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  1. Notto is awesome beast of a yeast that rips through the ferment in a matter of days and drops out fast, great for dark and malty beers not so good for hoppy beers as it tends to strip the hop flavour more so than your typical American ale yeasts, one of my favourites though specially when your short on time, throw it in with a K & K ferment at 22 and its done in 3 days, crash chilled by day 6, kegged on day 7.
  2. there's only one way to find out chill it and crack it I say! Then brew your own vintage ale refill it and put it on display for 2 years then drink it refill it rinse and repeat until the day you die
  3. I'm so lazy/busy that my brews sit in the fermenter for weeks on end sometimes, until I find time or get motivated to keg them 7 days in the fermenter isn't long enough for me
  4. I also prefer a coopers real ale I do it with a kilo of amber dry malt or 1.5kg of liquid amber made to 21 litres with two coopers yeast packs its fast, bitter and malty yum! turns out in the style of a red ale. Another favourite is the coopers irish stout always turns out great with just a kilo of any fermentable you want to put in, a favorite with my old man, so I'm about to put one down for xmas now. The other basic kits ive been doing lately are the ESB 3kg kits they're even easier no additional fermentable needed.I just finished an ESB aussie draught and have an American pale ale in the fermenter now. These actually have fresh hops in the tin so they tend to turn out better than other basic kits ive done however they are a little dearer at $29 a pop
  5. first thing is to check your hyrometer is calibrated to 0 @20C and if it ok Id just raise the temp first let go to 22-24c there abouts and leave it another week it shouldn't affect the taste to much as the bulk of the ferments already taken place.
  6. I wouldn't bother with Kits reconstituted juice does not interest me , you should try this one, I did it with the champagne yeast and it was brilliant Dry, if you want it sweet add some stevia or mix with apple juice into a glass. Below was cut and pasted from AHB forum recipes, I made 20l and just multiplied the ingredients accordingly. I originally want to make a sweet cider as I thought I wouldn't like it dry but in the end I drank the whole lot dry. Only thing I did different was to add some yeast nutrient. Somerset Gold 5Litres (1 Gallon) ======================== 2.4L Apple (Just Juice) 2.4L Apple & Pear (Just Juice) Juice of half a lemon 250mls strong Liptons tea 100gms Honey (diluted with hot water for easy mixing) 3.5 gms Favorite Yeast 1. Steep tea bag in about 250mls of boiling water, add juice of lemon and honey. stir honey until dissolved. 2. Cover with cling file and let cool down. 3. Fill fermenter with juices (this should equal 75% apple and 25% pear) 4. Add Honey Lemon tea liquid. 5. Pitch yeast - I used left over pack of Coopers kit yeast. Probably an ale yeast. If using a champagne yeast the end product may end up very dry. Primary for 14 days (16-24C) This tastes great straight out of the fermenter as a 'Scrumpy' but tastes even better when conditioned for 2-3 weeks.
  7. I think if I want something to taste like MO id go and buy some MO its not like its expensive when doing partials
  8. I mans world is his toilet, let'm rip I say! honestly who really cares what there wife thinks anyway, learn to tune out her constant drone and you'll be the happiest man alive.
  9. take it out and warm it up put a spare disconnect on the inlet and let it ferment out
  10. None of my local coles stock it, Ive tried the wollies home brand with success and just kegged a tooheys lager that I got on sale and the home brand seems to be the best so far. Hopefully the new Coles being fitted out at Miranda will stock it so I can give it a go then
  11. just buy a new fermenter, problem solved! They should cheap as chips at your LHBS for a bog standard FV or you could lash out on a coopers DIY kit, I've got two they're awesome fermenters.
  12. I just kegged a RA that had a hop tea addition of Nelson Sav which I think compliments this can very nice from my samples so far . Im liking this hop ATM its a nice change to the usual fruity American hops I've been using.
  13. My advice would be, Pitch lower, ferment lower and don't go off those silly temperature strips stuck to the side of your FV buy an accurate digitherm. Let it ferment out over two whole week at a minimum and don't be in such a hurry to bottle, time is your brewing friend. If its still fizzy it hasn't sat long enough give another week or two.
  14. "they can naturally cure you of what Ales you." I personally like my man boobs and let them out when ever I can
  15. Don't be afraid to add a Minnie mash to your recipe I recently did an ipa extract and Minnie mashed 1kg of maris otter and some crystal in a 10L esky bought from Kmart and strained into my boil pot no bag required, It has definitely added another dimension and body to this latest brew easy as.
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