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  1. I also use the freezer method to chill my beer and find one of the $7 timers from Kmart to be essential. They have an alarm that beeps 10 and 5 minutes out and a really annoying alarm when the time is up. It has a magnet back so it sticks to the fridge door. It counts up or down. Very handy around the kitchen. I have not frozen a bottle since I got it.
  2. I brew for 20% of what it costs to buy and I like the beer I brew better than most of the beer I would buy. And it keeps me out of the pub too.
  3. The HOPS tab on Ian's spready contains a table of hop substitutions - except for Galaxy an a couple of others Don't forget to hover over the red arrows for additional comments. For more detail see http://www.hopslist.com/
  4. So do I, but I do use BE2/3 for mid strength beers. My LHBS makes up his own 'Head and Body Improver' but is more expensive that the Cooper's box. His LDM is cheaper though. Reducing the volume to a 20 litre brew will increase the quoted ABV by 0.5% using 500g of LDM (compared to a 23 litre brew) and you wont be mid strength anymore. The reason I mention this is that 23 litre brews with 500g of dry malt can be a bit 'thin' and my instinctive response is to lower the brew volume but that forces the ABV up and that defeats the purpose of only using 500g in the first place, It is a question of personal taste but when brewing mid strength I prefer to use a maltodextrin/dextrose/malt blend (like BE2 or BE3) just because it adds body to the beer without lifting the ABV as much as a straight malt or dextrose addition. (by about 0.2%, 500g in 23 litres).
  5. It depends on the volume of the brew of course. At 23 litres one can of extract (any style) produces brew at 2.7% (2 drops per bottle) One Can of extract and 500g of Light Dry Malt produces brew at 3.6% (2 drops per bottle) One Can of extract and 1000g of Light Dry Malt produces brew at 4.5% (2 drops per bottle) It is actually written on the box (at least it is for BE2 - I don't have any LDM on hand). Note : Results for LDM may be slightly higher given the unfermentable portionod Maltodextrin in BE2.
  6. Liquid chalk Marker. Fuggles Ale bottle 16. I don't know why I add the bottle number. Just a habit.
  7. Your way is as good as any. I use Liquid Chalk Markers. You can get them anywhere. They write on glass but it wipes off with a damp cloth. It also runs with condensation after you have put the bottle in the freezer for a chill. They come in several colours (and may different prices).
  8. I used dried hops as one of several herbs to help me give up smoking tobacco. It was used additional to a base of mullein, damiana and passionflower, together with various other supplementary herbs such as wormwood, lavender, coltsfoot, chamomile, raspberry leaf, corn silks and rosemary. I would make up a mix, sometimes flavour it with some spirit, pack it in a corn cob pipe and smoke it when ever I had the urge to rip something through my lungs. It worked. I quit tobacco smoking 5 years ago and have been clean winded ever since. The hops were rather ho-hum. There was no discernible buzz from smoking it. They just gave some volume to fluff up the mix.
  9. Side 1 of Moondance is one of the finest sides of an LP ever made. It goes : And It Stoned Me/ Moondance/ Crazy Love / Caravan/ Into the Mystic. Side 2 isn't too shabby either. Do yourself a favour...
  10. Off Moondance if I am not mistaken. The whole album is classic and one of the best LP's ever made but you'll always get an argument about whether or not it his best. There are many Astral Weeks fans out there. (But it is Moondance for me).
  11. I hope you took the tip Paddy. Pretty Brazen won the Sandown Guineas today. No skullduggery involved but hardly a state secret. She only paid $3.60 on the giddy goat.
  12. Billy ... and why we loved him. (Hold on to your hats) One take, live to air, ABC studios 1971 GTK .
  13. https://www.kegland.com.au/vacuum-insulated-ultimate-growler-2-litre-64oz-mini-keg-system.html The blurb you have provided above is word for word from the Chinese Kegland site. The $19.95 one I quoted is listed at the URL above from Kegland Australia. I reckon the only difference between them is that the $34.95 one was a Mk 1 and the $29.95 (or $19.95 Aus) one is a Mk 2. They would both have been sourced from Kegland. They are nice but I wont be breaking my bottle habit any time soon though. It is a habit I guess.
  14. Brace yourself BlackSands .... same growler & same supplier in Oz = AU$19.95 (that would be about $NZ 21.50) I appreciate people concern about glass growlers under pressure (but hey, if they explode than clearly those caps are holding pressure). However I frequently use a Darwin stubbie - that is 2 litres crown sealed - and I have never had an issue with it. Its fun to bring it out when I have guests but otherwise I find it a highly impractical size to serve beer from.
  15. A major Melbourne retailer notes that glass growlers are not good at holding pressure with the provided white metal cap and they offer a black cap upgrade that holds better pressure and does not leak. The same retailer also sells stainless steel growlers with spring wired lids. They say - " Most screw top growlers struggle to hold the pressure required to keep beer fresh and carbonated. Our Ultimate Growler comes with a spring wired lid capable of holding up to 40psi. Wire sprung lids also have the added advantage that they act like a pressure release valve preventing damage to the growler. So if the pressure gets too high in the growler (ie. the product starts fermenting again) then the lid will pop up, release pressure then re-seal."
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