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  1. Just had the problem myself. I haven't been on here since just before Xmas. Damn gremlins. Happy New Year all. Cheers, Pete
  2. KR, Maybe add some Oats to your Crystal to get some nice body and creaminess? I've been adding it to some pale ales and IPAs and really enjoying the texture it gives. I've been using around 300grams of rolled oats as a late addition in my 23Litre batches. Cheers, Pete
  3. Nope, just re-use the caps until they either fail or look really worn and replace with new. Sometimes I also find some lids way too tight to get off - but then have a piece of that rubbery mat to get jar lids off, which works great. Cheers, Pete
  4. Yes if you put the PET bottles in or fill with boiling water they collapse and need to be thrown. My bottle washing process is: (1) Rinse all matter out with cold tap water when drinking the beer (2) Then wash multiple bottles in soapy hot tap water in kitchen sink using bottle brush and then rinse with cold tap water and let drain (3) Then on bottling day I rinse in water & Starsan solution and leave for 15mins before bottling. Have never had an infected bottle, and am still using bottles from 3+ years back. Just occasionally buy Cheers, Pete
  5. Hi Beergoodness, I have a 2017 no-pump version of the Robobrew and have found that when doing larger grain amounts that mashing for a longer period helps. More often than not I'm doing a 90min mash now and a short sparge. I've also taken to gently stirring the mash a little more in the first half of the mash period and recirculating with 4 or 5 jugs of mash liquid every 5mins for most of the mash time. Yes the stirring makes it a bit cloudier - but I also strain the wort twice in the process (at end of boil into a 38Litre pot, and then after chilling into the fermenter) to remove a lot of grain & hop matter. I also use a hydrometer and a refractometer to verify gravity and tend to hit the 72 to 75% mark regularly. Oh and I generally use a 20Litre starting mash water amount for my around 5kg to 5.5kg grain bills. Cheers, Pete
  6. I did an irish red ale last year which was a partial-mash. Used 2.5kg of Red X plus 1kg pilsner, 250g shep delight and 1.5kg LDME. it came out nice and very red. wasn't overly malty either. pic attached hopefully. Also saw an article about getting the most out of Red X by step mashing it. Think it started at 55C for 15mins, then 60C for 15mins then 66C for 30mins (or something like that). Cheers, Pete Irish Red Pic...
  7. Am really liking the qualities of the Fortnight Blend, which goes very well with Galaxy. Fortnight is a blend of 5 American hops. Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi solidute, I try and cold crash my ales for 2 to 4 days at 1C/2C. But 1 week would be the general limit, as not a huge amount of value after that. Lagers do require a long period of "Lagering" or held at low temp. Have seen lager recipes suggesting anything from 2 weeks to 4 weeks - though someof these suggest lagering at 10C for 3 weeks etc. So not necessarily cold crashing. Cheers, Pete
  9. I've been re-using my older brown PET bottles for over 4 years and most are still going strong. I make sure they are cleaned out properly each time and check the lids with each use to ensure no signs of wear. I haven't had to replace that many lids either. Cheers, Pete
  10. Had a couple of the blood orange ales on the weekend. Needs a little more conditioning time for the carbonation. But it tasted great. Very Fanta like brew. Pic attached.
  11. Bottled the blood orange brew on 4th August and had the first bottle tasting last night. Maybe added a touch too much blood orange juice (added 4 litres - could have only added 2 litres). The brew is quite tasty and very orangy with a slight hint of sourness. But it's very refreshing just the same and very sessionable at around 5.5% and IBU of around 33. I look forward killing a few more of these across the weekend. Pic attached of bottling day. Cheers, Pete
  12. Did this a month ago and it's really drinking well now. Nice flavours and aromas of chocolate, dark fruit and toffee and excellent mouthfeel. Cheers, Pete
  13. Was planning on brewing it on the weekend...but that didn't happen. Hopefully Sunday next week now. As I could decide on whether to do an IPA or Pale Ale' date=' I'll now be splitting the difference and doing an XPA [img']biggrin[/img] Specs will be something like: IBU 37, ABV 5.5% The blood orange supplier was good enough to also send me a couple extra cartons of the juice because one of the original cartons was ripped. So I'm now weighing up whether to add 4Litres of juice not 3Litres. Will report back when bottling with a pic of the end result. Brewed the blood orange pale ale yesterday. All went well. Wonderful aroma of oranges in the brewhouse yesterday. Ended up doing a 90min boil (not 75mins) and going with 4 x 1Litre of blood orange juice (not 3 x 1Litre). The extra litre will thin the brew slightly but that's OK - this will be somewhat off-set by the longer boil. And a slightly lower ABV and IBU. The attached pics are (1) wort being strained into my large pot, which then got chilled in a sink full of ice blocks (2) full fermenter in the brew fridge - great brew colour. Can't wait to try the first glass of this brew in 3 or 4 weeks.
  14. screen shot of recipe, and PDF of same.
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