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  1. porschemad911

    Plaato v Tilt

    Yeah they take all the fun out of the NBA too. Or make it even more interesting, depends on what you like I guess! These gadgets would be great if there's something you need to do at a particular SG though, eg follow the Fuller's fermentation schedule. Still have to be around to do it unless you can write a bit of code to read from that and adjust the temp controller remotely to a SG-driven schedule. When everything's got network connectivity and a public API these days it makes stuff like that possible. Cheers, John
  2. porschemad911


    Haha! First time I ate spicy food was about 13 years ago. I made pizza for dinner and decided to slice up a few little birdseye chillis and put them on. Don't know why, sudden stroke of genius? Tasted like fire and I loved it. Best part was marrying a Singaporean. Lots of delicious spicy food over there! Although she did overestimate herself once. I has some of this in the fridge and she wanted to put it on her noodle box. I warned her to start with a few drops. Thinking 'she was Singaporean, ate chili all the time and how hot could it be?', she stirred in a heaped teaspoon. She was rolling on the floor in pain, alternating mouthfuls of noodles with spoonfuls of ice cream to cool her mouth down haha!
  3. porschemad911

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    With saisons I still like to start low. For example this one had a nice krausen forming at 17C when I checked this morning. I swapped out the ice bricks so that it should get up to 22ish by this evening. I'll keep it at around there for tomorrow as well, then stop cooling and let it go. I've never fermented Belle as high as you are. I started low and let it get to the mid 20s for the 4 or so batches I did with it last summer. So a similar schedule to what I use with 3726, although 3726 comes out with better (and more) flavour at those same temps. Be interested to hear how yours fermented up in the 30s goes. I have let 3726 get up to 40C a couple of years back, but that was right at the tail end of fermentation. Dried out slightly more but that could have been a function of time too. Certainly no ill effects flavour wise. Cheers, John
  4. porschemad911

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Brew evening for me ... another extract saison. Trying out the Coopers Amber LME this time, and I thought Enigma might go nicely. Going to skip the dry hop this time. If the numbers online are correct for the Coopers Amber LME can it will come in at 46 EBC. OG will be 1.041 and bitterness-wise it's 20 IBU from the boil addition plus probably another 5 - 10 from the flameout addition. I used a 4l ice brick to chill the boiled wort quickly and it was down to pitching temp in no time after diluting. 1.5kg Coopers Amber LME 15g Enigma (15.9% AA) at 15 mins 20g Enigma at flameout (15 minute steep) 5 litre boil volume, 11 litre fermenter volume Repitched Wyeast 3726 slurry Cheers, John
  5. porschemad911

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    That's the spirit Lusty! Cheers, John
  6. porschemad911


    Absolutely I do! Szechuan, Thai, Malaysian or Singaporean dishes with lots of chili ... heaven.
  7. porschemad911

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    If you want 'very red', use 100% Red-X at 1.050 OG with the step mash as per National Homebrew. I'm personally not a huge fan of how this tastes, but with enough hops a red IPA could be pretty good.
  8. porschemad911

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Haha yeah... With BIAB you're pretty much always at risk of a big mess in my experience, no matter how careful you are. Might not happen everytime, but it will happen. Hence my 2V setup.
  9. porschemad911

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    Nice work Kelsey, looks great. You just need some better spirits.
  10. porschemad911

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    Haha! Not worth it for home brewing I reckon ... get a Cool Brewing Bag instead.
  11. porschemad911

    Show us your current brewing set-up !

    Can't go wrong with this, they're brilliant. Cheers, John
  12. porschemad911


    Haha I won't disagree .. although the Pacific Saison I have been enjoying tonight with Mosaic, Galaxy and Nelson is pretty awesome. I think I have lucked upon the perfect balance of yeast, malt and hop character in this one.
  13. porschemad911

    Barrel aging homebrew

    My friend has a small 5l oak barrel. I've brought him back bulk fortified from Rutherglen a few times to fill it. He has of course double-fortified it with various things. I'm waiting for the day he gets bored of it and lets me put something imperial in it. His was a virgin oak barrels, and it imparted its flavour very, very quickly at first. Not sure about the recycled red wine barrel staves as per some of the links. It would depend on how many times they have been used by the winery. The key would be to taste early and often to catch fast development, then if it is clearly going slow, hold off for a while. One more thing, not all oxidation is bad flavour-wise ... just need the right beer to take advantage of it. I've had many 20 year old wines under cork from my Mum's cellar that by rights should be gone and done by now, and yet they are fascinating. Yes, clearly past their best, but fascinating all the same. Cheers, John
  14. porschemad911

    International series yeast strain

    Looking good
  15. porschemad911


    Well each to their own I guess, I finished off my case pretty quickly! Just needed a bigger dose of Aramis and it would have been even better. Cheers, John