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  1. What a lovely set up they have!
  2. Test tube taste of the Philly Sour - wow, really pleasant lactic tang.
  3. I use Beersmith. I also make up all my own recipes.
  4. Absolutely lovely beer, I have one on tap atm
  5. Unless you choose yeast that is happy at the temperatures where you live. Bottles will carbonate just more slowly if the temperature is not warm enough for that particular yeast. Yes, but again, that depends on room temperature. Where are you? What temperature generally is the room you will store beer in.
  6. Must have been fine, cannot remember though
  7. I buy mine from Brewman. Straight off the plane from the US to me. Very fresh, gets warm on the way but the gel things help.
  8. I have not naturally carbed in a keg, and neither do I leave it on gas for 2 weeks before drinking. Maximum 2 days for me..
  9. I have been homebrewing for well over 30 years. I'm old, cranky and no longer overweight.
  10. Last one I used a few days ago had 15/08 as the date, working just fine.
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