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  1. Your beer will improve the more you add malt extract BE3 will make much better beer, BE1 will make fizzy cats piss in comparison, My best kits in the past have been using either 1 to 1.5 kg of malt extract (without any need for corn or cane sugar) one of my fav tryed and true trusty simple kit and kilo brew is done in as little as half an hour 1.7 English bitter kit 1 kg light dryed malt ferment 18-20 degrees simple quick recipe makes a good drop
  2. You better off using 2x kit yeasts to a batch and rotate by getting 11g safale yeast Ive sadly had many frozen worts kegs you name it... its still ok mate
  3. I also started cubing a fews years back now Have been to lazy to chill my wort as it took so long with a coil chiller and I never gor around to getting a plate chiller anyway no chill has some great advantages, Its good to have several different size cubes 10 litre and 20+ litres and spare lids and seals-so you dont want to thread a cube on brew day, I brew 70 litre batches so its hard to judge so i have spare smaller cubes to get the final runnings of wort... Its so so easy to cube wort and then store until brew day! I often have worts sitting there lined up for the brew fridge
  4. Still got over 18 kgs of brown malt been sitting there for 2 years..... I agree use less is best And try a TADCASTER TADDY PORTER before you buy this malt because thats the best example one will ever drink using this malt
  5. Im not happy to use light munich in single malt abain but vienna is great I did a vienna all malt mash with magnum for bittering and a large late dose of saaz mashed in below 62degrees for 15 minutes then stepped up to 66 before mashing out 76-78degrees Used german lager yeast it was a winner It was around 40 IBU not to bitter quite a nice drop... vienna is a great single malt for lagers
  6. What season is it where you live, summer or winter Are the bottles in secondary fermentation @ high enuff temps ? you want average temps above 16degrees if stored below 16 degrees secondary can take ages
  7. I force carb my kegs @ 40+psi rocking kegs for a couple of minutes before leaving them @20psi over night or for a day then carb again back just around 12-15psi its usually below 10 PSI at this stage.... I want kegs pre carbed ASAP a tad above serving presure and then stored below 10 degrees for at least 2 weeks then ready for serving @ 10PSI I force carb because I run over 10 kegs at a time and cant prime all at the same time I find it little fuss to do so
  8. It was recipe name mate for dumb idea WHo in the hell puts mull seeds in beer its stupid as fare crack of the whip
  9. I often find some beers taste realy crap early but settle to become bloody great brews My B Pills was a cheat brew using two liquid worts to make 38litres I got them from kegking as I was too busy to make a batch... made a starter yeh it was on the way It fermented out then crash chilled in fermenter 2 weeks- then into 2x kegs... tasted like shit after 1 week in keg...always store carbed kegs in fridge for best results After 8 weeks in kegs its bloody great beer If your onto a good thing Make lots of beer so it never runs out
  10. Sounds standard kit n bits to me Should make for good simple beer bro
  11. I have some mates with robobrew cant go wrong mate great cheap affective little systems My tip is dont get fooled by novice brewers that complicate things Allgrain brewing is so easy and simple just complete three simple steps and your done robobrew makes life super easy and cheap if you realy love beer and want to make bigger batches you cant go past 3V systems using 100L+pots take almost the same time to make 70 litres as it does 20 so go 70 litres
  12. I find most recipes are to bitter and dark for true brown ales, Moderate bitterness alows the malts to just crack through with a great balance Tone down on the dark roasted malts and hops... and give the crystal a bump up then make sure theres a good fermentation with uk ale yeast such as WLP002 I made an awsome english brown ale for a competition it was simple recipe I think people over do it!
  13. If you brew and miss one little sanatizing step you pay the price! but infections for me are extremely rare but there always one waiting around the corner so always be a clean freak with beer
  14. Now thats called a micro brewery
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