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  1. I think thry were labelled at $14.something on the shelf for some reason I asked to scan a can.
  2. Yes as per subject. I bought the last 4 on the shelf Arndale Kilkenny. May be an all Australia thing.
  3. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-LCD-Digital-2-channel-Thermocouple-Thermometer-Temperature-Tester-C-F-GM1312/141636356340?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Had this since November last year and still working. Takes AAA batteries. I have bought some more probes for it, extra long ones. Fast response and accurate/repeatable. Compared them to my medical type thermometer around 37deg C and spot on. The beauty is can removed the probes from the thermometer and leave in situ in the wort or whereever.
  4. Great stuff I use it for all cleaning. Add some in the sink along with dish washing detergent and it enhances the suds when washing dishes. I bought a 25kg bag of it from beerbelly, now $79. Redox I believe sell for $30/25kg but you have to buy a pallet load. I find it needs warm water to get it going. I have tried with cold water and usually still sitting in the bottom of the bottle. Giving it a shake helps.
  5. I have the stc 1000 and the keg king mkII they both work well with the keg king having the 12 step profiling. Just ordered a http://goo.gl/eXHn5o to see how the PID rather than the simple on off controller would work. I just have a batch cold crashing set to 2 deg. The thermal momentum has taken it down to nearly 0 deg and I just noticed the heater had kicked in. A bit silly so I disconnected the heating side of things.
  6. I have a sonoff pow 16A attached to my brew fridge just to see how much energy it uses. Cold crashing from 20 to 2 deg took an initial 2.6kWh for the first day then 1.8kWh after that to maintain the temperature. I have a lager going at the moment at around 12 deg. Outside temperature is 16. To get it down from 20 to 12 deg it required 1kWh and then to maintain at this temperature around 0.1- 0.2kWhr per day. Incidentally I'm using an old fridge/freezer with freezer section empty. I daresay wasted energy there. Link to ebay seller $14 each which includes postage. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sonoff-Pow-Itead-WiFi-Wireless-Smart-Home-Automation-Switch-Stable-AC-100-250V-/272615212703
  7. I'm safe she doesn't read these forums plus she enjoys drinking my beer.
  8. You need to get rid of the wife :) My wife doesn't complain and she is sensitive to smells. My brew is inside a fridge next to our bedroom. Can only smell it when I open the fridge door.
  9. Here in Adelaide its usually one mode only, now heating mode. As a quick solution I have used a hair dryer which heats up very quickly even on the low setting. I also have a reptile heater, just along wire that heats up. Also have a propagating mat I inherited, used for seedlings.
  10. If you want some online calculators then check out https://www.brewersfriend.com/extract-ogfg/ for working out potential alcohol for given sugar and volumes of water. Heaps of other calculators. Also if you are familiar with excel spreadsheet there is a popular calculator written by Ian H http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/29655-kit-and-extract-beer-spreadsheet/ You have to join up to download the file.
  11. I ended up buying 5L from ACE and use it at 2ml/L as a non rinse sanitiser. How effective it is I have no idea but I haven't had any infections yet.
  12. I'm going to start experimenting more too with different sugars, hops, yeasts, fermentation temperature, all grain. The only way I can see it being successful though is to go back to smaller batches. I started probably 2-3 years ago doing 4L batches in 5L glass carboys splitting cans etc. and then abandoned this idea and started doing the standard 23L batches. I enjoy the process so obviously I want to do it as often as I can.
  13. I must be the only one who bulk primes in the same vessel as I ferment. Cold crash down to 0-1. Add the 8g/L of sugar blended with the beer until hot. Then bottle after a few days giving it plenty of time to mix. All bottles are carbonated the same. I even numbered each bottle once to be satisfied they were after you lot said they wouldn't be.
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