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  1. There are massive quality differences though, the casing boutique ones are superb
  2. online - hahaha - as he said - the casing boutique
  3. Opps, saw one a while ago but there are bigger and smaller dangers that lurk. Salties and irukandjis
  4. Berry sour - lovely and refreshing on a humid day. I was in the garden until 0930 today - then done, too bloody hot - love it!!!
  5. Sorry I missed your birthday mate - happy belated birthday!
  6. Add around your D rest and it is okay to cold crash. I doubt that you will get much from the 12g finishing hops though. Hops should be vacuum sealed and in a freezer
  7. Salad on a warm and humid day 31 atm.
  8. good catch! steamed in the foil or like a steam bake thing?
  9. AWESOME We had a coconut poached chicken salad with wombok and sweet chilli sauce, cashews, coriander.......
  10. Looks very very good - go down well with a nice sour! Try one of those for an approachable example
  11. Throw some Rye in there for a laugh
  12. sauce looks good - is the other one blue chhhheeeeese?
  13. sounds like a waste of money
  14. That is a great brewery, big space they have too. I spent a nice afternoon there with the wife getting beery and playing cards. well done mate, and well done on the beer.
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