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  1. OK, thanks for all the responses guys From what the consensus is, it's not really an issue but should check my Hydrometer. FG of 1015 is to be expected because of the BE1 having non fermantables in it increasing the FG. So I just need to be more patient and give it a week more in the FV Thx again guys
  2. I didn't check the yeast packet for a best before date, only the can, which was Sept 2016. I'll give the Hydrometer a check in the morning. Saying that, isn't 1037 the right SG ? so if the Hydrometer was out, wouldn't that measure have been out as well ?
  3. Evening all, Quick bit of advice please, have trawled the forums but see conflicting messages. Started my 1st brew last Sunday 13th. Using the Coopers DIY brew kit and Australian "Lager" OG of 1037. Due to noob nerves, asked noob queries on here and Hairy asked what my SG was. this was day 2 and 1026. Day 3 removed the Krausen Collar and measured a 1015. It hasn't moved since then. stayed at 1015. Have degassed the samples each time. Have I stalled ? What should I do ? Extra info. Pitched at 26c ( noob error ). Got temp down to 23c over a couple of hours. temp dropped down to 21c Until Thursday when everything in the UK got a little warm, temp went up to 24c
  4. Thanks Hairy. Just want to get this right and looking forward to developing things more as time goes on From many of the the Vids I've seen there is the comment of "Drink homebrew when your homebrewing". one of the things you can't do on your 1st batch. :D Thx again
  5. Sorry some answers and one proper noob question to one of your questions When did you put the brew down ? not 100% sure I understand. I pitched 28.5 hours ago and took the OG which was 1038. Temp dropped from 26c down to 24c a couple of hours later. then down to 23c overnight. Not been able to get any cooler than that. It's in the coldest room in the house. Just took an SG reading of 1025. Smells great, hehe.
  6. Gents, Joined yesterday and have my 1st batch brewing. But being the weekend and the wife has dominated the TV with rubbish, I've spent my day watching brewing vids and reading articles. So with all the vast amount of info and advice, I'm now wondering if I've gotten things right. mind if I run something past you guys and you can tell me to get back in my box and stop being an old worrying woman. or, and I hope not the latter, tell me to pour it down the drain and go to watching rubbish on TV with the wife. Using the coopers DIY brew kit. Water is nasty in my area ( can smell the chlorine ) so used bottled water. Didn't do anything special for this one, just wanted to try the basics 1st Pitched at 26c ( too high from what i have been reading ) Overnight the temp showed it had dropped to 23c, The brew had been active as there was a great foam on the top, but now doesn't seem to be doing much at all, shining a torch through it doesn't seem to be much movement. Am I just being impatient ?
  7. Hi all, Brewski & Sons Brewery is now on the map. Looking forward to this learning process. Got my Coopers Home Brew Kit this afternoon and have my 1st batch in the Brewroom. can't help but keep popping in there to check the temp. haha. Think temp is going to be my biggest issue. but will see I'm in Ashford Middlesex, England.
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