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  1. It's not. Put a Chux through the narrow end and all is good.
  2. I hope they make this ROTM, or at least reveal the original extract recipe because I for one would like to brew it.
  3. I've used extracts past their expiry date and ended up with a much darker beer than expected.
  4. Coopers list 13EBC for the can and 17 EBC for the recipe, this is quite a difference. Looks like my gut feel was right. I'd consider dropping to 250g crystal malt.
  5. I brewed this all-grain recently, alongside a Balters clone. Used 100g of CaraMunich I (105 EBC) and 100g of Crystal 40 (102 EBC). Coopers don't let on what grade of crystal they use and the method of extraction is completely different anyway. In any case I ended up with 11.3 EBC, compared to the Coopers recipe 17 (this seemed a little amber to me for this style). Been trying to find a can of this to compare.
  6. If the end of the racking tube goes right to the bottom of the container you're transferring to, you don't get froth.
  7. I've never got bad flavours from squeezing hops.
  8. Imperial Coffee Stout 17.5 litres Full grain with reiterated mash in Grainfather 5.5kg pale ale Amber CandiSugar (home made) 1kg 450g Crystal Malt 60L 200g Roasted barley 260g Carafa Special III 100g Special B 100g Vittoria ground coffee @ 4 days. Mash 1 @65C 60min with half the grain. Mash Out @75C 10 min Sparge 1 50C 12 litres Mash 2 @65C with remaining grain 60min Mash out 2, 75C 10 min Sparge 2-6 litres @75C Boil 60". Add candi sugar during boil. Hops: Challenger 100g @ 60min (single addition only) Yeast Nutrient @ 15 min. Cool to 35C for yeast pitching. Ferment at 35-39C or as high as possible (not over 40C) Yeast: Sigmund's Voss Kveik 1 teaspoon of dried flakes Fermenting well @ 24 hours OG 1.110 Expected ABV 12.5%. Brewhouse efficiency~81% (the candi sugar inflates this a little I'm sure). Colour 105.2 EBC, BU:GU 0.64 Bitterness 71.1 IBU This brew will be aged in a carboy for at least 12 months.
  9. You can squeeze hops until you are blue in the face, but never squeeze grain.
  10. You could buy some Coopers wheat malt in the 1.5kg can and use it over two or three brews. Or just buy some pale malted wheat from your local HBS. You don't need much, 200g in a brew, steeped at 65 degrees for 30-45 minutes, as you would in an all grain mash, should be adequate.
  11. The best thing about this yeast is that it can be dried and stored in the freezer more or less forever. But you have to dry it fairly quickly, at room temperature mould is likely to develop. Oven drying at 30C is the go. Place the yeast slurry from a brew on baking paper as thinly as possible, put your oven on the minimum to make the heating light come on and leave the door open a bit, and check the temperature. Don't let it get over 40C. It might take all night to dry completely. For more info on kveik check out Larsblog. http://www.garshol.priv.no/blog/
  12. You really should be able to get 75% without trying, and 80% isn't really difficult. Stir your grain well for several minutes before the mash and take your time sparging.
  13. A palletload of your beer in its commercial form, and a couple of trips to Adelaide.
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