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  1. I use to do the same thing to 10.5/11 litres and yes it is still bitter but I liked it. More IPA territory IBU wise. Try the Canadian blonde or Cerveza if you want to keep down this path.
  2. I just tried the Ghost Ship and was very impressed. And at that price for 24 x 440ml cans' date=' thats great value. [/quote'] I have a visit back to North QLD coming up and am trying to get the old man to grab some cartons before I get there. In the can it seem's you have a better chance of retaining the hops even with the beer coming from the UK. MO/Rye/Crystal malts and Columbus/Centennial/Citra hops apparently according to the head brewer.
  3. Just over a year brewing and no house ale yet. I was sure a Pacific Ale clone would have been as it use to be my go to commercial beer but I think my tastes have moved on. I have made about three of these, one extract and two AG. I do plan on having one once I have a few more kegs (currently only have two and need to build a collar to get another in my keezer). A simple pale ale made with Aussie malt and likely mostly Aussie hops to keep cost's down. Reusing yeast I think banging out a brew for $15 should be doable. I can see alot of overseas hops and grain getting more and more expensive with the $AUD going down and in the case of hops usage going up.
  4. Just happened to read this the other day. http://brulosophy.com/2015/09/28/the-impact-of-age-hops-exbeeriment-results/ 10 year old hops! (for those that want the outcome with out reading the beer's were very similar made with old hops sealed and in freezer for 10 years vs latest season) I think vac packed (very important) and as cold as possible is the way to go, if the missus is getting cranky because your using up the freezer space with hops then the fridge is the next best thing obviously. As Lusty's says a reputable supplier to begin with is the first major step. No point going to all that trouble if old mate stored your hops in a shed at 40c before he sold them to you.
  5. I just put a Mosaic Amber in the fermenter that I brewed a couple days ago. I used Hairy's original AG recipe and subbed in somethings I already had (had cracked Pilsner malt that needed using). 3.5kg - Pilsner malt 0.5kg - Munich I 0.3kg Maris Otter 0.3kg - Medium Crystal malt 0.25kg - Caraamber malt 15g Centennial (AA 10%) @ 60 minutes 5g Mosaic (12.5%) @ 10 minutes 20g Mosaic @ Whirlpool 25g Mosaic - dry hop Mash @ 66C OG - 1050 IBU - 30 Mangrove Jacks British Ale yeast Tastes lovely out of the hydro and I got 19L at 1050, will need a bit more then that so might add a couple litres of water to allow for trub and a full keg.
  6. Well this has been in the keg for about a week now and I can say I'm very happy with the beer. I haven't done a side by side but it feels a little thinner than the 4 pines. I ended up with a FG of 1010 and the recipe was 1018 so I guess the MJ English Ale Yeast did to good a job. Plenty of raisins going on so Hairy's suggestion of the Special B worked a treat, I actually over did it a bit and used 200g and would wind it back to 150g next time. This was all EKG but while hops isn't really what the beer is all about, next time I think I'll use Fuggles in the boil to get closer to the real deal. This was my first more complex recipe after going AG with the first ones being SMASH's and Pacific Ale clones so I'm wrapped with how it turned out. Thank's for the suggestion's all.
  7. Good call Magnaman. I just recommended this to a mate I got into brewing who want's to try something different. He has done about 8 batches of Stone & Wood PA clone in a row.
  8. 13 and I work away from home half the year so not a bad effort. I would have done around 5 in the little craft kit at work to so 18 all up. Nowhere near 60! That's a pretty full on effort Waylon at more then one a week.
  9. The one IPA I did with a Coopers can I found a bit underwhelming but certainly bitter enough. It is more of a English IPA hopping in the can. You mainly want flavor and aroma from your hops. I did a 10min boil with 25g Cascade and 25g Vic Secret so don't be afraid to give it a bit on the hop front. 1 X 1.5KG of Liquid Light Malt gave me 5.25% ABV I also dry hopped with the same hops in the boil so 100g of hops all up. Using the US-05 is a good idea as I used the kit yeast which may have muted my hops a bit.
  10. Same as 5heldon a spreadsheet on Google docs. The extract columns look something like this Brew No/Type/Date/Volume Water/Sugars/Can/Boil/Hops/Dry hopped/Yeast/Pitch temp/OG/FG/ABV/Bottled/Comments Have a AG page now as well and pages for recipes I want to keep.
  11. Brewing this today! Hopefully turns out to be a nice beer.
  12. I did a SMOTY Ale and the krausen crawled out of the fermentor and drank a bottle of the missus's wine that was in the fermenting fridge. Tastes awesome.
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