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  1. Thanks guys, Think I'll take the advice and just add it to the glass when I pour it.
  2. Hi all, back in the dark ages when I used to frequent the pub I'd sometimes have a dash of brown lime in my pint of draught. Took away that dry spit you get after drinking on a hot day and tasted OK too. So.......I was thinking of adding some Bickfords lime cordial to my next brew. I just do the Coopers kit without mashing, hopping or other fiddling about. Bung in the brew can, add the sugar, water and let her go. It satisfies me. Question....When should I add the lime. At the start? At bottling? I figure the amount would be 62 "dashes"? Anybody done this before and have some clues? Ta Harry
  3. Hi all, Is there any advantage in using more yeast in coopers brews? I'm only a simple brew-bum, just use the coopers cans, the supplied yeast and follow the usual rules with no adders etc etc. The reason I ask is there seems to be some people who do add extra yeast so what is the reason/s and end result? Quicker ferment? better taste? I dunno so what is the general consensus? Ta Harry
  4. Ta Shamus, I reckon you may be on the money. I went up and bought some "bottle wash" from the home brew section at Woolies, whacked some in hot water, dunked and shook the hell out of them. Couldn't believe the s..t that came out of what I considered "clean" bottles. Like wavy spidery very fine stuff which I presume is left over yeast. Anyway, I'll do all my bottles and eliminate that as a problem and see what happens with the next brew.
  5. Hi all, I haven't been around for a while after getting some good info a while back when I first started to brew. I just do the Coopers lager/draught as per instructions and have put away (drunk) around seventy brews now. I'm having a problem lately with bottles (I use stubbies) foaming when opened. It's happening with different brews but not all bottles, maybe ten or twenty in the 60 or so in a brew. Yes, everything is clean and I put in a carefully measured amount of priming sugar. OK, I've been told maybe the bottles need a good soak and wash in bottle wash salts so I'm doing that for each batch as I do them. I doubt that is the problem but we'll see. These brews are 2 - 3 months old and cooled down for a week in the fridge before I guzzle them. I've been doing the same thing for nearly three years and no problem so I'm stumped. Anybody had the same thing or any ideas? Harry
  6. Hi all, learnt a lot from here and others and on my 32nd brew now since I started. I'm just using the Coopers cans and been experimenting with malt, dextrose and other add-ins etc. Pretty basic stuff and not high tech like some of you maestros (-; They have all turned out pretty good with subtle differences in taste, drinking far too much, or so says the Minister of War and Finance!! But I'm having problems with the Tooheys classic dark ale. The Tooheys CDA yeast supplied with the can seems to not "work" at all with little gunk around the collar. I had one brew I tossed because it seemed like the yeast was on the bottom of the keg and had not started to do its bit, even at bottling time. I know temp has a lot to do with it but I usually keep track and keep it around the 22 - 24 mark. My question: Is it advisable or a good move to add a little more yeast or try a different brand rather than the supplied sachet?
  7. Thanks Magna, have moved the rest of those brews to a warmer place and will give it a week or three. I'll post back with the results then.
  8. Thanks guys, a lot of good points for me to digest! Glasses...No, washed in warm water only and pour beautifully usually. Maybe leave them longer... It's been 4-6 weeks for some of them. Cold beer...You betcha, shed fridge is set at just the right temp for beer....bugger any food! Only use the kit yeast and I check the use by date, they have all been OK. From what you have told me and things that seem relevant, it could be: Secondary ferment may not be warm enough. (I generally leave them in the house but it's been a cold spell so maybe not up to 18c^) I've reset the capper just in case the seals have not been perfect. I'll put another one down, keep it at 18c^ for two or three weeks and see how it goes. In case it is maybe too cool for 2nd fermentation, is it possible to "restart" it by moving bottles to a warmer area? Again, thanks
  9. Hi all, Got a problem and hope some of the gurus here can help. I’m just an amateur and have been brewing Coopers draught and Tooheys dark using the kit yeast etc…nothing fancy. It’s been going well but I’ve struck a problem with my latest two brews. Brew 1: Coopers draught Bottles open with the usual pssshhhh and a few poured like beauties, creamy head and held it all the way down the glass. Now, every bottle I open is flat! Has the pshhh on opening but pour it and no bubbles, little head and even tastes like flat beer. OK, the procedure has been the same for all my brews, sanitised well, fermented properly, right amount of sugar and I keep them in a warm place for secondary fermentation. Used 500g amber LME and 300g dextrose but have used the same before with great results. Brew 2: Tooheys dark ale Same result, flat beer!!! Used 700g amber LME and 300g dextrose. Any clues Gents? Buggered if I know but if the next one goes the same way I’ll give it away.
  10. Thanks guys.....and good idea GG, if it turns out so so I know just the bloke to invite over
  11. Hi fellers, been going great guns and happy as the cat that got the canary with the 7 or 8 brews I've done so far........but!!! Put down a Coopers draught brew yesterday, it was pretty cold so I turned on the heat belt, wrapped the FV in a blanket and went over the mate's place, (who also brews), to indulge in some of our handiwork. Well, as it happens the day turned to night and then early morning and after downing too many stubbies, I fell into bed forgetting about the brew. Went to check it when the eyes finally opened and yikes, horror, the temp was showing 36 degrees and froth was all over the top of the FV and even on the lid. Question, should I turf it or....??
  12. Yep' date=' that's the one Hairy, Saunders. As an adder, a few friends came around last night for a few and all of them have agreed this grog is tops [img']biggrin[/img] I'm bloody rapt fair dinkum, should have been doing this years ago. Only trouble is I seem to be imbibing more....hmmmm Oh well, off to get another brew and wack 'er down this arvo
  13. Just picked up a can of amber malt at the local Woolies store in the jam section, forget which brand. Hairy, what rot....watery??? It was that good as I said, a couple of Tooheys drinkers couldn't tell the diff!! For any L plater starting out with brewing it is a good start without getting into the mixing and steeping and rockin' and rollin' that you experienced guys do. That was the whole point of the post, to help newbies like myself. OOooppss, just re-read my post....sorry gents, typo...23 litres (apologies Hairy!)
  14. Hi all, I like Tooheys old but at $50 a box thought I'd have a go at the Tooheys dark ale can. For any first or timers out there I'll tell you what I did and results if it's any help. Bear in mind I've only done three brews! OK, cleaned and sanitised the bottles, fermenter etc Put in the Tooheys dark ale can together with a 1kg can of liquid malt extract and 200g of dextrose and mixed it well with a couple of litres of hot water. Just used the packet of yeast that comes with the can, and put it on top and a bit of a stir. Topped it up to 63lt with cold water and left it at 24 degrees. Never worried about temp from there and it ranged between 18 - 24 degrees depending on warm days or cool nights. Didn't worry about hydrometer readings, (mine is broken anyway), just bottled at eight days with a teaspoon of ordinary white sugar, (per stubby), gave it the bare two weeks and chilled a few. Well, I had a couple of mates over who love Tooheys old and they were amazed at how close the taste was.....in fact two of them swore it tasted better. I'm pleasantly surprised, it poured with a really good foamy head and honestly, one of the best beers I've tasted.....anywhere...anytime!! So there it is blokes, if you've never put a brew down, have a go, easy, cheap and a damn good finished product! Harry
  15. Antiphile: Removed the collar at 4 days and bottled at day eight. Also added a 1kg can of liquid malt extract with the 200g dextrose, not just sugar and dex. The 1st one I did, Coopers draught, had the same added and was good so thought I'd have a go at the same with the Tooheys. Will read the guide. Magnaman: Haven't drunk so much beer since I was a young'un Thanks to all for the temp advice, will keep it lower for my next brew.
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