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  1. Cheers Ben10 I really appreciate the advise. I live in Melbourne and with summer just around the corner which would be best suited to the higher temperatures of summer? I was actually looking at a few of the basic brews from the international and Thomas Coopers section for my second brew. Are they any good? I will Try a few of those other brews with more steps after I have tried a few times. Would rather ruin a crappy brew than a good one.
  2. OK I took you advise and grabbed a six pack of each those beers Ben10. Was a bigger fan of the 150 lashes than the Little Creatures pale ales, it was a much smoother beer to me. if I can brew something similar to that I will be very happy. Brew Update - I took my first gravity reading since OG yesterday and it was at 1018 then and 1015 today so seems to be going as planned. I will continue to take readings daily from here and see what the gravity does. Beer looks, smells and tastes like beer so that's a positive.
  3. Cheers Guys thanks for the Help. I will grab a few samples of those Ben10 and see how I go. I have recently been experimenting with different beers and have found I am a fan of Pale Ales but not a fan of Pilsners. Other beers I enjoy are Heineken and Stella Artois but im pretty sure im still barking up that Lager tree there. Im slowly expanding my pallet though not to long ago I would only drink VB or Draught where as now I will give most things a go.
  4. Hey Ben10 thanks for the Welcome. I have recently been drinking Hollandia mainly due to the price but also enjoy the beer. I also enjoy pure blonde and the usual Aussie beers in VB and carlton Draught. I will not be leaving the FV empty for long as I have already been eyeing the Canadian blonde and maybe even the pale ale. I would like to get a cider in before summer hits also but am thinking I might look for a smaller FV for the cider (maybe 5-10liters max). I have heard from a few people the lager mix that comes with the kits is abit ordinary and not to expect to much. Do you think it will be any worse because I have pitched at a high temp? It seems to be looking and smelling OK although I don't really know what a good look and smell is yet I suppose.
  5. Hey Guys. Mainly hoping on to say Gday and Yes you have another newbie here to deal with. As I have seen in so many threads already I believe my first brew may not be the best. I started my first brew on sunday and sadly ended up after mixing my Lager can and brew enhancer in water somehow ended up at about 32 degrees. I tried to bring temp down by placing FV in the sink with cold water but it wasn't cooling very fast. I was in a way worried after seeing reports that the Yeast should be pitched asap so I pitched at about 30 degrees. The temp came down over the next few hours and I have since been fermenting at around the 20-22 degree area. Im not totally worried after reading a number of posts in the forum that show that a few people have done the same and brews havnt turned out to bad. Also I planned on bottling this weekend but have also learnt that I may be better off leaving for another week to allow brew to clear up. Any help and advise would be highly appreciated and I look forward to many more brews and learning all the secrets over the coming years.
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