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  1. Dozer71

    It's Kegging Time!

    No better compliment than those coming back for more
  2. But more importantly, did you get it on video for fast home brew? (almost as important as not getting burnt)
  3. Dozer71

    500ml Pint Bottles.

    Totally agree - I do the same
  4. Dozer71

    500ml Pint Bottles.

    Most LHBS have these - 3 scoop
  5. Flavourless dental floss works as well.
  6. Dozer71

    Take THAT, BJCP style guidelines

    Titan, Go to the compmaster website, hit My Account, then My Results and can download the actual score sheets. Gives the good points and bad points or areas of improvement.
  7. Dozer71


    It's my understanding (that doesn't make it correct though) that soaking the beans in vodka or similar high alcohol solution helps extract more flavour and not necessarily for sterilisation.
  8. Dozer71

    Dr Smurtos GA

    Here's one Doesn't cover all hops but has a large range.
  9. Dozer71

    Dr Smurtos GA

    Here's a substitution chart for most malts but doesn't include carabohemian - which is around Caramunich 3 (EBC 200) or medium to dark crystal.
  10. I use a crown urn (around $280) and a grain bag ($10). To hoist the bag to drain, piece of rope with a hang man noose and a ladder set over it. Pic attached. Then no chill into cube ($20 or so). Set up for just over $300. Some go for BIAB with 19L Big W pot so way cheaper.
  11. Dozer71

    Recipe of the Month

    Yes, and is widely available. Caramalt and carahell are also substitutes.
  12. Dozer71

    Stout Undercarbonation

    For stouts that are to be consumed within 6 months I use sugar and the 3 scoop measure (375, 500 & 750mm). For long necks I use the 500mm scoop and for 500mm/grolsch bottles use the stubbie scoop. Gets the carbonation pretty close and cheaper than using the drops. Unsure for stubbies as I don't put stout in them - generally the 500ml as have built up a nice stash of them.
  13. For what its worth. Today in Bendigo shed at 29c (AHD 180m). Rolling boil at 99c in 1.038 wort (mid strength). Kettle at 20 min of 88c and finished no chill cube at 84c. Used a thermapen 1 yr old and got 100c in boiling water.
  14. Dozer71

    Today I'm making "Mystery Beer"!!

    Might have to have educate young Jonah a bit more. Not sure on the Saaz for flavouring but should make for an interesting beer. Maybe put one aside for his 18th.
  15. Dozer71

    Ginger Brew Bottling

    No real difference between cane sugar or dextrose for priming. If it is finished fermenting you need to add sugar. If it has a couple of points to go, may get away without it. You do need to make sure it has finished before bottling. Am concerned at the half you have bottled at 1030 seeing the other half continue to 1016. Bombs waiting to happen there. Will need to ease the pressure - undo/recap, or it is likely to get messy.