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  1. I thought beers had to be bottled for a minimum of two weeks to allow for secondary fermentation to carbonate the bottle? To be honest the one i cracked open was the last one bottled so a bit more yeast in it than the others. Also the weather has been warm here. But yeah poured with a frothy head, i doubt most of the other bottles would be as carbed up so soon.
  2. Ive nailed this one brilliantly. Coopers wheat can, coopers liquid wheat malt i used the whole 1.5 kilo, fermentis dry wheat yeast. Bottled it two days ago and drinking one as i type. How is it possible for a homebrew to head up in the bottle after two days? Its bloody delicious. Everything i want in a wheat beer. Tart, banana, clean. I was very paranoid in every step with this one, as i usually am any way, because i wanted a shoffer look alike. Well this has surprised me. I'd pass this off as one of my best ever brews. I'm delving into partial mashing at the moment but this is now a staple for me. Even my wife agrees.
  3. Will be getting mine going Sunday. Whats a nice English Ale to accompany my brew day?
  4. Awesome pics there fellas. My first ever home brew was a bag in a box. A draught from memory. Turned out very good, my old man loved it.
  5. Please, please keep the beer label maker.
  6. G'day PaleMan' date=' try Facebook. [img']wink[/img] Cheers. Ah no thanks, not for me.
  7. Thanks for that advice mate, a lot to take in there but good advice. But does noone scold out their FV with boiling water? Apparrentley that kills bugs..........just asking.
  8. See i just go from fermenter to bottle. Hard work but its payed off in spades. The reason i ask these questions i want to start partial mashing again. Sick of commercial VBs and the like. I suppose theres no difference in cleanliness with whatever you brew. I'd like PB2 or Coopers to have some input here on how us home boys can really improve our cleanliness and our beers. Like i said i havent had an infected beer yet..........but any beer has the capacity to taste better if you can do so.
  9. Following up on my FV sanitising thread, i dont sanitise my bottles. Just wash out and drain. The reason being that the alcohol that has developed should take care of any nasty bits. As long as you wash straight up. I go from one extreme to the other. Making sure my FV is cleaner than a hospital operating room, to just washing my bottles clean but not sanitising. Its hard work baby sitting 30 biggies if you dont need to.
  10. Obviously you guys sanitise. The golden rule of home brewing. But how? Whats your routine? Ive just recently got back into my brewing, and i sanitise with a brewcraft product. But over the years ive used different sanitisers. One of my rituals though is to scold out my vessel and everything else with boiling water, and i do this twice. For one to wash out the sanitiser, and then also have piece of mind that no nasty will survive. Ive never had a bad beer ever with this schedule. Ive had rubbish beers due to crap ingrediants, but never an infected beer. Well i think so anyway. One thing i also do is soak my vessel in scentless bleach for a couple of days if i havent used it for some months. Anyway just wondering what you brew brothers do and do you think i go over the top?
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