading your post Thoughts?
  2. this guy on the address above (who you have to watch his pitch fork air guitar by the way Funny stuff) oh..... just watch and give me your thoughts fellas
  3. buy a double fermenter I do triple or double brews only way to go in a month you can bottle over 300 long necks you an drink aged beer then Cheers
  4. Thanks guys for the tips, I just finished the triple brew. I only have the one fermenter so the lot goes in thats how I did it in the past do four triple brew in one month all bottled away thats over 300 Long necks in a month the only way to go I reakon makes drinking aged beer achievable if you know what I mean I put the whole 30mls in I tasted a drop straight and it tasted good raw so it will be fine in the wert. Cheers guys
  5. I mean a triple brew 69 L but I will do 60 Lts with the 3 cans and 3 x No. 74 fermentables. ingredients in the pack are dextrose, malt extract malted barley, black malt grains,hops. but no exact amounts the guy in the shop suggested it and liquourice extract to give creamy head but I dont want it to over power the brew especially in those quantities.
  6. Looks like you may have some hand grenades bottled away there 7 days minimum before bottleing from my experience. keep them outside at 20 degrees for next two weeks with a towel over them in case they blow.
  7. Hi all getting back to brewing after 7 years away. Had a sad exit when moving towns and the 180 long necks FULL that were 6 months old and should have been reaching their prime were all thrown in the bin Why you ask? I tryed low carb powerder and F@** me it turned it to the dryest dry beer ever created undrinkable! Got one on now cooper sparkling ale( double brew) with cascade dry hops in the metal ball never dry hopped before hope it does something good I have a few questions guys never done a stout before I am going to do a triple brew coopers irish stout with 3 x mangrove jacks irish stout No. 74 fermetables is it worth adding liquorice extract in it and what does it do? should I half prime the bottles with the stout? cheers
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