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  1. PaulW31

    Seeking hersbrucker hops craft kit recipe

    Artisan Reserve is another recipe that uses Hersbrucker, along with Hallertau Tradition, and most likely Saaz in the European Lager brew can. I can recommend this one provided you've got the resources to lager your beer for a month or two.
  2. PaulW31


    There is a limit to how long they can hold pressure. If expecting to keep the beer longer than 6 months or so I'd suggest glass. Coopers 750ml are the best.
  3. PaulW31

    Coopers suggested temps

    Mine was the best $30 I ever spent. Holds two FV's as well.
  4. Lost 17 litres of perfectly good Mild Ale TODAY by racking into a vessel with an open tap. Beer all over the garage floor.
  5. PaulW31


    Light Dry Malt is good. I've done the Artisan Reserve recipe twice using 1kg of LDM with the European lager can and it has turned out very well.
  6. PaulW31

    Tooheys New

    I'm guessing this variety has been discontinued as I can't see it in the online store. So what's the closest thing to it? Want to make a New clone for my son.
  7. PaulW31

    2018 Brewing Stats

    May I recommend to you the 3-can Russian Imperial Stout recipe on the Coopers site. I've still got a few bottles left of my first batch of this, brewed in November 2013, and heaps left from the September 2016 batch. This really does change for the better with age. The 2013 batch is one smooth drop these days. Planning to go again this year.
  8. PaulW31

    2018 Brewing Stats

    Like Yeastyboy, I've returned to brewing late in the year. 8 brews since October 30 (my brew fridge holds 2 FV's) including two started in the last few days.
  9. PaulW31

    Coopers Dry

    I guess Clear was doomed if even Coopers aficionados thought it sucked. To be honest, I didn't try it until I saw it discounted recently at Aldi and found it fine. The replacement might be a completely new beer but if I were making such a change I'd at least change the alcohol content, if only by .1 of a percent.
  10. PaulW31

    Recipe of the Month

    Planning to do exactly this, but it costs half that if you just buy the cans and use a light malt can. I don't have Citra so I'll use Vic Secret instead.
  11. PaulW31

    Aztec Gold - lager type easts?

    I've made a slightly amended version of the Aztec Gold recipe using the Cerveza with Saflager plus kit yeast. It has turned out really nice after two to three weeks in the fridge. What I used: Coopers Cerveza brew can. 1kg brew enhancer No 2 400g white sugar Saflager S-23 plus kit yeast 23 litres ferment at 13C for 25 days (probably didn't need to be this long) then 8 days at 4C. Start Gravity 1.039 Final Gravity 1.007 4.4% alc/vol approx. Enjoying one now, its a lovely lager, but it hardly resembles Corona really. It's more like a European lager. You could add some Saaz or similar but I didn't. Next time I'll omit the sugar and get it down below 4%.
  12. PaulW31

    Mr Beer volumes - only 8.5l?

    I've got two of these Mr Beer brews in my brew fridge now. The Diablo IPA and the Northwest Pale Ale. To each of them I added 500g of LDM and brewed to 10.5 litres (14 x 750ml). This gave an original gravity of around 1.05 in each case so I am expecting an alcohol content in the mid 5's. I imagine they'll be a tad maltier than using the can alone but I can live with that. I've also made a variant of the Hop Bomb recipe from Diablo IPA using 500g (half pkt) of brew enhancer 3, plus 300g sugar, plus 200g treacle (20g Vic Secret and 20g Chinook added loose). This was made to 11 litres and ended up close to 7% and a real hop bomb. The intent is to age this brew for a year or two, I've still got 10 or so bottles of this left after 8 months from bottling.
  13. PaulW31

    What exactly does crystal malt do?

    The Oktoberfest brew from post 41 has turned out fine. It's only 6 weeks in the bottle (so its a Marzen at this point) but the colour is exactly as shown in the pic with the recipe. Was worried it'd be too dark. Tastes pretty good for its young age as well.
  14. PaulW31

    How long is too long in fermenter?

    I've left lagers for 4 weeks, but not ales. If you are away for 3-4 weeks maybe consider using a lager yeast at the lower end of its temperature range (if you have a brewing fridge).
  15. PaulW31

    1st Lager

    I use an external thermostatic switch to accurately control temperature. Much easier than making alterations to an existing fridge and I'm sure every bit as accurate. It has a probe which sits in a bottle of sanitizer solution in the fridge (not in the brew itself as a hole in the fermenter lid invites infections). In warm weather in most parts of Australia you only need one to turn the fridge power on and off at the desired temp, but in winter you may need heating as well, depending on your climate and the desired brewing temperature. This can be achieved using a second thermostat unit attached to a heating cord of the type used to heat reptile tanks. The thermostat units can be set either to switch on at above or below a set temperature. The thermostat units cost about $15 each from memory and the reptile cord likewise (from Ebay of course). If you have purchased a fridge (or multiple fridges perhaps, for lagering?) you really should consider going all the way with temperature control.