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  1. Well brew day is done. Very long day including the clean-up. I had my share of problems. The boil went fine, but had some minor issues with the chilling. Had some hose line issues that spilt some wort & water etc. The exterior magnetic drive pump initially wasn't working when I hooked it up for the first pass for some reason, so shut if off & allowed it to gravity feed through the pump & chiller while the wort recirculated back into the Guten using it's internal pump. Dropped down under 60°C from boiling in no time. The first pass is not recirculated & merely collected in another 30L container as it's temp is too hot to recirculate again. Before I hooked up the second 30L refrigerated water container that would recirculate back through itself via the chiller, I changed the input & output fittings on the magnetic drive pump. Amazing how much better it worked when I had the flow direction the right way. Although this segment of wort chilling took slightly longer to reach a 23°C yeast pitching mark, it was still fairly quick. I've learned from the mistakes I made today, & am better rehearsed to use the equipment next time. I'm happy with my cooling re-circulation method, it only requires minor tweaking. Predicted gravity for this brew was 1.049 @ 21L. I've ended up with just under 21L @ 1.051. It smells good & a nice light colour, so I'm happy with that. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  2. Brew day! First AG. AmericanPaleAle - 21-6-20 - American Pale Ale (10A) ================================================================================ Batch Size 21 L (approx.) Boil Time 1 hr OG 1.049 sg FG 1.012 sg ABV 4.9% Bitterness 29.3 IBU (Tinseth) Color 9.9 ebc (Morey) Fermentables ================================================================================ Name Type Amount Mashed Late Yield Color Pale Malt (Coopers Ale) Grain 4.500 kg Yes No 78% 5.9 ebc Wheat Malt Grain 250.000 g Yes No 84% 3.9 ebc Caramel Malt 10L Grain 200.000 g Yes No 76% 19.7 ebc Total grain: 4.950 kg Hops ================================================================================ Name Alpha Amount Use Time Form IBU Warrior 15.5% 10.000 g Boil 60.000 min Pellet 17.5 Simcoe 13.0% 10.000 g Boil 20.000 min Pellet 8.9 Riwaka 4.9% 15.000 g Boil 10.000 min Pellet 3.0 Columbus 15.5% 20.000 g Steep 0.000 min Pellet 0.0 Simcoe 13.0% 10.000 g Dry 0.000 min Pellet 0.0 Columbus 15.5% 20.000 g Dry 0.000 min Pellet 0.0 Miscs ================================================================================ Name Type Use Amount Time pH 5.2 Stabilizer Water Agent Mash 12.000 g Yeasts ================================================================================ Name Type Form Amount Stage Safale US-05 Ale Dry 11.50 g Primary Mash ================================================================================ Name Type Amount Temp Target Time Single Step Infusion 31 L 70 C 66 C 1 hr No Sparge Had some trouble getting the strike water to temp. The unit overshot the preset by some way & grain was already in. So have scrapped auto & just doing each section manually now for this brew. About 15mins left in the mash, will then mash out & begin the boil. Easy stuff from there until I try to cool it. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with that part. Fingers crossed. I'll give some more details after everything is done & take some timings & temps from the recirc chilling process when I run it. Cheers, Lusty.
  3. Hi guys. My plan for tomorrow is to brew my first AG brew on the new Guten 50L system I recently purchased. I hooked most things up & spent quite some time making up all the connections & cutting hoses etc. for the magnetic drive pump & Blichmann chiller via all the links necessary. I had to purchase an external 15amp to 10amp "Amp-fibian" converter to be able to hook the Guten up to mains power. The converter is rated to 2400w before cut-out so will stay within those limits tomorrow, then see if I can push it past that in future if needed without having to get a sparky to create a dedicated connection to the fuse box. Am going to use the chiller & re-circ water cooling system on the fly for the first time tomorrow as I ran out of time to test it today. At worst if it doesn't cool to yeast pitching temps fast enough I'll hook mains tap water up & drain off onto the back lawn to finish it off. Big day tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  4. On a side note, if you are wishing to complete this in a reasonable time frame, perhaps avoid drinking bourbon during the process as I did (hence the gap to the original post!) I rarely do this. At least it's done now. Cheers & have a good day guys, Lusty.
  5. You too bud! Edit: post some pics over in the BBQ thread if it turns out well.
  6. Hi guys. I have a few things on tomorrow. Am going to smoke a piece of brisket in some apple wood with an Italian/Turkish rub twist. Different rub to the typical American types then add it into a slow cooker to finish off, & marry up with a heap of roasted veggies. Hopefully it carries some nice flavours. Am hopeful to do a test run with my new Guten 50L setup with chiller to make sure it operates as I hope for with the recirculated cooling system I wish to use regularly moving forward. I plan to video it at some point & post that for a few guys that are interested in this setup provided it works as planned. Purchased the dial temp gauge & fittings earlier today to measure temp on the out going recirculating wort after exiting the chiller so I know how long to run the chilled recirculating water for. Won't bore you anymore with that, the video will be far more interesting once I've had a chance to run the system. I've got 3 days left of leave, & want to do a proper brew with the unit before I go back to work, so want to feel confident with the processes (ideally) by the end of tomorrow. For you no-chillers there is no issue beyond producing wort & funnelling it off. When you chill it post boil there are other considerations that need to be made with your layout & run-off procedures etc. that I simply have not had a chance to setup yet due to time constraints since the bulk of the gear arrived yesterday for me to finally begin hooking up. On top of that, I have to clean a couple of empty kegs & fill one of them with a brew I have had cold conditioning for the last few days to make space in my fermentation fridge for this pending first AG brew. I might do this right now actually to free up time tomorrow. Hectic. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  7. I had NFI what you were talking about here. Then I segmented it & figured it out. In a nutshell, you'll have home brewed beer to drink tomorrow. LOL! Lusty.
  8. Chux cloth. 25c each. Fling 'em after you remove it. No cleaning. Easy as. I hope the beer is nice. Cheers, Lusty.
  9. Hi iBooz. Your knowledge of my fuse box layout is spooky as it is pretty much identical to what I have. You must be a sparky. My aircon is on a separate circuit, & I have 4 x 16 amp circuits & 1 x 10 amp circuit. I assume as long as I don't overload the circuit I've got the Guten plugged into (by using another high power drawing device on it at the same time), I shouldn't have any problems? BTW, even though the unit can utilise 3000 watts, from the demo videos I've watched if you program the brew segments well, it'll rarely be needed to run at that level. P.S. @Norris! @Aussiekraut Thanks for reminding me on placing the unit at a suitable height, as I may have to re-think this to get the malt pipe out comfortably. Cheers all, Lusty.
  10. Hop usage is subjective & received differently by individuals. Any advice (including my own) offered is merely an opinion & should just be considered as such as a personal view to help you with your own final approach. Hallertau is traditionally used as a dual purpose hop. It carries a medium level spicy character that intensifies the longer it is boiled. Later boil additions add some light citrus flavour & light floral aroma to lager styled beers. Pride of Ringwood has been used extensively in Australian commercial brewing as primarily a bittering hop in both ale & lager fermented beers due to it's earthy, slightly herbal, woody, & light resiny traits. I hope that helps, Lusty.
  11. I bit the bullet, the hefty price tag, & bought one of these... If you love American styled IPA's, & money is no object in buying or brewing one, you'd make & drink something very close to this all the time for the style. My wallet is still in shock, my pallet won't forget it anytime soon. A beast of a beer, & ridiculously good (IMHO)! Lusty.
  12. My fold out table is made of harder plastic than milk crates. I'm guessing your crates didn't melt? Apparently I can. I'm multilingual. Lusty.
  13. I would have gone the reverse myself. PoR in the Ale, & Hallertau in the lager. Each to their own though. Lusty.
  14. Hi guys. I do have a serious question actually... The base of these units where the element is housed, how well insulated are they? How much heat do they put out underneath & are they safe to sit on all surfaces? I have a long hard plastic fold-out table I plan to use on brew days that I would like to sit the unit on if it is safe to do so. I would appreciate some experienced input on this one. Lusty.
  15. Haha! I feel like one too. Lots of shiny stuff & bling around me right now.
  16. Use Kraft peanut butter next time. "Never oily or dry".
  17. You have no idea how anal I am about things do you guys? LOL! As much as I'd like to just dive straight in & do a brew, I've spent a pretty penny on this Blichmann chiller so need to test it with the water re-circulation system I plan to use with it to make sure the temp is coming down to where it needs to be in the timeframe I'm aiming for. I've just realized I forgot to purchase the temp gauge to fit on the wort out side of the chiller, so back to the LHBS again tomorrow. I've waited this long, so another day or so won't hurt. I just want the first brew to go smoothly & as planned. Cheers, Lusty.
  18. Enough said. 25° - 40°C is plenty of range.
  19. Unbeknown to me Keg King did me a big favour. They used an express courier. IT'S HERE!!! Woohoo!! My turn to apologise. Thanks for making the extra effort to get me the unit before the weekend Keg King! Much appreciated. Test run on cooling through the chiller Friday or Saturday. All things going well, brew day Sunday. Am happy as a pig in you know what right now. Cheers & good brewing, Lusty.
  20. Yep. I might have to buy a short 15 amp extension cord though, depending on the cable length from the Guten unit.
  21. As an ester profile, it sounds quite remarkable actually, and something I would seek with the types of beers I mainly like to brew. I've read very little about these Kveik strains. Given they seem to enjoy fermenting at high ferment temps much like a Saison strain, how do they cope fermenting at lower ferment temps say around 18-20°C like typical ale strains? i.e. do you need to pitch higher levels like a lager strain at these lower ferment temp levels? NFI here. Lusty.
  22. Since neither you or Capt are wiling to, when I do brew with it, I'll ferment down near 15°C. It could be exactly what I want with this grail lager hybrid beer I want to make as the yeast to use. How did you feel it dealt with hop character? Subdued it, neutral, or complimented it? At the time, I put using this strain in the same basket as making an all Magnum hopped beer. An unknown path I wasn't willing to go down. You & I both know the outcome of that Magnum deal. Seriously, thanks for the insights into the Dennys 50, I really appreciate it. Lusty.
  23. I got very interested in trying this yeast quite a few years ago, but chickened out because I just didn't know what it was gonna throw & no-one on AUS-based forums were posting anything about it to know anything pre-usage. Out of curiosity, what temp did you ferment your brew with Hairy? Lusty.
  24. If no-one else has the strain, then I'd suggest it deserves his naming on it. He kept this yeast alive for many years & I was led to believe blended those initial strains out to create this hybrid-like strain. That was my understanding of what I had come across about it. If you have a definitive link to the creation of Denny's commercial strain, I'd be interested to read it. On a similar note, our old Coopers moderator/mentor PB2 claimed to have maintained an older Coopers strain that has been kept by Coopers in their vault for re-use/experimentation purposes apparently when last he spoke of it. @Coopers @Coopers DIY Beer Team, I would be very interested to know if this strain still exists there at the brewery, & if it is used in any degree by the brewery these days. Cheers, Lusty.
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