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  1. So I've I've bought a beer of the month kit here and there. Missed the last one 'cause I was overseas at the time. I seriously check every couple of days to see if a new one is out as there doesn't seem to be much consistency to when it comes out, but this time it seemed to sell out after having checked only 3 days ago!! Are there plans to create a larger number of BOTM packs, or should I just be shopping at my local home brew store? Last one I made was the Old Brown Dog. It was good, but all gone now. :(
  2. Hah, yes I am most definitely in an impatient phase. Thank you both for the replies, and yes that is the fermenter that I have. I was just wondering though - I was under the impression that with the open fermenters that it was more important to bottle soon after final gravity was reached to avoid contamination? Not sure where I got this from, could have read it somewhere or just made it up myself. ;)
  3. I've had a brew of Coppers Pale Ale with 1kg of dry light malt extract going for 8 days now which has reached final gravity. Only thing that's stalling me from bottling it is that it's really really cloudy. This is my first batch done with malt only and no sugar. Is this normal? Will it clear up a little during secondary fermentation? Yeast used was US-05. Krausen only started to settle two days ago, it was really thick - almost gunky. OG =1.039 FG = 1.006 Kept at approx 20 degrees C, give or take a degree or two. Smells and tastes fine.
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