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    Lid lock

    I lost the clips about two years ago moving house, I haven't had any issues so doubt you will. You can use a couple of bulldog clips if you want.
  2. Country Brewer at Clovelly Park stock them but they are expensive. http://www.countrybrewer.com.au/ Beer Belly on research Rd Pooraka stock the TC series and are the same price as Coopers and they will deliver for $6 or so. You can also order grain and yeast etc. http://shop.beerbelly.com.au
  3. I have a Po box and I have had deliveries to it. If you wait a week a so they may bring out a free delivery offer in conjunction with the Recipe of the month.
  4. The increased price would be because of the excise tax Brewers have to pay which of course gets passed onto consumers. And they of course they need to make a small profit to survive. By the the time you add other costs such as transport, marketing etc and the pubs take their share you end up paying a premium.
  5. I was lucky enough to try the Family Secret Amber Ale. I followed the instructions as suggested so it was with kg of LDM and the 2 packets yeast provided. I had it in the fermentater for 2 weeks to give it time to clear and managed to keep the temperature down to about 20 degrees with one of the cool brewing bags that I discovered here on the forum. I must admit it has been very handy during summer here in Adelaide. It has now been in the bottle for just over 2 weeks. I must admit it is a bit darker then I thought it would be for an amber ale (not sure if I did something wrong or I have it in the wrong glass) but there are lots of biscuit type flavours which must be from the malt, with some subtle citrusy hops flavour.
  6. I was doing the Red Rattler recipe again with Bry-97 yeast. My only question is the yeast has an expiry of 04/16. It has been kept in the fridge, will it be ok to use or should I go with the US-05? Cheers Gav
  7. I got a second sachet of yeast with the Amber ale can as well so will use it just in case. Unfortunately I didn't get the adjuncts either but will get some LDM from Uncle Dans.
  8. I would love to give the Family Secret Amber Ale a try please!
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