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  1. Didnt think about the belt potentially melting the plastic. Might have to hang it on one of the wire racks or something. Cheers
  2. Hi all, First brew down and looking to get prepared to start my next one. A couple of questions I have. Temperature Probe - what do you guys use to strap it to your FV and keep it insulated from the ambient air? Trying to ensure that I get a better reading on the temp inside my wine fridge. Heating - is buying a brew belt and leaving it in the fridge enough to warm the wort now that the overnight temperatures are starting to drop? Do I have to wrap it around my FV? Thinking of commencing an Amber Ale next, any tips for this that I should know about? Thanks
  3. Coming up on nearly two weeks in the fermenter. All the foam has subsided and the wort is starting to clear up with a some sediment in the bottom of the FV. Should I take a gravity reading on Saturday and Sunday to ensure the reading is stable over a two day period? Or is two weeks and the disappearance of the foam a good indication. I think I will leave it for longer everytime I do it to ensure that the fermentation process has occured properly and is complete. Do you guys normal have a sip of the wort prior to bottling to see what it tastes like? Hopefully it comes out ok after the process that has gone on. The best thing to come from this first brew is the knowledge of the process. Next brew I do will be a lot better process wise and hopefully a lot more error free.
  4. Thanks PB2. That is the model I have. I notice that it has a cooling delay time of two minutes which makes sense now. Cant see anything that suggests a 2 degree temperature differential before it kicks in but I will have a further read. Thanks
  5. It seems that the reason the controller wasn't kicking in the fridge was that the temperature wasn't 2 degrees outside of what the current temperature was. It was at 19 inside and I set the temperature to be 18. Nothing happened for over 5 minutes. Set the temp to 17 and then it kicked the fridge on straight away. Is there a way to set the differential or something so it kicks in a bit earlier?
  6. Hi guys, Anyone have one of those brewking (think that is what they are called) temperature controllers? I tried using it but I am not sure if it works properly. What I did was I put the temperature probe in the fridge. It detected the fridge being 21 degrees. I then hit the set button and put the temperature to the required 18 degrees. I had my wine fridge plugged in to the cold powerpoint of the box and it didn't turn my fridge on. On the controller itself, the little snow symbol was flashing. Wasn't sure if it had to stop flashing before the fridge kicked in. I would assume it would kick in straight away? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Might have to look at this one next once I bottle my first brew this weekend. Wish I got the email before yesterday though. Seems like a bit too long between putting the recipe up and receiving notification for it.
  8. New recipe of the month is a Scotch Ale. Looks alright, anyone go to buy this and give it a go? Says sold out already on the website and I only got the email a bit over an hour ago.
  9. Ok will leave it to next weekend to bottle. Should have finished fermenting by 2 weeks yeah?
  10. So my brew is about 6 days in. Should I start taking hydrometer readings now? There are no ill effects of leaving it to brew a couple of days longer are there? Looking at the fermenter, the brew isn't very clear at all. I assume that this is ok but just thought it might have been clearer than what it is.
  11. Thanks guys. I feel a little more relaxed now. Will start planning the next one soon. At least I learnt some good lessons now. I may look in to a bigger fridge though as she was a little tight! As I forgot to take the original gravity reading, this will only effect my ability to know exactly how much ABV there is in my brew yeah?
  12. So Ben10, what do I need to look for to know if it is getting infected?
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