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  1. Did you notice much change in 3278 over the 3 pitches?
  2. Ah yeah, my dad is a bigger talker than my mum, could've ended up being a 3 hour boil if I rang him!
  3. The other week I rang my mum halfway through a 60 min boil. Crap, that now became a 90 min boil and a sky high (compared to what I was aiming for) OG of 1.027. With a few more IBUs to balance it out I guess. Cheers, John
  4. @Ben 10 Thanks again for the Flanders red, was very tasty. Must be a pretty low pH, fairly firm acidity, really like the malt flavour that comes through in the after-taste. I thought I got the slightest hint hint of butyric which made it interesting (but could be mistaken). The only thing that would make it better for me would be a good dose of Brett funk, but I know that's not what these beers are typically like. Maybe a touch of oak wouldnt go astray. I enjoyed it a lot but I think I preferred the Belgian Pale. What yeast was in that beer? Forbidden Fruit?
  5. @Ben 10 Cheers for the Belgian Pale, was spot on and absolutely delicious! Any Pandan in there, or was that from an old label? Cheers, John
  6. Haha cheers @Ben 10... Looking forward to yours arriving. If you drank those 3 in one sitting you'd be feeling fairly happy with life. John
  7. I brewed up the 4th experiment last night, same recipe as #3 but ramping to a boil as quickly as my stove would allow, with no mash rest. Seems to have worked well, producing nice clear wort again. I'll confirm once sampling the finished beer, but I think this process is a winner. Next to try some different styles... Saison will be up first. Cheers, John
  8. Brewed up another cold malt extraction experiment on Tuesday night. BRY-97 is happily munching away with a big krausen at 18C at the moment. Cheers, John
  9. I brewed up my third experimental batch on Tuesday night. Recipe below ... similar to the last pale ale but lower hopping rates. No mash rest this time, but I brought the runnings up to 75C fairly slowly, then more quickly to a boil. Skipping the mash rest took the OG in the right direction, down to 1.025 (vs 1.028 with the same grain bill last batch). Stats 11l fermenter volume 25 IBU 18 EBC 1.025 OG Malt 3kg Joe White Signature malt 75g Simpson's Medium crystal malt 75g Simpson's Light crystal malt Hops 7g Dr Rudi at FWH 10g Dr Rudi at flameout (15 min steep) 10g Mosaic at flameout (15 min steep) 10g Dr Rudi dry hop 10g Mosaic dry hop Yeast BRY-97 slurry Process cold-steeped malt in my cooler mash tun with 3l ice brick - was at 9C after 13 - 14 hours no sparge, runnings raised slowly to 75C over moderate heat, then high heat to a boil 60 min boil, then 15 min flameout hop-stand no-chill in kettle I plan to brew basically the same recipe next time (with hopping tweaks as needed), just altering one step in the process. Next time I will just bring it to a boil as quickly as I can, which I hypothesize will lower the OG a few points more. Baby steps ... trying to avoid a bunch of unconverted starch in the beer. To report on the previous pale ale batch ... it is laughably good considering the experimental nature and low ABV ... crystal clear, good body, mouthfeel and head retention, plenty of hop flavour and aroma. I just want to see how it goes with a little less bitterness (25 IBU) and lower late / dry hopping rates (2g/l). Cheers, John
  10. Same with my festbier based on the Cerveza kit with no extra hops added.
  11. It's an excellent yeast flavour wise IMO. Reactivation has varying levels of success, but when you get a good pitch and keep it going for a few batches it gets better and better. It's the only strain I've felt bad about pouring the slurry down the sink because I couldn't use it over winter. It was on such a roll! If it struggles a bit on the first batch it's never going to come good though. Cheers, John
  12. Yep they're good! I put a 5kw setup in about 12 months ago and it helps a lot with the power bills. I haven't intentionally changed usage habits to take advantage of free power during the day either, although my wife doesn't feel guilty about running the split system or evap cooling during the day any more. Cheers, John
  13. @Tyfab the recipe Lusty posted looks good actually, Summer is a nice hop and would go well with Galaxy. Unfortunately I don't think it is grown commercially any more, but will probably still be available for a little while. If substituting and following the original recipe, try to find something at around the same 6% AA. Cheers, John
  14. Finished off my MOTB brew. It never really came good unfortunately, too malty with not enough bitterness. And for some strange reason zero head retention. Never had a batch like that before!
  15. Can't really compare since I used different base malt and don't have any to side-by-side, but I'd say at least as good and probably better. It's really very nice. Cheers, John
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