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  1. Hey guys, Its been awhile since I have posted on here. But with the opening of a new brew suppliers store down here in Nowra that even sells 20 litre batches of wort I have a renewed enthusiasm in brewing. Currently I am really enjoying the 2014 vintage ale, so hoppy that its like drinking a freshly cut lawn. kudos to Coopers for the insane hop element-I have sampled ever vintage ale since the october 4 2002 batch and cannot recall such a hop dominated one. I also love the facgt that they have been able to retain the tasty, hearty malty element. So for me it is the perfect brew. It eats a torpedo ale up for breakfast!!. So most importantly...is there a black market reliable clone of the 2014 vintage ale???!!!. Since the last time I have posted I have been able to graduate to partial extract and kegging. mmmmmm imagine a 23 litre keg of 2014 vintage ale!! Cheers, Ben
  2. I too live in Hicksville, but of the sth coast NSW variety. No NBN, no land line broadband due to being more than 10km from the nearest exchange. I pay what is undoubtedly the most expensive rates for 3G that occasionally goes to 4G mobile broadband. 12 gigs for 180 dollars.
  3. Hi guys, Been quite busy of late, work has been turned upside down due to MH370, dealing with cancellations etc so you have all been spared my insanity for a few weeks. I had my brother come down for the weekend and he refuses to drink ales outright so had to rule out the sparkling. Usually in that kind of situation I will usually fall back to James boags premium, a nice and tasty beer when I don t have any home brew or no coopers. There was no boags. So I tried to think back to something similar and I did see what at first glance looked like Hahn premium (something I haven't seen in years) but when I looked at it properly I noticed the label had changed a bit and it is now called a Pilsener. So I got a couple of cases of it. To my surprise it actually tasted ....nice!. Nicely full bodied, a leveled carbonation and quite hoppy. I googled and found that early last year Chuck decided to go down to the brewery where they made the premium and he found that the hersbruker batch they were using was from the 2008 harvest. So he then changed the recipe a little and changed the name. I must say it was as good a non coopers macro that I have had in oz/ Has anyone else got any thoughts of the new formula?
  4. About a week ago I brought about 70 dollars of hops, LDM, yeast packets among other things etc. I put the bag in the back of my car and now can't find it again.....If I can't find the bag I might be on the verge of losing interest :(
  5. Nice one Lusty...I bet Angus could duck walk along the bar. Great to see you haven't included room for a fridge for women and their bloody wine lol.
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply Beerlust!. What is the abv of your EB recipe?. So at estimated 7% hairy, the LDM and hops should balance the ABV?. There was not rhyme or reason as to why I got the galaxy hops. Probably I was just shiocked to see it stocked. They only had that and POR. As said in he OP I was a little star struck after seeing the Gaxlaxy after the video I saw on it re CUB crown lager reserve. On an interesting note my 2 fav beers are the extra strong vintage ale and sierra nevada torpedo ale. Could my proposed brew be a compromise between the 2 styles? BTW due to not having to work tomorrow I got another pack of the vintage. I am currently going 1 for 1 with my heritage lager toucan. Call me uncouth or lacking in taste buds....but right now the only differences I can pick up between the 2 is that the toucan is slightly sweeter and lacks head.???
  7. Cheers Nick... so you think boil the water and then wait a bit for it to cool a little than add the bags?. With over a gorilla of posts its great to see you reply to my post. How come I haven't seen you during my short history here!!. By dry hopping do you mean buying hop pellets and throwing them in the fv?. I was very confused with the pricing of hops today. I only took the galaxy hops after seeing a youtube clip made by CUB a few years back about them making their 90 dollar bottle of crown lager reserve. They went to a hops grower in victoria that was talking up the galaxy variety. the 15gm packs of galaxy "finishing" hops were only 3.5 dollars each. Yet a 50 gram bag of boring old POR pellets were like 15 dollars. So does that mean that finishing hops are just an extract or something?.
  8. Hi Guys, Ben here, During my lunch break today I went to the local Hardware-cum-Home Brew supplier. Keeping in mind I have 2 english bitters and 1 cerveca can. Being pissed off with the result of my dex/brown sugar laden heritage toucan I decided to splash out and buy a 500gm pack of LDM at 10 dollars!!!?? and 3 x 15 gm galaxy finishing hops packs. The instructions on the finishing hops said to boil with 500ml of water and then add into fv. Is it possible I could just chuck all 3 into 1litre of boiling water?. And what do the elders of the forum think might happen with a brew of: 1xEB can, 1xMC can, 500gm LDM, 1kg BE2, 3X15 Galaxy finishing hops?. Cheers
  9. Cheers Hairy, In retrospect it was a silly thing to do. Would also like to dispel the myth that Home brew doesn't give you a (rolling) hangover.
  10. The only accurate way to estimate the area of one's liver is to go on a 5 day bender. By the end of day four you have a searing pain in the lower right abdomen. Follow the edge of the tender bits and bang!, you have the exact dimensions of this hardy organ. Russell coight: "This is friars hut, named after the man who built it. Fred Hut" "I'll tell you what, if there's one animal you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley it's a salt water croc. Fortunately they don't live in dark alleys, preferring salt water instead." "Today we're going to explore some flora and fauna, and if we're lucky we might see some plants and animals too! " "General rule of how much water you need in the outback is 3 litres per day, per person, per man, per degree over 25 degrees, per kilometer if on foot, in the winter months divide by 2 plus........another litre" "It's not only a land of beauty, its a land of unsolved mystery...will we ever find lassiters reef? is the Tasmanian tiger definitely extinct?and who really built Ayers Rock?" BRING THE MAN BACK!
  11. I can't thank you enough Antiphile!, She was so disgusted by my state that I blamed it all on getting into home brewing, and specifically you. She just left and is now on her way to your house to set you straight with a lengthy 48 hour lecture. Re Two and a half men not being a classic!!??? some of the situations that Charlie and his poor brother Alan found themselves in are the definition of classic!. I don't specifically want to endorse benders and binge drinking. But I only just have enough fingers on my hands to be able to count the months since the last time I had a weekend to myself. So as they say I'm making hay while the sun shines. Some interesting lessons learnt or discovered this morning while I tried my first bottle of the heritage toucan that I jacked with a kg of dex and 500 gm of brown sugar. A tad sweet, head retention not the best. Now I got to experience first hand why most of you guys tried to warn me against using excessive sugars to take short cuts. Also I was surprised by the very dominant legacy of brown sugar in the beer. The darkness, the sweetness and the smell. While it probably has its applications in certain recipes I am not in a hurry to use it again. Other than that I am quite enjoying this bender. Ben Oh btw, I also found my Russell Coight DVD, Surely that is a classic!?
  12. Hey guys!!!! Very excited. Missus in Townsville until tuesday to help her sister in crisis. One house to myself. No work till wednesday. I went to video store and hired the classics; Terminator 2, Back to the Future 2, Firefox, Total Recall (original) and Two and a half men season 8 (Last season with Charlie). 30 Bottles of a 7% toucan at just on 2 weeks in the bottle, one bottle of Barbados white rum, case of Sparkling Ale and a commandeered 2l cask of premixed vodka and cranberry. In fact, the only thing I have to do is feed and top up the water for 2 dogs! Let the Bender begin!!
  13. Hey guys, Has anyone ever experimented with putting over ripe cherry fruit into the fv?. Lately Ive been thinking about what it could add to a red ale or a stout. Any thoughts? Cheers
  14. Oi...I for one actually liked the Cheesy mite....but ibn saying that I still love my jarvegimiteformendad
  15. Yes Yes Kieran, you remind me of my own random thought processes. A able 5 years ago my then gf brought me a "beer machine' for xmas, very weird minature FV -come keg with a dispenser and a cartridge for a 8gm mini carbonation re fill. That particular machine is long gone....but I do remember in the instructions something about simply starting your next batch in the empty keg/fv...cake and all, like not even washing it out. I guess it makes sense if you A) want to continuously brew the same beer time after time and B) It is kept sterile. Its a pity that Dick Smith gave up on his Ozemite stating that he couldn't get commercial quantities of the spent yeast as all the major breweries are contracted to Kraft. Imagine being able to sell your cake to Dick Smith lol...I'd just give it to him personally lol
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