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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Appreciate it. I think Ill just bottle it tomorrow and call it a lager Cheers Guzz
  2. Gday guys, I haven't posted in a whille, thought I'd share my latest brew happenings. Been crazy busy and getting slack with my brews and it turns out my last 2 batches have been brewing a long time :) Bottled a batch last week that was in the FV for 34 days and have another still in the FV, which must be approaching that also. Lookin at my logs m y 1st batch was bottled after 6 days in the FV, now Im going 5 times that. I did notice how clear the beer was at bottling and smelled great too. Also, tasted the BeeKeeper the other day, quite impressed! Lovely thick smooth head and a nice subtle sweetness of honey aftertaste. Pretty nice drop for sure. Anyways, just thought Id let yas know I havent dissappeared and am still brewing, albeit, slowly. So, I suppose I should ask a question, anyone have any experience in brewing Ales for over 30 days in the FV ? Results ? Cheeeeers Guzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Looks like they just stuffed up the link to it. Try this one... Abbey Blonde Guzz
  4. Well I'll be ducked! Hope it's good, ordered 2. For 5 reasons: 1- Never done a Canadian Blonde. 2- Well, there was this nice Canadian girl I met once many years ago, but she was brunette 3- Never used either of those yeasts. T-58 + T-53 4 -Too busy/lazy to concoct a new recipe and go shopping at the LHBS. 5- 21 Degrees is very easy to maintain for me right now, damn I need a brew fridge soon! Price is up a fair whack, last time paid $42 ish for the ROTM I think.... Cheers Guzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. My last few batches have different to all my others because Ive been crazy busy (and a bit sick of bottling!) Upto and over 3 weeks in the FV. The results are all good and I noticed with one batch that was in the FV for 25 days, is how clean it was at bottlng. Never have I seen it so clear and clean going into the bottle and that batch of Sparkling Ale had plenty of grains including some choc and plenty of hops. Anyways, because I am so busy right now it looks like 3 weeks in the FV is going to keep on happening for a while, until after xmas anyways. It's funny when I look back at my first batch, bottled after 6 days, now it's 25 days. Who needs to cold crash, just leave it in the FV for 3-4 weeks, job done Guzz
  6. Joe Satriani Saw him last night live at the State Theatre in Sydney. What a guitar freak show it was! He is a guitar freak, if you like wailing, screaming guitars with musical pieces that with big finishes that go on longer than the main part of the peice, you would love it. I prefer his slower stuff, which there wasn't much of, but the show was real show of incredible talent and well worth it! The drummer was incredible, Marco Minneman. One of the best drum solos Ive ever seen, another freakish talent. Absolute insanity....brilliant! Guzz
  7. I have an idea.... Lets explore a way to swap some beers.... Something like... I send you a couple of longnecks or whatever, you send me a couple. Don't kow how it would work exactly, I have some ideas....., let's discuss it ? Guzzzzzzz
  8. Beer. Guzz has left the building. edit: Ok, Im done for the night....maybe.
  9. That's why I like beer foam....mmmm...Bitter Guz.z.z.z.z.z.z. Edit: Bitter, Hoppy, Yeasty....mmmmmmm
  10. What's a boil screen ? Mesh thingy? Guzzzzzzz
  11. G'day Ben' date=' but they'er only Yanks, with their nomenclature history and their knowledge and understanding of all things Australian, well I'll say no more....[img']whistling[/img] They could have named it, Outback, Down Under or Aussie pronounced (Ossy)? Oh Oh what about Emoo, oops, Emu, oh, that could be a copyright issue???? The beer could still taste alright ? Cheers. A better name might be "Sepo Ale"
  12. Surely that will make your brain hurt more? Secretly, I like it. Remember I have 7 kids, Age: 21,19,12,11,8, 6,6 (twins)(No Foxtel) That's my excuse anyways Guzzzz Edit: If my maths is incorrect (which I doubt)((Prove me wrong!) I blame the fact that I have had a very small portion of those 11,718,690 beers in the last 3 hours. Also, I dont mean to detract from this thread with my dribble , its interesting for sure!
  13. IF there is 33.75 billion yeast cells, and you could count them, and you can say 1 number per second.... It would take you 390,625 days. However, to assume you could you say each number each second is wrong, it would take longer for each number On average it would take more like at least/best 5 seconds to say each number, therfore it would take you.... 1,953,125 Million Days to count to 33.75 Billion Thats over 5351 years.! And, if i drink 6 beers per day in that time, I will have had 11,718,690 beers by then. Guzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz edit: My brain hurts...but its ok, because Big Brother is on soon!
  14. Sounds interesting... Read This I have NFI what it is or what it will taste like, but sounds nice Let us know how you go... Perhaps boil it ? Guzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Edit: Some guy in that post says.... "the digestive system convert elderflower into cyanide?" I'd be looing into that ! But "some guy" has said lots of things!!!!
  15. How you could choose a favourite Beatles Album is beyond me... I think it' s much easier to choose a a few favourite songs.. Lets face it' date=' amongst the brilliance there is a fair amount of "crap" However.... I do like Abbey Road and Sgt Peppers very much. (Sgt Peppers), for an inexplicable reason is a song I listen to every now and then. "Silly people run around they worry me And never ask me why they don't get past my door. I'm taking the time for a number of things That weren't important yesterday" Something about that song I can't put my finger on, but it invokes special feelings. Born in 1963, I was raised on the Beatles( Joe Cocker- Rolling Stones) - , I think some of my earliest memories are of my beautiful mother playing the Beatles, who is still kickin at 77. Ok, rambling now... I feel that overall the british had it all over the yanks back in those days (60's - 70's), think, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Yardbirds, The Animals, Moody Blues, Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Ramones, The Pretenders, the list goes on and on.... Guzzzzzzzzzzz
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