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  1. Awesome, thanks for the help mate! very much appreciated! :)
  2. Thanks for that Kelsey! 3 packs puts the yeast price at about $40 which is pretty excessive so looks like I'll be having a crack at making a starter! I should be able to borrow a stirrer plate from uni, but if not will work something out. Assuming the viability is lower than 96%, would a 2 L starter using one pack be good enough? I think underpitching for Belgians is sometimes done, but I've had a stuck ferment on an imperial stout before using dry yeast and that wasn't much fun so really would like to avoid it for my first time using liquid yeast. Thanks again mate!
  3. I've made 3 of the recipes now (5AM Saint, Dead Pony Club, and Jet Black Heart). In each case when I've put the hop schedules (assuming 60, 15 and 5 min additions) into brewing software (IanH spreadsheet), it has calculated IBU's significantly lower than what the recipe would suggest. To get the correct IBU's for the majority of these recipes, you will likely need to increase the amount of bittering hops used. Other than that, the recipes seemed to be pretty good to me and with the hop schedule adjustments turned out great! Cheers! Patrick
  4. Hi all, just looking for some advice from a more experienced user of Wyeast liquid yeasts. I'd like to make a Belgian ale using Wyeast 1762 with a starting gravity of 1.080 to 21L. I've had a quick look at cell calculators online, but wanted to check from more experienced users if 2 packs without a starter would be enough to avoid a stuck ferment. If not what would you suggest? Thanks! Patrick
  5. That's the next brew on my list! just bottled the dead pony club last week and had a cheeky taste today, it was awesome! Tried the commercial jet black heart and it's definitely worth having a crack at, I'll be doing it in the next couple of weeks too! :D
  6. I wouldn't think so, dextrose and table sugar are pretty much already 100% fermentible right?
  7. Hi all, Last night in a sleep deprived state I remembered that I had planned to dry hop my latest brew (a Brewdog clone) with 100 g after 7 days in the FV. Off comes the lid, and in go the hops (commando style) only for me to realise that there is still about a cm of fairly thick US-05 krausen on top blocking the hops from really contacting the liquid underneath. I checked this morning, and it appears that the hops have broken up from there pellet form, but still sitting on top of the persistent krausen. If it is still like this when I get home today, do you think I should sanitise a spoon and submerge the hops? or let it be and hope I haven't wasted 100 g of hops from doing their thing and ending up with a much less impressive IPA. Cheers!
  8. Thanks Ben! It went pretty well, only real issues were a lower than expected efficiency (around 66%), I'm thinking likely due to the temperature dropping from 66.9 to 61 degrees by the end of the 90 minute mash. Also, wasn't quite enough wort to fill my cube up, so there was a couple of cm of headspace in it overnight. Other than that, a fairly successful start to my all-grain career I think! Cheers!
  9. Bought an urn last week and made my first BIAB batch yesterday afternoon! :D The recipe I used was based on another one of Brewdog's recipes - 'Dead Pony Club', with the pale malt bumped up slightly to account for low efficiency on my first go and the hop schedule adjusted to get the IBU's closer to the stated value and also include a late hop addition: For 25L in the fermenter: 4 kg Ale malt 0.8 kg Caramalt 0.25 kg Crystal 150 8 g Citra @60 8 g Simcoe @ 60 10 g Citra @ 15 10 g Simcoe @ 15 15 g Citra @ FO 15 g Simcoe @ FO 50 g Citra Dry 50 g Simcoe Dry US-05 Yeast EBC = 19.9 IBU = 41 OG = 1.040 Expected FG = 1.008 Expected Bottled ABV = 4.6% The gravity sample I took this morning tasted awesome and I think it will be a very tasty beer. Even though it isn't an exact clone, ill do a review of this when it's all done along with a review of my 5AM Saint Red Ale Clone from Brewdog. Cheers!
  10. Freezer cleaner IPA sounds like an awesome idea to me! It might be a waste of IBU's not using the american hops early, but I think if it were me I'd be tempted to use up the perle, tettnang and saaz (and maybe EKG) early on for bittering and the simcoe, cascade and amarillo late or dry. Maybe another video for your channel? :D Cheers!
  11. For the recipe above, I just took the base pale malt and used a conversion of 1kg of pale malt (grain) = 0.75 kg pale LME = 0.6 kg pale DME (got this from beersmith website: http://beersmith.com/blog/2008/06/03/converting-all-grain-recipes-to-malt-extract/) From there I used IanH's spreadsheet and put the base ale malt in as its LME equivalent. Hope that helps a bit!
  12. Got around to brewing an adjusted version of the BrewDog 5AM Saint recipe a couple of weeks ago, it was my first partial mash and aside from getting a fair amount of trub in the fermenter, it went pretty well! I made a few changes here and there converting the recipe from all-grain to a partial and adjusting the hop schedule to the correct IBU's. Also, replaced the nelson sauvin additions with citra and dropped the simcoe and ahtanum dry hops (as they were comparatively minor additions to the dry hop and 125g in a 20L batch is already more than Ive ever used): Here's what I put into it: To 20 L: 1.5 kg Coopers LME 1 kg Pale Malt 0.88 kg Caramalt 0.63 kg Munich 2 0.38 kg Crystal 150 0.13 kg Crystal 240 12.5 g Amarillo @ 60 12.5 g Cascade @ 60 12.5 g Citra @ 10 12.5 g Amarillo @ 0 12.5 g Citra @ 0 50 g Cascade Dry 50 g Centennial Dry 25 g Citra Dry US-05 Yeast OG = 1.050 FG = 1.013 IBU = 32.6 EBC = 31.1 Approx 5% ABV I'll do a side-by-side taste test in a couple of weeks after it's suitably carbed up and post the results! Would be very interested to hear if anyone else has brewed up any of the BrewDog recipes too? Cheers all!
  13. I'm still a student :) Finished my Chemical Engineering degree in 2014 and started a Ph.D straight away, looking to get into the brewing industry when I'm finished either as an Engineer or start from the bottom as a brewer. When I started my degree, my first priority was money and I thought I would end up in mining or oil, but now that I'm a little bit older I've realised that beer is what I'm truly passionate about and is the industry I want to be in. :)
  14. Unfortunately I can't cold crash, but it all seemed to drop down to the bottom quite well. It does come partway up the tap, so i jammed some rolled up newspapers under the FV to tilt it back and away from the tap and that seems to have worked!
  15. Made my first partial mash (adapted version of the Brewdog 5 AM Saint recipe) and after cooling it down in the sink must have stirred everything back up. Despite my best efforts using a kitchen strainer, I ended up with at least 2 solid inches of trub (consisting of a lot of hop matter) in the FV. Recken this will have too much of a negative impact on the finished beer?
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