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  1. Thanks Christina and Otto for your input , will try a few bottles earlier than usual I ferment mostly at 18 degrees thanks to stc 1000 and a chest freezer recently purchased so cold ferment is acheived.You should try a hop trellis great fun just a couple of poles with cross bearers top and bottom to stabilize and support vertical ropes great backdrop and with right conditions will go nuts my 2 plants yielded a 5 gallon buckets worth in first season .look out next season! fertilized weekly with home grown worm tea too Otto.Anyway how much of this stuff can you safely " chuck in".Cheers.
  2. just harvested and dried my first yield of cascade .had to this as as a new and avid vege. gardener . whether or not its needed or better than purchased hops is irrelevant,just had to do it .anyway will throw a hand full in next pale ale or equivalent i do probably in a hops bag .My thinking is as I,m a bottler and wait up to 6 weeks prior to a drink and so on experimenting with other dry hops throw ins has not caused any great wow factors yet but love a hoppy beer. maybe the 6 week layover lets itself to the loss of hoppyness (is there such a word). and dry hopping suits keggers rather than bottlers. Your thoughts please.
  3. Just sitting around enjoying a home brew comparing to recently tasted craft beer and thinking i,m not far of that . So thought i,d ask the question .Whats the differencfe between homebrew and craft beer .I thought i,d be first to answer seeing its my thread."You can drink craft beer" ah. fun thread only.
  4. Just bought some to grow from Hopgarden on ebay It was all they had left .Are they any good Will they suit my mostly ale style ???
  5. Yeah, love to grow some , tried to find some last year but failed .If anyone has some to sell I am interested ,need to suit this climate i suppose .ie,Geelong .Victoria.
  6. What a drop ! Everything they say about it is there .Such undertones . Not one to subscribe to multi hued flavors and aromas but this one has them certainly chocolate and the rest best left to the individual to describe. $80 a slab but worth it .I defy anyone to say they can produce as good? Any way had one and buried the rest< hopefully to leave for a year or 2.Might go and buy another one,Lots spend more than that on a box of wine Tell me? does any one think this is good ? and does any say they can produce as good ?
  7. To what extent did you over carbonate porsch ,like more than one teaspoon .?
  8. Little bit of Wendy Saddington (5 people said I was crazy) says something about my age yeah.
  9. Bought a cheap heat belt for second kit .(first one has a submersible heater thermostatically adjustable)Bit hard to maintain desired temp.thought I read someone had one plugged into a temperature controlled wall outlet .Is this possible .Any help out there? Ha! kept searching and saw these stc 1000 units will they control a heat belt ?
  10. Tasted what I consider the best ale I have sampled recently.Basic real ale ,1 kg caster sugar 3 weeks in primary ferment ,long as possible scondary,caster sugar used to produce great head.This brew was in stubbies ,no muck left in bottom.A great beer under the kiss system.(keep it simple stupid).Thoughts?
  11. Thanks Mr Van Blotto will follow up and take those time consuming readings over 3 days. have also gone beserk on cleaning , bottle brushing and then sansuning to drip dry prior bottling.Again thanks for your input.regards old bill.
  12. Only take hydro readings if bottling on 6th day usually too busy and have been known to leave for two weeks.?
  13. thanks .will follow up infection thoughts .What i do is rinse after use, stand upside down until next then squirt with sansun a couple of times prior to use ?.
  14. Latest dark ale .6 weeks old a bit gassy and bottles seem to froth over after opening .Help?.
  15. bottles frothing over only used 1 heaped teaspoon of white sugar .Any comments?
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