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  1. Me and the wife had fish head curry, it was so freaking good!
  2. I have a Shitty Aussie Lager down with Wyeast California Lager. Today with be something with Wyeast German Ale.
  3. I have 6 taps, one is dedicated to soda water, the others are a rotation of whatever I feel like in a beer
  4. I'd say that looks very good. I brewed one a few years ago..
  5. Thanks, but no way am I going to Melbourne to collect water....
  6. I think it is more like 11% Thanks heaps... BTW for all the viewers out there - NO temperature control
  7. Wow, well reading some of the above it all comes together... Well something does anyway. @The Captain!! another glass tonight of my mead...
  8. @Norris! IPA... Very nice, looks like mud in the pic though. Nice malty backbone, umm, that was last night so I cannot really recall - and it was like the last beer or something. Decent drop thopugh
  9. Going to use Wyeast California Lager in this one....
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