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  1. I haven't answered a call from a number I don't recognize in years. My answering machine message explains that I don't answer the phone but leave your name and number and I might call you straight back. They never do. Yesterday I received a text from Services Australia to tell me that they were about to ring me from a private number and a minute or two later they did just that. I answered. It seems the government is well aware that the punters don't answer the phone unless they know who is calling.
  2. Classic, event you attended was probably the a ConFest (short for Conference Festival : 'An exploration of alternatives)'. Now we are talking hippies. And it is still held annually run by the Down to Earth Co-op in Victoria. I have been to a few myself. They aren't music festivals as much as they are alternative culture festivals. I had a very good time. My favourite Don Dunstan memory was of an ABC interview after he had released his cookbook. He was explaining to the interviewer about how one should cook a 'stir fry' . The interviewer looked puzzled. " First, you take a wok ..." Dunstan said and the ABC interviewer interjected " What's a wok ?" That would have been 1977. Only bleeding edge foodies knew what a wok was ! Now I reckon every kitchen in Australia would have one. How much the world has changed. But enough nostalgia... OK, one more. This is in my opinion the best Beatles cover ever recorded. The late Doug Parkinson is on lead tambourine and vocals. Doug had a great barber and a fantastic voice - which is more than can be said for his backing vocalists. They don't make them like this anymore...
  3. Thanks Stickers. That was wee Molly Meldrum doing the vox pop, the MC was Gerry Humphries (lead singer of the Loved Ones who furnished INXS with their first hit, the Loved One) and the guitarist at the very end was Kerry McKenna of Madder Lake whose debut album Stillpoint I personally played to death. I was too young for Sunbury though but I have it on good authority that it was more like a sunburned booze up than any sort of Woodstock. Pub rock in a paddock.
  4. I don't like the modern world. I want to go back to the good old days when Eartha Kitt did cool intros when she wasn't being the best Catwoman ever. The girls were prettier then, Che Guevara was playing smoking samba on the piano and you could get a gig as a lead tambourine player. Hit it !
  5. My uncles used to have a coolstore under the floor of the kitchen. There was like a trapdoor. under the table. But the secret was getting into the FJ and driving down Glenferrie Road to the Malvern Iceworks where we would pick up a block of ice that was almost as big as me. I would rest my feet on it on the drive back to nannas and it was chilly. It would go down the hole with the beer... Fast forawrd to my twenties and I spent a year or two in the deep bush where refrigeration options were limited for beer. But I would brew it just the same and try to cool it by putting bottles into a milk crate and wedging it between rocks in the river. That was where I developed a tolerance for less than chilly beer ... there was bugger all else to do except stare into the fire. I wasted time in pubs where the rule was the colder the better. I think it is like cheese sauce makes anything edible, chilling anything to near freezing makes anything drinkable. These days I have a taste for darker ales and my standard procedure is to keep the chill in the fridge but take my time about opening and leave the bottle out on the bar for seconds. I find that my seconds are tastier than the chillier firsts but I enjoy both. It is a bit like letting your wine breathe. Come Summer I return to the brighter beers and I wont them cold and I want them now. It's seasonal.
  6. I cannot watch that scene from the Sound of Music without expecting Paul Hogan to appear and gun her down. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the Sound of Music. It is massive dagfest and a lot of fun. My ex and her three daughters used to charge around the house singing the soundtrack. I think I know every word. Rather than take the part of Christopher Plummer and giving a rendition of Edelweiss I took myself down the pub. But anything that brings people so much joy has to be a good thing. AT 2:25...
  7. Not quite impossible to approximate pressure without a gauge. K explains how. I think this is the spunding valve Bob has. It is called a Blow Tie - but don't google that or you will end up with a lot of dirty pictures (unless you add Keg Land to the search)... You can see exactly what Shamus is referring to, the pressure gauge in line between the spunding valve and the disconnect running off a duotight t-piece (which I note was not one of Bob's mystery parts). Bob had a mini regulator in his picture of his mystery parts which would probably work if you had an adaptor and t-piece. Now I can read Bob's mind : Back to the shop for more parts. Will it never end ? No. It never ends. That's why I brew in a bucket.
  8. I didn't watch the whole thing but it looked like he has it covered. There is another video on site that covers how to use the spunding valve. If you purchased this from Keg King, ring them. They are more than happy to give instructions and advice to their customers. Sweet little fermenter by the way. I am quite happy with my trusty Coopers bucket but if I was to go down the pressure fermenting road I'd have a good look at this.
  9. (Talking to myself again...) What are we trying to do ? We trying to establish a formula that will make Ian's SS work with Mr.Beer kits. Why don't they work with Ian's SS ? Because if you enter their data in the Kit tab and copy the existing formula down it calculates EBC and IBU as Can Value (variable) x Can Volume (1.7 litres) /Brew Volume (23 litres) and we know the Mr Beer cans are only 1.3 litres and brewed to 8.5 litres But why does that matter ? EBC and IBU are qualitative not quantitative measures. It doesn't matter how big the can is its EBC and IBU values will be the same. True but the values are affected by how much water we add, i.e. the volume of the brew . So the formula for Coopers cans has to be adjusted for Mr.Beer cans to give an accurate result for an 8.5 litre brew. So we change the formula from Can Value x 1.7kg / 23 litres to Can Value x 1.3kg / 8.5 litres ! Doesn't work. If you do that the values on the Main page go through the roof when you set the brew volume to 8.5 litres. That is the whole problem. We need a formula that scales the EBC and IBU values down to 8.5 litres without inflating them. OK then. Let's do a comparison. Coopers Draught and Mr Beers Long Play IPA have identical EBC and IBU can values - 130 and 420. Correct. In 23 litres the Coopers Draught returns a Brew value of 9.6 (EBC) and 22.8 (IBU) Correct. So what we want to do is have the SS return those brew values for a Mr Beer Long Play IPA in 8.5 litres Umm... I think so. In other words what we want is for the SS to return the same brew values for the Mr Beer kit in 8.5 litres as the Coopers kit in 23 litres OK So we use the formula =Can Value*1.7/(23*(23/8.5)) But how... No buts. Suck it and see. Plug the formula in under the Kits tab and them return to the Main page, select Long Play IPA OK... here goes ... Nope no good... It returns 11.6 IBU and 3.6 EBC That's for 23 litres dopey. Change the brew volume to 8.5 litres.... Oh yeah...Son of a gun. It returns IBU 31.0 and EBC 9.6 - and is identical to a Coopers Draught brewed at 23 litres. There you go But it still says the weight of the kit is 1.7kg Then change it to 1.3kg OK... nothing happened ! Not in F6 and G6 but the OG and FG and the ALC% all changed Ah. So there is the problem. Nope. Ofcourse they change because the weight of the kit changed the gravity of the solution, and ALC% is only the difference between OG and FG So why didn't they change the values of IBU and EBC in F6 and G6 ? Firstly because Ian made those 'look up' cells. They draw their values from the kit sheet, multiply them by 23 and divide them by C3 (brew volume i.e 8.5 litres) Nothing in that formula about the weight of the kit. In fact you enter any value other than zero in C6 and it will always return the same values in F6 and G6. Well bugger me. No thanks. Have a look at the rest of the main page and set the beer style to any of the Pale Ales. You will find you are making beer at 5.0%ABV from an OG of 1.047 which is in the ball park of most Pale ALe styles. EBC is a tad low for English and American styles but bang on for an Australian. Add in 250g of Liquid Malt and you lift it into IPA territory. OK, I am convinced. So what do I need to do. Enter the Mr. Beer data on the Kits sheet but instead of copying the formula down use the =Can Value*1.7/(23*(23/8.5)) formula instead . Put you can values for EBC and IBU into collumns E and F and you are done Cool. Good work captain. You deserve a beer. Don't mind if I do...cheers !
  10. Scratch my previous post (hidden now). The formula works for the IBU and EBC in terms of brew volumes but it throws out OG, FG and Alc% outputs. Houston's working on it.
  11. Withersthingy ? Sounds like a function of age. I had the same issue on a horse racing site whenever I mentioned trainer Mike Moroney the censorship robot wouold change it to Mike XXXXXXey. And he is Kiwi not a Queenslander. I agree with Classic though. We are already well on the way to becoming emoji signalling phonetic grunts thanks to the internet so let us not also become foul mouthed Wayne Kerrs too. So if you give 'em a quick short, sharp, shockThey won't do it again. Dig it?...I mean good manners don't cost nothing do they, eh?"
  12. Just think of all the undelivered Coopers packages if Muzzy was riding the bike. My main worry is that I have some plants coming by mail. There wont be delivered until late October but I would hate to have them stuck in a box for 10 days. The worst thing is that the vendor is just a few clicks away and would be happy to pick them up but the vendor says that can't be done. I have had plants delivered by mail before without any problems ( from Queensland to Victoria ) buy 10 days in the dark is pushing my luck. No gripe with Australia Post though. In years and years of deliveries I have never had a problem with them and they are doing a sterling job in difficult circumstances. Gold watches all round I say ... no wait...
  13. I cannot imagine why you would want to do this. It wouldn't bitter the beer, it wouldn't add much in the way of flavour, the beer would be horribly sweet and the oil from the seeds would kill any head retention and replace it with a scummy slime. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the plant but I don't want it in my brew - especially the seeds.
  14. Very good Muzzy. You are right about the TC range. They all have late hop additions except for the Sparkling ale and the Hefe Wheat. None of the original series have late hop additions. They are all bittered with Pride of Ringwood. The TC Amber has a Cascade late hop addition while Brew A has a Cascade & 'pine resinous hop' addition. The fruitiness you taste is from the Cascade where as the Brew A's 'piney resinous hop addition' is probably a Golding, probably EKG. It doesn't need it but when I hop Brew A I just add a little more EKG in the tub. I like English ales so it tickles my palette and compliments what is already there. If I don't add extra EKG Brew A is 'juicer' and that is probably the Cascade coming back to the fore. In other words I reckon your assessment is spot on.
  15. I prefer bottling but not with twist tops. Part of the reason is that when I bought the capper second hand it had a broken twist top wedged in the bell. I used to hand cap and broke a few too which is why I moved to a bench capper. Since exclusively using Coopers bottles with the traditional rim I have never had a problem with breakage of any sort and have a perfect seal everytime. And I enjoyed collecting them.
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