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  1. Would say that is the external measurements and not the fluid capacity. Also cutting in and out is not good. Two causes - one is flour from the mash on the element which can be solved with a scrub after mashing or during boil. Other is insufficient equipment which will need the additional element or partial cover of the vessel (lid half off).
  2. Southern Bay Brewing (Victoria) usually seasonally release a vanilla oatmeal stout which is very good.
  3. Another method I found on the net and it worked is to connect the gas to the beer out post and set to serving pressure (e.g. 12psi). Then pull the PRV every so often. Got it back to proper carbonation within a day or so.
  4. Don't know what you mean by that. The beer isn't in contact with any threads. And if you mean the lid (prior to this Coopers FV all had a screw on lid of some description), if your cleaning/sanitising is up to scratch, it wouldn't make a difference. Plenty go with similar style FV and use cling wrap over the top so they can see it, or just turn the lid back a quarter to allow gas to escape.
  5. Or this from the big green shed (check the 4th dot point) plus a tap for a couple of bucks
  6. 1 Hop Nation - The Dawn - Double NEIPA 2 Hawkers IIPA 3 Balter IIPA 4 Hawkers Rum Barrel RIS 5 3 Ravens Salted Caramel IPA
  7. Moisture can be due to a poor seal allowing air to get into the freezer, so could check all the seals. Have had issues before with a freezer when the kids don't quite shut the door properly, extra ice over everything. Also, if running the cables for the probes into the freezer, can put a cut in the seal, then duct tape or silicon around it to minimise air ingress.
  8. I have both. Always fill some PET bottles each batch as can easily check how carbonation is going with a squeeze test.
  9. Agree. Most accurate, but also most likely to introduce an infection if dropping a probe into the wort. More work involved sanitising unless it is a set up with thermo-well that is clean/santised with the FV.
  10. If it is an induction cooktop, it won't work with pyrex - need metal base on pots/pans
  11. No better compliment than those coming back for more
  12. But more importantly, did you get it on video for fast home brew? (almost as important as not getting burnt)
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