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  1. yes, i think i need a base malt in the mini mash, otherwise the oats will just become food for bacteria and create little bottle bombs. From what I've read a 1:1 ratio will be enough. Adjusted my recipe to: 3 kg Coopers light malt extract 400g wheat malt 200g crystal malt 400g rolled oats (from the pantry) 20g Citra @20 min 20g Amarillo @15 min 20 Citra @10 min 20 Amarillo @5 min 40g Citria steep 40g Amarillo steep 40g Citra dry hop safale S04 yeast
  2. I'm looking to brew this extract recipe I converted from an all grain one and I'm just not sure it will work. 1.5 kg Coopers light malt extract 1.5 kg Coopers wheat malt extract 200g crystal malt 400g rolled oats (from the pantry) 200g dextrose (to bring the gravity up) 20g Citra @20 min 20g Amarillo @15 min 20 Citra @10 min 20 Amarillo @5 min 40g Citria steep 40g Amarillo steep 40g Citra dry hop safale S04 yeast I've read when using oats you need a base malt. Should put 400g of wheat or pale malt grain in the steep? maybe less oats? I'm also wondering whether run of the mill Uncle Tobys or Woolworths oats are OK for home brewing. Other options I'm thinking of: dialing the hops back a bit (although i do like a hoppy beer) adding another grain like Carared to make it more of a hoppy red oat ale
  3. I like the idea of using a hop tea with the bulk priming solution... might try that next time. For hop bags I generally use a paint strainer bag from Bunnings. Have a few different sizes and use the larger ones for steeping grain as well. Find them a lot more robust than a chux. I chuck them through a hot cycle in the washing machine after use (when the wife isn't looking) and give them a sterilize with the rest of the equipment before each brew.
  4. I usually do an extract brew on Good Friday (and a dark too... just realised I won't have a good winter beer now... what am i doing?), but this year I've just gone with the simple ROTM 1st Borough Lager. 1 X real ale 2 x 500g dry malt 1 x 25g Hallertau 1 x 25g Cascade (dry hopped) 1 x Saflager W-34/70 yeast Question is, I've got an extra 25-30g of Cascade hops in the fridge, Shall I just chuck this in anyway? Or is this beer hoppy enough already (if there is such a thing)?
  5. Ordered the ROTM for put down on Good Friday and just got an email that my order is delayed due to flash flooding in Queensland. Considering I live in Woodville Park, just a few minutes drive from where I've seen these little cans of Joy come off the production line, that must be some flood! I was expecting our power to go out for some reason due to the weather in Queenland (just because we're South Australia), but the brewery being inaccessible? That's pretty unexpected.
  6. Thanks, that's pretty much the recipe i punched into the IanH spreadsheet after I posted this.
  7. I've had three cans of Cooper Heritage Lager fall in my lap and I'm wondering what to do with them. I could just follow the packet directions... but who wants to do that? Any suggestions on how I can improve these? I usually prefer hoppy Ales and find lagers a bit weak and tasteless. I was thinking of doing a toucan plus another with the spare can.
  8. ROTM month changes... Now I can login. Spewing I missed out on that last one.
  9. Still unable to login. Obviously the same details work fine for the forum.
  10. Big IPA for me. Feral Hop hog or James Squire IPA are two of my favourites. Other than that an American or Australian Pale Ale is always good. Coopers Pale Ale kit is a great kit to base a good brew off.
  11. Tried all browsers on all platforms. Damn recipe sold out. Was really hoping to make that. Just noticed the recipe in home brewer magazine. Hopefully the issues with site get sorted out at some point. Still can't log in though.
  12. The coopers online store doesn't seem to have been accepting logins since last Friday. I've tried it from an iPad, windows 8 PC and android phone from different internet connections and always get the following error Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 20 seconds exceeded in /var/www/sites/coopersdiy_magento/lib/Varien/Object.php on line 344 The line number in the error always varies though. Is there any indication when this will be fixed?
  13. Still getting the same error when trying to log in. The line number mentioned the error changes each time. The site comes up fine until I try to log in then it dies for me until I wait a few hours presumably for my session to clear.
  14. Same error on all. I'll give the router a reboot and try later... Hopefully robochoc stocks last.
  15. Weird. I'm getting timeouts in IE, Chrome and Safari on both an iPad and a Windows 8 PC. Getting an error "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 20 seconds exceeded in /var/www/sites/coopersdiy_magento/lib/Zend/Locale/Format.php on line 810"
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