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  1. Farls


    Agreed Lusty. As captain, yep, he should have shown better leadership and decision making at the time, and therefore did need to be somewhat accountable. But definitely not all the BS. Great to see him in such form, especially given what he’s had to push through.
  2. Sounds like you definitely know what you’re doing, thanks for the tips!
  3. Thanks Otto, carboy off the list means a bit more coin for keg gear.
  4. No worries Marty, good tips overall, slainte.
  5. Cheers all Obviously spend more on quality stuff from the get go, regardless of system size. Otto, carboy query is because the only guy I know who kegs uses fv for fermentation, then carboy to condition, then kegs it. Wasn’t sure if it helped with better beers, maybe clearer with less residue in lines? I assume crash in fv probably does the same job, and then conditioning in the keg? Marty, that 13l could be ideal, I’ll look into those. Thanks everyone, should get some tax $ in next week or so I reckon, then shopping time.
  6. Marty I have to agree. I spent a few weeks in Ireland about 15 years ago and still recall that the best pint of Guinness I had was in Dingle. I’m not sure why and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else make the same comment, let alone give an explanation.
  7. Sick of washing bottles, so hopefully going to put tax return $$$ on a keg set up. It’s well past time. BUT, I might struggle for room in my garage fridge (full of food, my kids eat a lot) for a setup with 19l kegs. AND I don’t have enough room in the garage for another fridge just for kegging (full up with cars and kids bikes etc, a ridiculous waste of space if you ask me). Certainly no room to have a fridge dedicated to temp control brewing (dark ages I know), but south west vic is pretty good for ambient temp brewing. I’ve been looking at some set ups with 9.5l kegs and 5l kegs. Obviously not as cost effective as 19l kegs, but I’m thinking a proper tap in the garage fridge for use with 9l kegs, and maybe getting 5l kegs as well to use with a picnic tap as I do like the idea of portable kegged beer. I’ve had a look at some gear on cheekypeak and triple j brewing, looks fine to me, but I don’t really know the difference between good gear and not so good. I’ve read up a bit online too, but would appreciate the wisdom of the authentic brewers here who know a lot more than me. So if anyone can give me some tips on what might be best and traps to avoid that would be much appreciated. Kegs, lines, taps, gas options, whatever you know and don’t mind sharing advice on. And also, is a carboy a big help too, or not necessary? Thanks in advance all
  8. G’day wise brewers, I’ve got a basic lager going at the moment being Coops Lager can, LDM, some medium crystal malt, some Hallertau MF hops late and a bit more for dry hop. Oh, and a 15g Morgan’s lager yeast I’ve never tried before. I’m fast lagering as per advice off previous threads (Otto and others from memory), it’s up to day 4 at 13 degrees. Do I dry hop in the next few days before I start the diacetyl rest? Or mid d. rest? Or at end of rest just before cold crash? Advice appreciated, as always. And hope everyone here is healthy, happy and brewing well. I haven’t posted in ages but still check the forum once or twice a week. Farls
  9. Paddy, we have similar taste. The Sopranos and The Wire are friggin’ brilliant. If you haven’t already checked it out, try Deadwood. It rounds out my top 3.
  10. Give it up everyone, I’m going to enter my clone of tun mid-strength! Nothing could beat that...
  11. Yep, I never really got into anything post-aenima, loved that and opiate. Like hairy, seeing is believing for me.
  12. Made out like a bandit there mate. I wonder what a home brewer could do with a dozen long neck bottles...
  13. Yep, very good little bottles, I have a dozen and might grab another 6 pack. I have another dozen grolsh 450ml swing tops, they’re good too. But I really like the altenmunster 500ml swing tops. Very thick glass and look great but a bit pricey.
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