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  1. Maybe that particular bottle got infected with some wild yeast and ate some of the sugars left unfermented by the yeast strain you brewed with. I could be wrong though.
  2. I recently ordered the new Irish Stout (International Series) from the online store, but was sent the old TC range Irish Stout. I'm not sure if this was a blunder on coopers' part or whether it is the same goo in the can. I was under the impression it was different which is why I ordered it. Anyway I plan to put this on tomorrow, keeping it pretty simple. TC Irish Stout 1.5kg Light LME 300g Dextrose Nottingham yeast @ 18 degrees. 23 L
  3. I have a healthy looking krausen atop the brew 24 hours in. Looks like I got away with it. Cheers.
  4. Another toucan to consider is the SMOTY Ale - http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/27/ It uses a can of dark and a can of pale. Cheers.
  5. I have had this before, definitely just yeast on the sides of the bottles. A good overnight soaking in sodium percarbonate should do the trick.
  6. I always try to rehydrate as per the instructions on the pack. Some how I have mistakenly poured 100 ml of refrigerated water into my measuring cup rather than room temp boiled water and added the yeast without catching on. If there's no activity in 24 hours ill throw in another sachet.
  7. I have accidently rehydrated my 11g sachet of Nottingham yeast in 3 degree Celsius water. The yeast was only in the water for 10 mins and pitched into a 1050 OG brew. Do you think the yeast will be alright or should I chuck in another pack? Cheers.
  8. Noticed the Irish stout is now in the International Series section of the online store. Cool
  9. Glad your enjoying your brews and Megadeth there Waylon. My favourite extract brew so far, although I haven't done many, would be Canadian's Centennial Pale Ale. The recipe was: Centennial PA 3Kg LME .5Kg DME 15g Centennial (13%) 40mins 20g Centennial 10mins 25g Centennial dry hop US-05 21L OG 1.053 IBUs 30ish ABV% 5.3 Keen to do some more extract brew's.
  10. Thanks for the reply Northcoast85 and others. This brew was drinkable but definitely nothing to rave about, as seemed to be the case for most of my experimental brews I put together with leftovers. In the last 6 months or so I have been keeping it simple and either brewing coopers or other forum members recipes, or single kit's with malt extract and steeping small amounts of hops and or specialty grain. These brews have turned out a lot better and I now believe the small difference in price is justified by the difference in quality. Gradually been making the change to extract brewing of late too. Cheers guys.
  11. Thanks Lusty, that's useful info, I was planning on fermenting at 16 degrees. I will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any lower. Do you think a 10g pack of rehydrated yeast would be sufficient for this brew or would I need to pitch another pack/make a starter? Cheers.
  12. Going to make a lager style ale with a simple recipe. 1 can Coopers Canadian Blonde 1.5kg Light Liquid Malt Extract 25g Hersbrucker - steeped US05 yeast at low end of temp range.
  13. I reckon the Nut Brown Ale was hard to beat for a simple recipe.
  14. Hi PM911, that kumquat idea of yours sounds good. I am about to raid a loaded tree and liked this idea of your hefeweizen. Also the oatmeal stout you mentioned the other day got my mouth watering! Cheers
  15. Sweet as, thanks guys. I generally use Nottingham which flocculates pretty well. I guess I will be drinking my brews a few days earlier.
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