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  1. Dozer71

    GABS Hottest 100 Aussie / Kiwi Craft Beers

    1 Hop Nation - The Dawn - Double NEIPA 2 Hawkers IIPA 3 Balter IIPA 4 Hawkers Rum Barrel RIS 5 3 Ravens Salted Caramel IPA
  2. Dozer71

    Temps for kegging

    Moisture can be due to a poor seal allowing air to get into the freezer, so could check all the seals. Have had issues before with a freezer when the kids don't quite shut the door properly, extra ice over everything. Also, if running the cables for the probes into the freezer, can put a cut in the seal, then duct tape or silicon around it to minimise air ingress.
  3. Dozer71

    Glass or plastic bottles ???

    I have both. Always fill some PET bottles each batch as can easily check how carbonation is going with a squeeze test.
  4. Dozer71

    fermenting temperature

    Agree. Most accurate, but also most likely to introduce an infection if dropping a probe into the wort. More work involved sanitising unless it is a set up with thermo-well that is clean/santised with the FV.
  5. Dozer71

    fermenting temperature

    +1 to this method
  6. Dozer71

    Reusing yeast - the starter method

    If it is an induction cooktop, it won't work with pyrex - need metal base on pots/pans
  7. Dozer71

    It's Kegging Time!

    No better compliment than those coming back for more
  8. But more importantly, did you get it on video for fast home brew? (almost as important as not getting burnt)
  9. Dozer71

    500ml Pint Bottles.

    Totally agree - I do the same
  10. Dozer71

    500ml Pint Bottles.

    Most LHBS have these - 3 scoop
  11. Flavourless dental floss works as well.
  12. Dozer71

    Take THAT, BJCP style guidelines

    Titan, Go to the compmaster website, hit My Account, then My Results and can download the actual score sheets. Gives the good points and bad points or areas of improvement.
  13. Dozer71


    It's my understanding (that doesn't make it correct though) that soaking the beans in vodka or similar high alcohol solution helps extract more flavour and not necessarily for sterilisation.
  14. Dozer71

    Dr Smurtos GA

    Here's one Doesn't cover all hops but has a large range.
  15. Dozer71

    Dr Smurtos GA

    Here's a substitution chart for most malts but doesn't include carabohemian - which is around Caramunich 3 (EBC 200) or medium to dark crystal.