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  1. Yes, you can make a good beer with dry malt extract JP. I have done it a couple of times. This recipe might give you a few ideas - http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/3/ How much leftovers are we talking?
  2. Ah' date=' that explains a lot. Too bad. Were you happy with the coffee flavour of your milk coffee stout? Cheers, Christina.[/quote'] Yeah it was nice, coffee wasn't too over powering at all.
  3. I made a milk coffee stout once. Bought some fair trade South American whole coffee beans, ground them up and made 1 litre of black coffee - cold steeped for 24 hours. Then I added the coffee straight to my keg when I racked off the beer into it. Also - can't say I've ever seen that Franco Coffee Malt in Australia before
  4. Hey mate, what sort of alcohol content are you looking for? Your Hop Slam came to an OG of 1040 with 2.7 kg of fermentables so I would assume you made a 23 litre batch. I guess this would classify it as a "Session IPA". If you want a similar strength beer this time I would use the following: 1.5 kg Coopers Light Liquid Malt Extract 1.5 kg Coopers Amber Liquid Malt Extract This will give you that IPA colour without having to use grains. If you want to make it a bit stronger add 500 g of light dry malt. The half kilo of dry malt would be ideal because you can use it with 5 litres of water for your 60 minute hop boil. OG would be roughly 1.048 for a 23 litre batch. I hope this helps. Cheers + beers, Mark
  5. G'day everyone. Going to brew my seasonal dark beer this weekend. Usually I do a Milk Stout but this time I'm going brew a Robust Porter after finding the following recipe at BeerCo. It wouldn't be a Cash Bar Winter Brew if I didn't wait til halfway through Winter to actually make it . Choc Rye Porter 3kg Gladfield Ale Malt 2.2kg Gladfield Aurora Malt 1kg Gladfield Rye Malt 0.5kg Gladfield Light Chocolate 20g Centennial @ 60 min 25g East Kent Goldings @ 30 min 35g East Kent Goldings @ 5 min MJ New World Strong Ale Yeast Cheers + Beers! Mark
  6. Hey everyone. Currently I have my first SMASH recipe in the fermenter – only took me 18 months of all grain to do a SMASH! Heckin’ SMASH! 5kg Vienna (Weyermann) 20g Enigma at 10 minutes 40g Enigma at flame out 60g Enigma at dry hop US-05 BIAB – 25 litres OG: 1.041 Looking forward to tasting this one, I’ve been wanting to try Enigma for a long time and I even got hops from this year’s crop Cheers + beers, Mark
  7. I've got a $120 one from eBay too, does the job pretty well when you attach a drill
  8. Hey gang, not brew day today but I brewed this up on Sunday and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a Panhead Supercharger APA clone based off a recipe provided directly from the brewers themselves (apparently). 5.4 kg Gladfield American Ale 300g Gladfield Toffee 240g Gladfield RedBack 6g Pacific Jade at 60 min 30g Amarillo at 10 min 30g Simcoe at 10 min 20g Centennial at 10 min 30g Amarillo at whirlpool 30g Simcoe at whirlpool 20g Centennial at whirlpool 60g Citra dry hop 20g Simcoe dry hop WLP001 Cali Ale Yeast (1lt starter) OG: 1.053 / BIAB – No chill I haven’t used this much hops in a brew since ….ever! Really looking forward to it. Cheers + beers, Mark
  9. You can purchase all of those hops at BeerCo. I've used Ella before which is great and I really want to try some Topaz. Regarding Aussie ingredients - Coopers use Centennial (US) & Nelson Sauvin (NZ) in their Celebration Ale but for the most part I think they use Aussie Ingredients.
  10. Yeah mate, will aim for about 18 degrees
  11. Hey gang! Long weekend coming up so of course that means it’s brewing time. Tomorrow I will be brewing this beer which is an American Dark Lager / Session Bock type thing. Black Eye Bock 1.8 kg Gladfield American Ale 1.8 kg Weyermann Vienna 1.0 kg Bairds Flaked Maize 350 g Gladfield Light Crystal 150 g Gladfield Dark Crystal 60 g Gladfield Roasted Barley 20g Amarillo at 60 minutes 20g Amarillo at flameout MJ’s California Lager Yeast 20 litre batch – BIAB - No Chill This recipe is based on a BYO Magazine clone for “Shiner Bock” brewed by Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Hence the name. Shiner Bock is a beer enjoyed by one of my all-time favourite musicians – Al Jourgensen of Lard/Surgical Meth Machine fame so I’ll be cranking his back catalogue whilst brewing. Cheers + beers, Mark
  12. This brew has (finally) made its way into my fermenter. Sorachi Gose 1.8kg Dry Wheat Malt 1.15kg Dry Light Malt 15g Hallertauer @ 60 mins 30g Coriander Seeds (ground) 20g Sea Salt (ground) 100g Sorachi Ace - dry hopped US-05 yeast + GigaYeast Fast Souring Lacto 22 litre batch OG: 1.042 Can't wait for a taste! Cheers + beers, Mark
  13. Congrats Jeremy & Family. And the answer is YES - you can get away with putting a brew on. I speak from experience. When my son was born 2 years ago I came home with my daughter between hospital visiting hours and put on a Kit + Bits brew
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