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  1. I just got the ESVA ROTM. I think this is really good value. Moved to AG brewing but could not pass on this one. What do you all think?
  2. Thanks Kelsey. Quick one. What temp do you ferment this at and is there another yeast I can use as I am not up to using yeast starters yet. So I should multiply everything including the hops by 0.4 to get my 10L batch? Cheers, Mike
  3. Hey Kelsey, Have you got a Lager or Pilsner recipe I can use for these cooler months? I am finding it hard to keep the temp at around 18C for the Ales. Thanks, Mike
  4. Hey Pilch, I re-read the recipe and found the grain bill: 87% TF Golden Promise Pale Ale Malt UK (6 EBC = 3 SRM) 2112 grams = 4.66 pounds 6.5% JWM Caramalt (56 EBC = 28.4 SRM) 158 grams = 0.35 pounds 6.5% Crystal 120L (207 EBC = 105.1 SRM) 158 grams = 0.35 pounds Cheers, Mike
  5. Thanks Pilch. It is good to get an idea of how you sparge. I think I might do that for the next brew. Sparge into a smaller pot and then transfer seems like it might be the way to go. I also went out and bought myself a 10L cube from BigW to transfer my wort for cooling. Then I will pitch the yeast the following day when the temp is down to 18C Can you let me know what the grain bill is for your PL Clone? I really enjoy the PL Pale Ale so would be interested to brew this. Do you cold crash your brews? I was thinking of leaving my Amarillo Pale Ale in the Fermenter for 14 days and the CCing for an extra 3 days before bottling. Also, should I dry hop after 7 days or leave it longer? Cheers, Mike
  6. Champion Kelsey :) Once question. When it says 20.00 g Cascade - First Wort 80.0 min does that mean you put the hops in as soon as you have taken the grain out and bringing the wort to the boil? Thanks, Mike
  7. Hey Guys, Head over and checkout my Facebook or instagram pages: Your text to link here... @craftbeerhouse I review beers that I try and put up pics and vids of my brewing. Cheers, Mike
  8. After 36 hours I finally have a good Krausen on the top of the wort :) I was a bit stressed as the temp got down to 15C for a while as I do not have a heat belt. The US-05 is doing it's job and keep the temp up now. Kelsey, I am planning my next brew. I hear you have a red ale recipe? Mind sharing? I will need to convert it to a 10L batch. Cheers, Mike
  9. Hi Chuznut, I have brewed about 6 of these craft beer series recipes. I think the best one so far was the Cascade Pale Ale with the North West Pale Ale can. The Diablo IPA was a bit too bitter for me and I was not a big fan of the Amber. In all I think it is a great idea and I am now moving onto BIAG small batch brews using the same FV. Putting down my first BIAB Pale Ale tonight. Excited to be moving to all grain and experimenting with my malt profile. Cheers, Mike
  10. Thanks Hairy. That is a good idea. Another question. What do you put on top of the 20L pot when you are sparging? I was thinking of just using a strainer of some sort. I guess I will have many learnings from my first brew. Have to take the plunge :) Cheers, Mike
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