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  1. Hi guys will take your advice onboard and have a go at the 0l brown dog recipe when these two batches are done am not much on the computer but will try and get IanHs spreed sheet thanks again for the advice also thinking about the english bitter it sounds good to thanks again steve
  2. HI yer 23l just wondering if they sound ok or are overboard have done a dark ale with 500gms ddm and 500 of dark sugar before and it turned out not bad at all its fun having ago anyway thanks very much steve
  3. Hi need advice and thoughts just put down 2 brews no 1 dark ale 1kg dark dry malt 500gms dark sugar OG 1054 no2 coopers pale ale dark ale 500gms ldm OG1072 have used us05 and coopers yeast in both brews have no idea what i am doing just trying stuff out dont have grains or hops at this stage want to try them later though thanks very much am another new brewer any ideas rouhly what fgs would be thanks steve new to computer as well thanks steve
  4. hi yer am new to brewing am just learning obviously making mistakes along the way am very appreciative of the advice given by you guys thanks very much
  5. G/day i have been using lectric washing soda active ingredient Sodium Carbonate it says all natural product no phosphates or dyes got it from supermarket and it was cheap if that's any help it does say not to use on aluminium
  6. HI Am new to brewing and to the computer as well i have been checking out the forum and would like thank all you all for posting stuff it is invaluable to new brewers like my self have made a couple of ok beers but there getting better thanks again Steve
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