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  1. Good to hear as I ordered one earlier today for my 4L mini keg for mobility/BBQs etc. Should save faffing around with line length and gas pressures on the mini-reg.
  2. I thought it was the way they spelt "gauge" . Gives it a cheap/don't care/knock off impression. The explanation is fair enough as some people might think being a reg will try to connect it directly to the tank which it is not designed for.
  3. Can use soft drink bottles as they can handle the pressure -coke used to have 3 litre ones at one stage, however need to keep them out of the light the entire time to stop skunking. Those mini-kegs/growlers can be multi-use. Fill them and ferment in them, then pour into a glass, or connect into a keg system like in the bottom link. The kegs in the 2 links are essentially the same, the bottom one just has the screw in ball lock cap for gas and dispensing. Even with 2 kegs, you only need one gas bottle, just run a T junction in the gas line to feed both.
  4. A triple IPA is an increase on the double IPA (DIPA) which is an increase on the IPA, so would genereally be around 9 to 10% ABV. Deeds Cheat Code is 10% ABV - hence a triple IPA. There are some that say DDH or TDH which is double/triple dry hop. BTW the Deeds is a very good beer. Edit - sometimes a DIPA is also called an IIPA or Imperial IPA.
  5. Technology - just can't trust it Good luck with the brew.
  6. According to brewfather and my choc raspberry milkshake porter recipe 500g of lactose adds 7 points to both the sg and fg. 750g added 10 points to both, so showing it as non-fermentable. My CRMP with 750g of lactose went from 1.076 to 1.026 (predicted was 1.028).
  7. It is the alcohol content that puts the reading out, hence the adjustment. For fg with hydro, should degas the sample by pouring it between glasses or let it sit and go flat with a bit of shaking.
  8. Did you dry hop the beer. I've had hops block the connect on the keg - had to pull it apart a few times to keep cleaning the hops out. This beer didn't get cold crashed and was commando hopped (free and loose) which was the reason for the blockages.
  9. I see your juice train and raise it Great hop/fruitiness, slight shade of booze (not unexpected at 9%), but a great beer.
  10. Was at a wedding across the road from the hotel/brewery and was drinkinhg the pale ale. Great drop. Then progressed to the hotel and the old time set up (exposed sandstone, timber beams etc ) is awesome.
  11. As John said, 10L batches can be done with the Big W 19L pot ($20) and a bag,
  12. And clean, sterilise nuke the fermenter to an inch of within its life. Then do it it again.
  13. They are having a lend. Maybe they are looking at 3V systems which can puh this, but can be done cheaper. BIAB is all grain and a 20-25l batch can be done with a 40l urn and bag - $200-$300 set up. Used this for many a year and good brews before the next step due to a burn out. Next step is brewzilla/guten systems at $4-500 but a bit more automated and recirc pump. Add in a mill and less than $700. Can skip the mill and get the LHBS to do it for a couple of bucks per brew. Although buying bulk and milling yourself is beter in the long term.
  14. Yes, but the tap has more "hidey places" so I would turf it. But can go down the cleaning route, just make sure you break it down to get a good clean and put it in the soaking bleach. For the price of a tap I get a new one after an infection.
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