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  1. James of Bayswater

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Is that some sort of rule ? It seemed to me that the topic was exhausted and we were just having a conversation. i like conversations. They often meander into more interesting subjects than those they originally address. But pardon me, I am off topic... again.
  2. James of Bayswater

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    That is true but Maybe a better analogy for Star Trek is the voyages of discovery of the like of Cook, Columbus, Magellan etc.. Those captains who boldly went where no European had been before were often on the front line encountering 'new worlds' and several met their demise doing just that.
  3. James of Bayswater

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    It's a good time to launch the Enterprise. All this week - and next - SBS Viceland are showing every Star Trek movie in order. We blasted off last night with the first installment and tonight we buckle in for The Wrath of Khan... worth tuning in just for Ricardo's haircut. Live long and prosper.
  4. James of Bayswater

    Coopers 86 day pilsner too sweet

    So there is no possibility of the kit being unhopped or inadequately hopped ? It seems there is an adjustment process on the production line... "All of our brews are bittered with PoR in the brewhouse. From time to time, the bitterness level may require an adjustment, which we do by squirting ISO directly into the can immediately prior to the filler. This is also the point where Late Hop is added." What if the ISO that should have been squirted into the can wasn't ? A mechanical misfire perhaps ? Could an under-bittered kit come off the production line undetected ? If the fault lay in the brewhouse you would expect a whole batch of kits to be affected and I am sure Cooper's has quality control procedures - but a single exception can always get through, air in a line, it coughs, the line moves on and a can or two miss out on the 'adjustment'.... Maybe I am drawing a long bow but the possible explanations for a sickly sweet 7 week old bottle conditioned Pilsner are pretty limited especially given the SG's provided. They suggest that the yeasts have done a very good job of consuming the fermentables and are right in line with what a Pilsner should be. So where is that overbearing sweetness coming from ? It is a genuine mystery.
  5. James of Bayswater

    Coopers 86 day pilsner too sweet

    I don't mean additional hopping. The Cooper's kits are obviously hopped (or should be) but if you brewed say, an unhopped malt extract with adjuncts and no hops what you would end up with would be sickly sweet, wouldn't it ?
  6. James of Bayswater

    Coopers 86 day pilsner too sweet

    Would it be right to say that all beer would be sickly sweet if it wasn't hopped for bitterness ?
  7. James of Bayswater

    Recipe difficulty rating

    Yeah, the drop down menus are the auto filters. To turn them off and return the sheet to its original state choose Data from the top menu and Filter (at least that's what you do in 2007 Excel) And to bring the arrows back do the same thing, Data from the top menu and select Filter. It's worth experimenting with the filters. If click an arrow and choose Number Filters you get a lot of different options like Greater Than and Less Than, Between, etc that allows you for customize the filter. If you apply many filters and don't seem to be able to get back to the full list just turn the filters off. None of it is protected so you can change anything. I have made a couple of errors. For example you will find I have used Mexican Cerveza and just Cerveza in the base kit descriptions, and bother Preacher's Hefe Wheat and just Hefe Wheat. To fix it choose the Base Kit filter/ uncheck Select All/ tick the check boxes for both Cerveza and Mexican Cerveza/ then manually make them read the same so that the auto filter will catch them . Do the same for the Wheats. There are no quantities because they are in the recipes and they are accessed by just clicking on the recipe name on the spreadsheet. Cheers.
  8. James of Bayswater

    Dogs ...

    I don't own a dog but I walk him everyday. He belongs to an old bloke who has had a hip replacement and is struggling with the rehab, so for the past 12 months I have walked Cody. He is a husky and he is almost 14. But he loves his walk except in the hot weather. I have to get up early and walk him before it gets too hot. It's good exercise. I get all the benefit of owning a dog and none of the costs. And I help old Vic out in the process...
  9. James of Bayswater

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Gotcha. We Mexicans don't have such things. I had to look them up. That's alright. I had to look Bin Chickens up too when I first heard the term.
  10. James of Bayswater

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    I don't understand the reason for the mesh. Can you enlighten me ?
  11. James of Bayswater

    chasing a simple spicy fruity lager/draught recipe

    Worry Wort, Using the recipe spreadsheet I have found 19 recipes that use ingredients other than malt, hops and common brewing sugars on the Coopers Recipe database. 7 of those use hop additions and if I am reading you right you aren't ready to go there yet (I'll try to convince you otherwise later). Of the 12 remaining one uses additional grains, and four more use yeast other than the provided kit yeast, so I have excluded them. That leaves 7 recipes in the database that use fruit or other 'non standard sugars' and all but one are rated 'Easy' Recipe name Style Alc/v colour IBU Vol Difficulty Base extract kit Fermentables1 Fermentable2 Yeast 1 Blushing Blonde Ale 4.4 30 25 23 Easy Canadian Blonde BE1 500g Frozen berries kit Extra Smooth Bitter Ale 4.1 35 37 23 Easy English Bitter BE1 Molasses kit Irish Ale Ale 4.1 11 27 21 Easy Draught BE1 Golden Syrup kit Pumpkin Rising Dark Ale 6.8 60 40 8.5 Intermediate Bewitched Amber Pumpkin Puree Demerara Sugar, Ground Ginger, Ground Cinamon, Ground All Spice, Ground Cloves Kit Spicy Brunette Amber Ale 4.5 48 32 22 Easy Dark Ale BE2 Cinnamon kit Strawberry Blonde Ale 4.6 6 25 23 Easy Canadian Blonde BE1 Strawberry Clover Honey kit Wicked Winter Warmer Dark Ale 6.5 109 63 8.5 Easy Winter Dark Ale SmoothUHME Samuel Willard's Qld Dark Rum Spirit Essence kit Note : SmoothUHME stands for Smooth Unhopped Malt Extract which can be bought from the store on this site. If you click on the recipe name it will take you the recipe page. The list would be larger if you were prepared to visit a Local Home Brew Shop (or go online) and buy some different yeast and explore some hopping. While there is a tendency to use jargon that can be off putting to the new brewer hopping is generally a simple process that is no harder than making a cup of tea (and in some cases is exactly like making a cup of tea). The four others that use yeast other than that provided on the can are : Recipe name Style Alc/v colour IBU Vol Difficulty Base extract kit Fermentables1 Fermentable2 Yeast 1 Beekeeper Ale 5.1 9 20 23 Easy Hefe Wheat LDM Blue Gum Honey Munich Cleopatra's Asp Amber Ale 7.5 56 42 8.5 Easy Bewitched Amber GoldenUHME Palm Sugar, Honey, Ginger, Cardomon,Cayenne pepper S-33 Julebyrg Amber Ale 6.0 36 23 20 Intermediate Lager TCAME Brown Sugar, Star Anise, Coriander seed, Vanilla bean, S-33 Lemon Zest Weizen Ale 4.7 7 21 22 Easy Hefe Wheat BE3 Lemon Myrtle WB-06 Any good LHBS should stock them. Happy brewing.
  12. James of Bayswater

    Making GR8 Yoghurt at Home, no mess, no fuss.

    My 'three batch viability' is probably something I am doing that makes the culture degrade over time. Maybe I am not consuming it quick enough and that is why I find when I take a remnant to start another it is weaker than the previous. Quick turnover could be the key to sustaining viability. I must admit I learned this from a Hare Krishna mate who used to culture his yoghurt in a dish in the cupboard with a tea towel over it. ( It reminded me of how I brewed beer in the old days.) But his yoghurt was the binding of his daily bread so he used plenty and his turnover was high. Like you he just kept making batch after batch. The other thing I am doing differently is that I am only using milk powder rather than the UHT. I am not sure what difference this would make but it is a difference nonetheless.
  13. James of Bayswater

    Quick Xmas brew for SWMBO

    Dave McLure notes - Alcoholic Content: The alcoholic strength of this cider depends on the sweetness of the original juice. Typically it will lie in the range 4 to 6% ABV (alcohol by volume), or about the same as a medium-strong beer. You can increase the alcohol by adding sugar at the start, but this increases the chances of stopping the fermentation early, leaving an over sweet drink, because of the relatively low alcohol tolerance of baker's yeast. I prefer to accept the natural strength as it comes. Earlier he says - If you have judged your end point well, it will have a slight sparkle when poured, giving a freshness to the taste. If you left it a little too late, it will be still and dry, but perfectly drinkable. On the other hand, if you refrigerated it too soon, it will be sweeter and a little frothy. So it seems that judging the end point (i.e. refrigeration) can determine how sweet or dry the cider is as well as its level of spritz - but bear in mind he is using baker's yeast which wont work much beyond 6% alcohol no matter how much sugar you add.
  14. James of Bayswater

    Making GR8 Yoghurt at Home, no mess, no fuss.

    You're more cultured than me. I have been known to use a fresh Chux rather than muslin. Some function : Hold the curds, lose the whey. I used to cut the yoghurt cheese with olive oil and salt and use it as a spread replacing butter (my major weakness) when I was on a diet crusade a few years back. It's really versatile. I drop balls of labneh into the curry for a creamy sauce, its good in soups and its a great base for a dip. Just use it like any cream cheese really. You can freeze it like ice cream. You don't need to throw the whey awhey either. It's a light acid that is good in cooking, smoothies, fruit juice, bread making, tenderizing meat, etc and can often sub for lemon juice/vinegar.
  15. James of Bayswater

    Recipe difficulty rating

    Some minor corrections (spelling etc) made. Version 1.1 attached. Coopers Recipes v1.1.xlsx