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  1. A palletload of your beer in its commercial form, and a couple of trips to Adelaide.
  2. Craft beer drinkers who aren't afraid to pay $64 for 16 cans like it, and voted for it multiple times. I think it's pretty nice, but prefer to make my own.
  3. Same hops as in Balter XPA but in lower quantities. My guess is this was something of a Balters clone.
  4. I sprinkled US-05 unhydrated on the brew currently in the fermenter, a Balters XPA copy at OG of 1.052. It was going well within 12 hours.
  5. I bought a standalone 23L Coopers fermenter late last year. Hope they haven't changed their policy because I was going to buy another soon.
  6. I was going by what the Yeast Bay site says, but it seems this is a generic instruction for all ale yeasts. I've just pitched a single vial of Sigmund's Voss kveik at 36C into a 1.102 gravity Belgian Quadrupel, and it was well under way withing 3 hours. I did do a starter 6 hours before pitching though.
  7. The recommendation for Sigmund's Voss Kveik is to use a starter if OG is over 1.060.
  8. I keep my bottled beer in the garage , where it can reach 47 degrees C in January. Don't have the luxury of things like cellars and basements but I've got lagering fridges which probably make things worse for those not in them.. When it does get that hot, I tend to lose a few. I keep them either covered with sheets or in cardboard boxes, and I've never had one break explosively like you say. Coopers tallies tend to crack just above the base. You know when it has happened because you can smell the beer.
  9. This is a good mod to the Coopers hydrometer. Stops it clinging to the sides.
  10. Tell her a Grainfather costs $1,000.
  11. One time I brewed this with 1kg Brew Enhancer 2 and 400g sugar in place of the 500g LDM. It came out at 4.4% and tasted good.
  12. There seems to be some divergence of opinion as to how long you should wait before drinking. I made this brew as a lager at the same time as an Artisan Reserve. I put as many bottles as each as possible in my lagering fridge as soon as they were carbonated (about a week from bottling). The Aztec Gold (3.5% abv) was clear and delicious at 4 weeks in the fridge, the Artisan (5.2%) took a couple of weeks longer, actually at 2 months its not perfectly clear yet but getting close. I don't agree that lagers need lengthy conditioning, some ales, especially dark and high alcohol ones, are obviously different, but lagers are best enjoyed young IMHO.
  13. My suggestion is follow the recipe, but use W34/70 yeast, you can also add the Cerveza kit yeast if you want, but not essential. Ferment at 12-15C (closer to 15 if using the kit yeast as well), do a diacetyl rest (raise temp to 18C) after 7-10 days or so for 3 days, and lager at 5C for a month or more after bottling. It's never going to be a beer with huge body but it's nice and fresh in the hot weather. I don't get these cidery flavours making this brew so maybe its the yeast. Oh and the reason your first brew went flat is because PET bottles cannot hold carbonation for that long. This probably would have been better to drink after 2 months or so.
  14. I've made this brew a few times now and it's my go-to mid-strength. The only thing I do differently from the recipe is I use a lager yeast (W34/70 Saflager) and ferment at lager temperature (12C). After bottling, wait 2 weeks or so for secondary fermentation then put your bottles in the fridge at 5C or so for a month or longer. It's the nicest midstrength lager you could want. I pour the beer into a 700ml pilsener glass so its nice and clear, and drink the last bit with the yeast sediment out of the bottle. Waste not want not.
  15. Why is the beer level about 5 litres below the krausen line? Does it smell OK? Any bubbles in the hydrometer test? If it smells OK and no bubbles and its been fermenting an appropriate time., I would bottle it.
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