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  1. thanks dude, i was really surprised at the groth and the the amount of hops produced, looking forward to making a nice ale this week
  2. hey guys, just about to throw down my toucan stout for winter and was looking at some coffee and chocolate notes. was just going to throw some coco powder and a few shots off coffee in but on looking around im not so sure that the way to go??? looking at adding a grain addition to replace the standard crystal id put in, any ideas ?? this is just two tins off coopers stout with recultured yeast but would like to taste some coffee and chocolate notes...........
  3. well its taken me a while but im here n i hope these photos work, firts year cascade in the vegi patch went mad and ended up with 297 grams of dried hops....... any ideas?im thinking fruit salad ale or similar to keep it https://club.coopers.com.au/static/media/attachments/1489393137_97_922.jpgsimple.....
  4. well brew day comes today and ive poped my first big one..... grain steeping light dry malt and liquid amber malt ready to go with motueka and mosaic hops. bulk prime the last batch ready to bottle....... k here we go annnnnnd no crows seals well its away for the night now and ill bottle tomorrow after a stir, new brew stil went on as fermenter two was bored and well its brew day....... aghhhhhhhhhh
  5. well im on the hop growing band wagon as well with cascade going strong in the vegi patch about 6 feet tall and shooting laterals (pics too come),looking for inspiration on another 1 or 2 varieties to grow as i have plenty of room. i love my ales as in Australian/american pale golden ect and would like a hop to go in with the cascade but also love English ales and stout, help me out with suggestions and appropriate beer style guys, was thinking fuggles or similar and maybe Chinook? can we get hold of and grow Amarillo??
  6. done three. 1 mangrove jacks, average and expensive. 2 of my own with 23-25 l of apple juice and half a kg sugar boiled in 1 l of water and a tin or two of passion fruit pulp, used cider yeast and they turned out amazing after a few weeks in the bottle, i like them dry and that's how they turn out almost wine like. i will admit to dry hopping both with cascade after some research and recommend trying it, im going Amarillo next time....... easiest brews ive done.
  7. haven't been on much but still at it, done a grolsch and German pils over winter (the grolcsh is amazing) and a apple and passion fruit cider. just putting one down now with some leftover hops from earlier in the year..... so here goes. 2 kg ldm 1 kg dextrose 300 grams crystal 20 grams galaxy @30 10 grams vic secret @30 7 grams (coz thats all i had) vic secret @15 25l us05 dry hop 5 days in with???? love any suggestions, looking at Amarillo or sticking too galaxy possibly..... want it to be overly hoppy. will be in the tub for about 7-12 days and then racked to clear up a bit for another 7-12.... on another note ive got cascade coming up nicely in my already overcrowded vegi patch and am looking forward to making beer with my own hops for fun.
  8. 3 weeks is my standard brew time and ive gone out too 5 at time with no dramas
  9. well just to add fuel to the fire i started at 18-20 days in the fv and have gone out to and up t 8 weeks with no dramas, and really some of the best ales ive one are 3-4 weeks in the fv.....
  10. Galaxy vic secret and a little bit of Amarillo with a pale tin LDM and recultured CPA yeast id my best at the moment great beer
  11. done a few toucan stouts and they've all been good, used be1 be2 and just LDM with some crystal and all with cpa recultured yeast, best ive seen in mine is 1016........ but they start high so expect a high finish... a few monthes in the bottle is sweet but last a year and omg! oh yeh sorry allways 27-28l
  12. Dont think anyone's sold him on AG yet. I can see the point on not doing AG I do an acceptable and tasty brew every time now using kits and bits. To a k & b and extract person AG seems like a lot of work when I can make a predictable and nice beer with consistent results that suits my palate. Hi Not so Newb. Have you got a brew fridge yet? If so great' date=' but if not I'd wait until you have a brew fridge. IMO there is no point going all grain until you do. Cheers! -Christina. ChristinaS1: IMO there is no point going all grain until you do. Why not? I do AG with no fridge … Ok children calm down… I agree though, after appropriate cleaning and sanitation, and decent, fresh ingredients, that a stable fermentation temperature makes a massive improvement to the end beer, across all forms of brewing. So, while a fridge isn't the only way to achieve that, it's certainly the easiest. I tend to agree that I wouldn't bother going AG until you can keep a stable and appropriate fermentation temp, whether it be with a fridge or other means. Why waste hours creating a wort only to ruin it with shitty temperature control? Cold crashing isn't a necessity, but it is a handy thing to be able to do. Now, aside from that, the best thing for me about all grain is the complete control over the recipes, and that the beer just tastes so much fresher than kits or extracts. A third thing is that it's a lot cheaper for ingredients too. Kits and extracts do make nice beers, but the flavours to me seemed a bit restricted/muddied, like something was holding it back and not letting it shine. When I tasted my first all grain beer I immediately noticed a difference; the flavour was smack bang in your face and there to be noticed, lovely and crisp and fresh. Never looked back since. Cheers Kelsey [img']surprised[/img] wow lol come back a couple days later n damm well christina no no fridge but good temp control.... King im keen on your tubes and youve inspired this inquiry...... Kelsey (im not worthy) my kit n bits have been amazing for the most part and i guess im looking for the next level and a push towards that, time? lol i take long enough for kits and bits but the rewards are worth it. im looking at kegging as well, im making great beer that id like to remove the sediment from and see the difference and im guessing all grain is another step towards home brewing nirvana..... still listening and watching and brewing (much to my livers disgust) a nice dark ale goes into longies this weekend and a decent crack at a pils the week after (yes two fermenters going at the moment) thanks for the replies keep em coming! you guys rock
  13. ok been here long enough made some wicked k&k and extract so please sell me on all grain
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