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  1. Hi and thanks for the replies. I was going to do a 5 litre boil (haven't got a bigger pot!), but perhaps I can just do a 2 litre boil with water and dex for the hops? I didn't think of the SG, still a bit to learn about these things. Thanks again.
  2. Hi All, I currently have a LC Bright Ale on the go and I'm keen to have a go at the Pale Ale. The recipe is; (taken from this site!!) Thomas Coopers Traditional Draught Liquid amber malt extract LDM 200 grams Dextrose 150 grams Cascade 15gms @ 10 mins Cluster 15gms @ 5 mins Chinook 10 gms @ 3 mins Chinook and Cascade 15 - 20 gems dry hopped 23L I was wondering if I'm using the Liquid amber malt and boiling for the hop additions, do I need to do it for an hour even though all the hop additions are late in the boil? Or do I do something else? The bright Ale was light malt extract with hops starting at 45 mins so was straightforward but not sure if I'm on the right track. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Sounds great, and I don't think too early for Christmas. I haven't used those hop combinations before (i'm newish at this!)but enjoy an IPA. I've only made Coopers Authentic IPA which I enjoyed. I'm working on making a 6 pack sample for some relatives who are a bit dubious about home-brew. They have flashbacks to the 70's, extra sugar for some more oomph and exploding bottles!! (I'm hoping mine don't blow up!!) Best of luck with it.
  4. Yeah, I used to use the priming drops but was given a heap of odd sized bottles and have been bulk priming without issue till now. I think it was the syphon and slow transfer from FV to BB. Next time I'll set it up so I can drain from the FV tap to the BB and give a few gentle stirs to make sure its all mixed adequately. Live and learn!!
  5. Hi all, Just need to share my pain.... I've been bulk priming for a while, usually stirring it in the FV and bottling after 30mins. Well, I was getting a lot of sediment and thought maybe racking is the way to go. Got myself a syphon, put the priming sugar in the bottling bucket and away I went. I didn't stir it because I read that the force of the beer swirling into the bb would be enough... 2 weeks later a bottle blows up....never happened before and was wracking my brains as to what happened. I clean and sanitise everything so I started opening a few bottles (very carefully mind you!). Anyway, some are dead flat (but taste good), and others are over-carbonated. Not gushers, but way over carbonated and taste very sweet. So, I've put it down to perhaps the syphon not running very fast (was a bit of a slow flow) and the sugar not mixing through the brew equally. The worst part is that I did 2 brews identically....the second is the same, some very over-carbonated and sweet, the others flat. So goodbye Nut Brown Ale and American Amber Ale.... I think they're probably too dangerous to keep as I don't know which ones are over carbed and which ones are not. They're currently stored in a cold shed. Any ideas as to what I could do? (apart from empty them all)
  6. Thanks for replies, and thank you NorthCoast85 for your comprehensive instructions. With the lager I took another SG at 1012 this morning, so have surrounded the FV with ice and hope to bottle in a week or so. I'm doing this one for Christmas (something to look forward to!). Thanks again for the help, great to have access to so many experienced home brewers.
  7. Thanks for the reply, the SG was 1050 at the start, then 2 days ago 1012 and again today 1012. Coopers website says it should get around 1008 so still a little way to go? Or might 1012 be it. I'll leave it a few more days anyway. Good info about the diacetyl rest...I didn't realise you could do it in the bottle during carbonation. No fridge, just insulation jacket around the FV which lives in an insulated cupboard so temp is pretty stable. I'm using a heat pad and ice blocks which are a bit of a fiddle but working ok at the moment. The temp controlled fridge sounds good (very good!)....and an 8 day lager sounds even better!! Space is a bit of an issue at the moment but I have plans. In the meantime I'm learning to be very patient! And I'll do the 10 days at 0C before bottling. Is there any need for adding fresh yeast at bottling or do you find there is usually enough for carbonation? Thanks again for the information. Greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi all, firstly, great forum, have been a 'lurker' here for some time and gleaned lots of info from other forum users questions. Thought it was about time to say hi myself. I've been home brewing this year (after many years of wanting to have a go!) and up to brew 15 which is my first attempt at a lager (Coopers Artisan). Its been brewing for nearly 3 weeks (at 8-10C) and am a bit confused as to the next step. Do I rack it for another 10 days in a second FV to let it clear a bit more or rack, bulk prime and bottle straight away? I was reading on the inter webs that racking 23 litres with 75g of sugar will produce enough Co2 to fill the head space of the second vessel allowing you to keep it safe for 10 days before bottling. Does anyone do this? I've done some searching and usually end up more confused (doesn't take much!). I use John Palmers book on 'How to Brew' but his examples are brewed at lower temps over longer time periods and seem to be racked and bottled straight away? For my next brew I'd like to have a go at the LC Bright Ale recipe (from one of Muddy's posts taken from Tony @ AHB). 2x 1.5kg tins LME 300g dextrose 12g B-Saaz pellets @ 45mins 12g Cascade pellets @ 45mins 10g B-Saaz pellets @ 15mins 18g B-Saaz pellets @ 0mins 18g Cascade pellets @ 0mins made to 23litres US-05 yeast I'm not 100% sure of the process, do I need to mix 3kg LME with 5 litres water, bring to rolling boil, add dextrose and then hops at specified time intervals? I was also reading a similar recipe that had 200g crystal grain added as well, has anyone tried this? Anyway, enough questions for now. Thanks again for providing such a great resource!! Tim
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