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  1. Yeah, I hadn't seen them before and they were pretty well priced, but didn't know they were a rarity. Cheers for the English advice Phil
  2. You had me at 'atomic weight of beer squared'. Brew whatever you want mate, just keep the posts coming.
  3. G'day all, I've bought some pilot hops and am after opinions/advice as I haven't used them and don't think I've had a beer that has them in them. I've found general descriptions online (eg. Good for bittering and late aroma with spice, lemon and marmalade going on and suitable for British ales). I've been mucking around lately with PB2s Nelson Light recipe using different hops (the original recipe, another with American hops, and another with Aussie hops, all very nice) plus some hopped Amber ales too. Ingredients on hand include light and amber dry malt, topaz, ella, cluster, hallertau and ekg hops, and bry-97 and mj m44 yeast. Im thinking a pale and an amber with pilot for bittering and aroma, and ella or topaz for flavour. If there's any pilot left over from those I'd use it with ekg in something at some point. But I am always interested in others' opinions and ideas. Cheers
  4. I have a heap of crown seal long necks I use, they're perfect. All coopers long necks are. I have a bunch of old school CUB long necks too, really thick walled glass, and I keep my eye out for nice craft/boutique beer long necks when I'm at the bottlo as they are usually crown seal with thick glass. You can put a crown seal cap on a screw top bottle with a bottle capper, but there's a risk that you'll chip it. I don't use anything with a screw top or that seems to have thin glass, since I pretty much smashed one when trying to cap it. Stubbies are fine too, but again crown seal and thick to be safe. I do like stubby size for drinking but it does make bottling take longer as you're capping twice as many, so I don't have too many stubbies.
  5. Once mould gets in a bottle it can be tough to move. Get a long handled, stiff bristled bottle brush. Scrub that around in the bottle, maybe with some diluted napisan. If that doesn't work, chuck the bottles and get new ones.
  6. I haven't brewed a proper Black IPA but midnight wheat and mosaic have been a winner for me in the past.
  7. I've got almost all the ingredients on hand to do the Lightning Strike Summer Ale recipe from the coops website so I'm going to brew it, but: -I've got no Northern Brewer hops, but have heaps of Cluster as a possible substitute -I don't have Nottingham Dry yeast, but have US-05 and some recultured coopers pale ale yeast as substitutes. Any thoughts?
  8. Sounds like important scientific research Scottie.
  9. Try the Kilted IPA, Nelsons Light and Roger Roger ale recipes, all off the coopers website recipe section. All are very nice beers, and quite simple so by doing them you'll get a good intro into using a little bit of hops and grains, with easy instructions to follow. And then you'll have a good idea of what to aim for when you're making up your own recipes. Lusty has another thread on here about mid strength beers called 'mid strength nirvana', and while I haven't got around to giving his recipe a go it does sound very tasty. I really must get on to that...
  10. About to reculture some coopers pale yeast again, and thought I'd post that although I had issues last time the beer actually wasn't too bad. It did have a slight vinegar tang but barely noticeable and I've since drank the lot. Having said that I won't be using glad wrap this time!
  11. Old thread, and I can't really remember the beer to be honest Del. However... ...my brewing notes from then tell me I did chuck in 100g midnight wheat grain for the steep, and dry hopped only with mosaic, not the Nelson too. Otherwise I followed KRs advice. And the notes tell me the result was average early on, but after about 6 weeks in the bottle it was pretty good, much nicer than I expected for a 'left overs' recipe. Biggie, hijack away mate. I'll let Christina answer your questions, I've picked up a heap of helpful info from reading her posts over time. Ditto KR. And Otto. And PB2. And Lusty. And Scottie. And... and... and... ...too many to mention.
  12. The Brew A can is nice and will give you bittering hops, but won't be extract only. If you stick with that I'd still be wanting flavour hops. Maybe 20-30g centennial (or chinook, or cascade, or another American hop you like) for 20-30 min boil (in about 5 litres of water with the LDM). Then I'd probably add another 20g centennial plus 20g of the mosaic amd steep for 20-30 mins. Then I'd dry hop with the remaining 100g mosaic. If you want extract, maybe replace the brew a can with a can of the Amber malt extract, but then you'll need decent whack of bittering hops for a longer boil.
  13. Nope, the yeast is in a little sachet under the lid of the brew can. Whatever recipe/ingredients you decide on, use the full packet of yeast. I was just highlighting that if you go the option of halving a recipe, and keeping some ingredients sealed in the fridge for a week or so, you can't do that with the small yeast sachet.
  14. There's a couple of things you can do: 1. Look up a recipe on the coopers website or on this forum that uses the euro lager can in a full size fv (23 litre recipe). Then just half that recipe and brew it to 10 or 11 litres in your craft fv. Just seal the left over ingredients (eg. Tin foil over the half can of euro lager), keep it in your fridge and use it in another brew within a couple of weeks. It could be a good experiment to try the same recipe with the second half of the ingredients, but tweaked a bit (eg. Different hops, some steeped grain). Note, don't half the yeast though, pitch a full packet. 2. Search this forum for exactly the topic you've raised. There's a few threads on here with similar queries, just search for things like craft fermenter recipes. You will come across some recipes that can use the bigger cans in full, but I'm not sure if the euro lager is one of them (might be too bitter). Happy brewing mate.
  15. I'll stick to usual hops in planned lagers, but would ella suit a Kolsch in place of Helga?
  16. Thanks PB. I have used Hallertau quite a bit, it is one of the best for lagers, just wanting to try something different. But I guess that if it ain't broke...
  17. Howdy brewthren (see what I did there?), Its lager weather in Victoria so my vague plans for the next few brews are the coopers Oktoberfest recipe, a dark lager, and then when it gets a little warmer again probably a steam beer and a Kolsch. Hopefully there'll be some of it left by the time summer rolls around! My question is, do Ella or Helga hops fit well with any of the above? Happy to tweak and experiment. I haven't used either hop but am keen to. I planned the Helgas Cool Kolsch a while back but found limited options to buy Helga hops. The only site I can find it on doesn't have the grain price and quantity options I'm after, and I've always got a few things to make a bulk order. It seems like Ella has a similar floral/spice aspects, but probably more pronounced. Advise away y'all.
  18. I still haven't done anything with it yet porche. I became distracted with the Nelson light (good), the chubby cherub (second time I've done it because it is very good) and a hopped up brew a IPA (almost ready to bottle and looking like it will be very nice).
  19. Cheers bolchy but I had a moment spare and got stuck in so have already used up the centennial as previously described. But I can still drop hop the nels with the mosaic.
  20. That looks great Hoppy, especially the hops, and yeah I wouldn't bother with the crystal with Brew A can. You've inspired me to find time to do something similar with a can of Brew A I've had in the cupboard for a while. Here's what I'm thinking (based on what else is in the cupboard): Coopers Brew A can Coopers Light liquid malt can 15g centennial @ 10 mins 15g centennial at flameout, steeped 20 mins 10g mosaic at flameout, steeped 20 mins 30g mosaic dry hop 2 x kit yeast (Brew A's plus a spare from a Real Ale can) I'd consider dry hopping with centennial, but haven't got enough. The only other hops I have on hand are Nelson Sauvin and Challenger, which don't really suit. Im up for suggestions though, based on the limited ingredients I have handy.
  21. I've got a 15 litre stock pot, will give it a look and smell and then possibly a boil, thanks lusty I'm certainly not glad about this wrap either Otto. It's my first crack at reculturing the coopers pale ale yeast, so I could have done something wrong. But I've used foil for many other purposes in probably 50+ brews and never had a problem.
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