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  1. Brilliant thanks Chad, I'll do this when cleaning everything up sometime this week so I can get to designing my first recipe. Cheers
  2. Yeah I've got a spare stc 200 I'll use on the urn and I think I'll be sticking to the same grain bill for the first 4 or 5 brews to ensure I get consistent results as dialing in the system is my biggest concern. I think I've got my head around everything else it's just Beersmith and getting those figures in that I'm going to really focus on as it's the one thing on Beersmith that first had me a little confused. I'm not going to worry about water profile and all that complicated brewing chemistry until I have the system down, on Beersmith, to not over complicate things. Cheers
  3. That's good advice thanks Scottie, I'll be purchasing a few more kegs shortly to assist with this and think the idea of 2 bottles is brilliant. Bugger that's more money to spend! Cheers
  4. G'day guys, I'm pretty sure the 10L urn is 1800watt so it should do well. My coil is far to big to fit so I would have to make up another to suit, like you'd mentioned Chad, and use the one I have as a chiller. I was going to start with a small batch biab system, like yours John, to use my coopers craft fermenters as it was your well set out recipes and procedures(some which I will surely appropriate) which got me thinking about all grain on a small scale to get the hang of it. I was lucky enough to have the space and a great tax return and thought bugger it you only live once. Cheers
  5. G'day Micka, I've used Craft Brewer, National Home Brew and Cheeky Peak Brewery and all have offered great service and decent postage prices. And of course the Coopers store which stocks all of the brilliant Coopers products at great prices for members with great offers on shipping. Cheers
  6. G'day guys, Got an American Pale Ale...or a Session IPA...or an Extra Pale Ale...or whatever it's beer in my fermenter that goes a little something like this. 3kg Morgans extra pale 250g Crystal 100g Carapils 24g Magnum @ 60 min 30g Amarillo @ 5 min 30g Galaxy @ 5 min 30g Centennial @ 5 min Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast 21l brew og 1.049, fg 1.013, 4.5% keg, 4.9 bottle IBU 49.8, EBC 11.6 Will probably keg this one tonight if all goes well or in the morning hoping my gas bottle has got enough left to carb it up for the fights tomorrow. If not I'll have to pinch the sodastream bottle to get it done as I've just emptied my keg of Simcoe, Mosaic and Centennial IPA and noticed the gas was extremely low when shutting off the gas. Fingers crossed. Cheers
  7. G'day all, Due to SWMBO selfishly hogging the computer for work and not being able to figure out how to do it on my phone I haven't gotten around to uploading some pics so I just changed my profile pic. Thanks Lusty, you've definitely been a huge help throughout my k&k and extract brewing and wouldn't have been able to produce such good beers without your advice and assistance with recipes. Don't worry though I'm sure, like others on here, I will still brew the occasional extract when after a quick brew day or if I'm feeling lazy. Thanks Otto, that does help I guess part of having a smooth brew day is being organized and knowing your equipment. Best to make the most of your time instead of staring at thermometers. Cheers
  8. Thanks Chad, Really looking forward to getting it all up and running and dialed in and will surely be keen to pick your brains as I will need all the help I can get! Anti only lives a few kms from mine though have found it hard to get in contact with him lately(I think he's still up in Queensland). I have seen his setup and spent a brew day with him though I was too busy drinking his beer and talking sh!t to pay much attention to the process. Hopefully he'll be back soon so I can gloat to him about my setup. Was thinking that the 40l urn might take a long while to get up to temp so have eyed off a 10l urn at work that doesn't get used. At least I'll have the 40l urn if I want to do a BIAB. Cheers
  9. Thanks Otto, Once I get the system sorted your Red ale is something id like to give a crack. Cheers
  10. Thanks Ben and Hairy, Then a pale it will be. I will take some photos this evening or tomorrow then of course read the post about how to post pics as I've never attempted it. I will use the urn with the coil in and recirculate with the pump and stc to hold mash temps for herms. Not sure how important that is as the cooler supposedly only drops 1 degree over 90min but it helps to clear the wort I think. Thanks for the advice guys you've both given great guidance throughout my extract brewing which has helped produce great beers looking forward to the next chapter Cheers
  11. G'day all, Long time no post, hope everybody is well. After around 30 odd extract brews I have decided to take the plunge and go to All Grain and when I say plunge I mean jumped off a cliff. I tend to make things difficult for my myself by over complicating things and I may have done it again. After lots of research I have decided to go 3v herms I tossed up doing BIAB though as I said I like to make things difficult for myself and wanted something similar to a pro pilot system as I am a bit of a poser. So I went with an SS Brewtech 76l kettle,56l cooler style mash tun fitted with false bottom thermometer and Blichmann sparge arm, 40l Crown urn for HLT(may use for BIAB batches as well), SS herms/chiller coil, Maltmuncher Mill, keg king wort pump and an SS Brewtech 54l Chronical Fermenter. I will use quick disconnects for ease of use during transfers, recirculation etc. Downloaded the trial of Beersmith2 today and have been trying to figure it out I don't think it will take long to get the hang of it though feel a little overwhelmed at the moment as it is a little more complex than Ianh's spreadsheet for extracts, kits etc. Over the next couple of weeks I will set out the brewery and figure out how everything will be plumbed in and hopefully will have Beersmith sorted as I have a bag of Briess Pale Malt and a bunch of assorted spec grains screaming out to be turned into tasty, tasty beer. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated as I think I'm going to need all the help I can get. First brew will probably be an IPA of course. Cheers.
  12. G'day Zaphod, I'm really sorry to hear about your daughter mate, I know you've had a rough trot with the family and neighbour etc. and I'm deeply saddened and really feel for you mate. I'm a guitarist too and know how special jamming with someone can be but just think that every time you pick up that guitar and belt out a tune she'll be right there with you jamming along. Cheers Nathan.
  13. Unfortunately I now require a new brew fridge as mine has been CCing since Saturday and has only gotten down to 11C.
  14. Oh yeah King, a huge tool fan myself, it would be worth waiting for I'm sure.
  15. G'day all, Just kicking back with a couple of Red Rye IPA variations. First was Sierra Nevada's River Ryed Rye IPA which has a lovely bite from the rye though it kind of overpowers the hop bitterness and flavour but still quite nice indeed. Then was 4 pines new release their West Coast Red Rye IPA, a Keller Door Small Batch, which is freaking bloody amazing!!! It's warm and inviting with enough bitterness and hop flavour / aroma to compete with the spicy bite of the rye and kind of a little sweet. It's just been released to NSW bottle shops and soon to be unleashed in QLD if you see it, and don't mind an IPA, bloody well grab one and get it in yer belly OK. Cheers
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