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  1. Get a hold of Mitch Steele's IPA book, it's a great read that looks at a bunch of old brewing records (amongst other resources). Cheers, John
  2. Yep, they were at $39.99 at my local Aldi on the weekend. Cheers, John
  3. Nice Hairy! That Fathom coffee stout was the last of the barrel aged beers I've been having this week. It was really nice, a great lawnmower beer while cooking dinner after a few hours gardening. Hope you like the Cluster 8 too. Cheers, John
  4. My wife bought me a Paulaner 1l can / stein combo from Aldi a few years back. I think I might have used it twice since then (I virtually never use 750ml bottles). Happy to pack it up and post it to you if you like. But you won't get the bonus beer with it unfortunately. Cheers, John
  5. Hi Christina, I use a 38l mash tun and a 21 litre kettle and mashed in with 17l strike water for the 2kg grain on this batch. I didn't sparge and with my system losses and adding the kit tin at the end of boil this gave me 11l in the fermenter at 1.058 OG. My mash tun is intentionally oversized so I can do high gravity no-sparge beers should I be so inclined. I tend to do a 90 min mash and 60 min boil. Cheers, John
  6. Excuse me but they are 6 litre containers, 5 would be measly. I don't have shiny taps either.
  7. Hi Christina, shouldn't these have been brewed a while back? I brewed a festbier back in May actually for my MOTB beer. 11 fermenter volume, half a Mexican Cerveza kit with a partial mash of 1kg pils, 500g Munich and 500g Vienna malt. You are wise to add a bit of extra bittering. I relied on just the kit tin IBU and I don't think it's quite enough. Also make sure you carbonate highly enough. I bottled into a mix of 500ml and 750ml with 1 and 2 carb drops respectively. The 750ml bottles are better, perhaps it helps compensate for the lack of IBU. The yeast could have something to do with it too. I used a Czech lager yeast which will not be quite as crisp as the Coopers ale / lager blend. Cheers, John
  8. Black Friday and More Than You Are were great.
  9. This was pretty good, but not as good as the Blood & Sand.
  10. My Perle is peeping out. Think I need to spread a bit of compost and fertilise.
  11. The krausen had dropped on my partial mash Nelson Sauvin lager so I checked the gravity last night. It's down to 1.012 from 1.047 so pretty much done I'd say. I'll probably bottle it up mid next week, leave it sitting at 15 or 16C until then. It's tasting very nice. Nelson is one of those hops you can get away with being light-handed with. I find some others can come across a little diluted rather than suitably subtle at low levels. Should be a nice beer for the warmer weather, so for a leftovers batch that's a win. Cheers, John
  12. I was pretty skeptical of this beer at first glance, but it was actually really, really good. The guys at Green Beacon know their stuff... A shame they sold to one of the big guys (probably the best of a bad lot though). And no I don't count Coopers as one of the big guys. The blood orange and cherry flavour was noticeable but well-balanced, the whisky barrel notes were gorgeous and there was a lovely underlying feathery malt character. It came together very nicely.
  13. You could always use kegs in the fridge with picnic taps ala @Beerlust and save yourself some cash and drilling. Cheers, John
  14. My Black saison on tap is disappearing pretty slowly. It tastes awesome but creeps up on you so I've been exercising a bit of restraint. I sampled one of my failed cold malt extraction experiment beers, an Aramis pils the other night. In the end it is a very enjoyable pils, 4%, crisp, bitter, with some lovely lemon / herb hop notes. Cheers, John
  15. It all depends... On my 2V system and with my no-sparge / 60 min boil process it would be around 2.8kg grain using Palmer's conservative 85% yield estimate (pretty close to what I typically observe) and taking into account expected lautering loss, boil-off and post-boil losses. If I switched to a batch sparge with roughly equal runnings it would only take around 2.5kg grain. It also doesn't scale linearly because of the higher gravity of the losses. For example it would take me 6.8kg grain to replace 2 x 1.7kg tins with my standard no-sparge / 60 min boil process. With an optimal batch sparge, that would come down to 5.9kg grain. Cheers, John
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