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  1. I'm watching this thread with anticipation, the porter and the new stout.
  2. shame that but thanks for the info
  3. Do you think now that the Irish stout has been discontinued , coopers will give a recipe out so we can make it using there original stout can?
  4. I will try the porter Lusty. But the last 2 days I have been trying to get online at the coopers store and nothing works, They must be down.
  5. Very sad day, the Irish stout was the best.
  6. Thanks for the reply beerlust, I have a bit of difficulty trying to visualize a drier taste, Maybe because I have just had a couple of stouts, I will have a think about this over night. cheers
  7. when making a brew I notice a lot of people put a certain amount of sugar in there brew, even coopers state with there Irish stout kit to put 300g in , yet when brewing the English bitter kit coopers don't ask for any sugar. I realise that the sugar adds alcohol without body but does adding a small amount of sugar do anything else for the brew,
  8. bert

    Robo choc

    I'm drinking mine, and its lovely , not bland, will do it again for sure.
  9. I just enjoy making what I consider good beer, with coopers kits its easy, I'm not bothered about pushing any boundaries, Coopers have already done that for me. If I end up making even better beer in some way that's ok as well. But I'm very satisfied and enjoy what I have. I also appreciate all the help from this forum .
  10. If you use a chux cloth I reckon to buy the large ones
  11. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Home-Brew-Beer-Heat-Heater-Heating-Belt-Pad-for-Wine-Spirits-Fermenter-Homebrew-/291203327642?pt=AU_Barware&hash=item43cd12269a I brought 1 of these very happy with it, but I use it with 1 of these .http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Digital-Thermostat-For-Reptile-Snake-Lizard-Heat-Mat-Lamp-Incubator-Aquarium-KZ-/110940631034?pt=AU_Pet_Supplies&hash=item19d493affa
  12. why don't you add 200g of choc malt and call it a robo choc
  13. bert

    Robo choc

    Hi Adam, the packet says 200grams but if you weigh the packet its 300g , please try it yourself and see . Thanks for that PB2 I will happily put the white sugar in then, Maybe PB2 can tell us why there is 300g in the 200g stated packet, Was it a miss fill or a miss typing on the packet, It would be nice to know?
  14. bert

    Robo choc

    Thanks Ben will do. I also see the recipe says to use 200grams of the chocolate malt and yet there are 300grams in the pack they sent, should I only use 200g of the choc malt or use the lot, will it make much difference ? The white sugar in the kit seemed a bit strange too, is that ok or would brown sugar or dex be better. In the coopers email it says you can leave the sugar out so would I be right in thinking its only there for alcohol strength. bert
  15. Hi I just purchased the Robo choc, recipe of the month. I'm stepping in to new territory here with the grains that come with the kit , It says in the recipe section to soak the grains over night in the fridge which I don't have a problem with, But my question is do I have to crack the grain first with a rolling pin and cloth , or do I just soak them as is, and also do I use both the yeasts in the kit, Any other input would also be welcome regarding this recipe, Cheers Bert
  16. I would not want to brew EB any higher than 20,
  17. what kind of beer do you like drinking Okie,
  18. That's good to hear Tezza , I'm trying much the same my normal English bitter kit I have been using no name DME which is darker in colour than coopers malt , this time I will try it with coopers DME .
  19. Hi PB2, you say the Ac yeast will ferment at temps down to 16 degrees, how low will the L yeast go, ?
  20. I brew much the same beeblebrox, Basic but, I've always done stout and ales never lager
  21. I made a coopers English bitter kit recently and could not get any light malt and had to use dark malt, there was a difference in taste that I did not care for, so for me there seems to be a an important role in selecting the right grade or colour of malt. I look forward to seeing you results
  22. Interesting reading I suppose at the end of the day its just to try different malts and make ones own decision on taste vs cost.
  23. Thanks for that beeblebrox the heritage lager was the one I was looking at so it seems just to brew at 18 degrees to be safe, I wondered if you lost anything by brewing that high , or better to get a proper lager yeast,
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