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  1. Thanks I'll try there. ....and I hope to get a little more slpping sunday when I get home from my fortnight in the bush on my next break 8) :roll: :wink:
  2. Geez two posts and two slaps !! :oops: :oops:
  3. .....err yer you might be right . Upon reflection it may well have been water based . I'll check with him at our next sampling session. :oops:
  4. In the "HOME BREW/MAKE BREW section there is a recipe for Extra Smooth Bitter . I wouldn't mind trying it but I'm having trouble finding a can of Coopers Bitter , is it off the market or just out of stock at the three places I have looked ?
  5. A mate of mone suggested smearing a bit of petroleum gel on the rubber seal to assist in the sealing . After a bit of use and regular cleaning it does get a bit hard and this makes it easier to tighten .
  6. Why muck around with yeast , just use the satchel provided and glasses - well isnt a stubby made of glass ??? The only trouble I have is trying not to send Pale Ale FLAT out down my throat. ...Like that victorian crowd say ..matter of fact I feel like one now!!
  7. If i have to go over there for work ( depending on the takeover) or if I can wrangle a footy trip I'll get in touch
  8. Cheers Fly I might even bring some caps with me . Of course we might have to loosen a few caps before we go ehh. :wink:
  9. Jezza's cousin ?? Must make life interesting . Fair dinkum it don't matter much to me I like them all to varying degrees . Played footy in country SA from about 10 til I was 45 so have only ever watched VFL/AFL on telly.In fact the only two times I have been to the G was to watch Manchester United play Australia and to march in the opening ceremony for the World Masters when I played Baseball for Port Adelaide. Maybe now I will get over there to watch a game when the tide is on the dodge and the fishing is on the quiet side.
  10. No no don't do it . It would taste as bad as the draught West End put out when the power won last year :lol: :lol:
  11. As ALF used to say " I kill me !!"
  12. Geez Barfly ya makin me weep . :cry: :cry: Agree with you about discounts and club nights but the forum has been useful for a few things about brewing techniques. One thing thats got me puzzled is lack of use of clear glass and screw top bottles as I use them both and have had NO trouble. 8) 8) How did you get on with the coloured caps ? , as long as ya don't barrack for Collingwood I might be able to post you some and renew your faith in the mighty Coopers Club. :wink: :wink:
  13. Wonderful work William Woolmer will workon whatever wonderful way we will wow wowsers and wives :lol: :wink:
  14. I got them at Harris Scarffes , not sure where you'd get 'em from but they are worth the trouble to track down . Of course you know about the green one's don't you ?? 8)
  15. Maybe a Malt satchel hanging off a necklace will help you blokes out ?? :lol:
  16. Still having the problem with what brew is in what bottle although I must say the yellow and the black Coopers caps are very smart looking , I hope you are going to keep making them and even look at producing further colours to help us identify different brews
  17. Coopers have a lot to answer for . :wink: :wink: My dog is in hospital , feet in the air , growing new pads , I've worn out 3 pair of walking shoes 2 pushbikes and a tread mill ,I've been banned from the local swimming pool for hogging a lane and the gym is sick of the sight of me. Been trying not to eat anything bad and have been playing cricket and baseball BUT the six pack belly is showing signs of turning into a keg. Coopers draught as a usual , Pale Ale now and then , Stout in the winter (OK , sometimes in the other seasons), Real Ale (yum) to mix things up a bit, Sparkling Ale for (any) special occasion(s) , sometimes a Lager and Ginger Beer when I want a change from beer and stout and an occassional apple cider . Bugger it I'm not giving up my brew , I guess she'll just have to put up with it!!...err me ....errr both :twisted:
  18. I have tried all the range of coopers home brews and havn't found any I didn't like :D :D Nearly every brew I have made I have used enhancer 1 or 2 but have rarely used straight sugar. As I am happy to date should I keep using them or is there any thing to be gained by using sugar :?: Regards The Guzzler
  19. The things we go through to brew ehh !! I hope "the old foot warmer" didn't have old feet in it or you brought granny some new slippers lol :lol:
  20. Good luck !!. I havn't got a brew belt , in fact I only saw my first one at a relatives place last week . I use a bed lamp in an old wordrobe to keep mine at a suitable temperature but i wouldn't mind getting hold of a belt to try it out.
  21. Glad you asked that Nathan , i realise things are slower in the colder weather but my GB was in the wort for closer to 3 weeks :shock: . I used a couple of Hahn Light bottles to view the clarity and was a bit worried about the cloudiness but the post above yours tells me thats fine so I might have to try one tonight :wink:
  22. Paul or Amanda , is it possible to purchase another mug ? If so how much
  23. Walza me old china , I realise labels can be made at home . My wife has a favourite saying for shoddy work ,"tacked on" she calls it . Obviously home brewers want to take pride in their creations .What I am on about is a "Professional " finish to our product. A plain cap on a bottle probably still labelled with its original contents just doesn't cut it. When someone trys a brew I've made they inevitably ask "Wots this ?". Come on Coopers give us a snappy label to complete the cycle and get more exposure to a great range of fine products.
  24. Thanx for that Adam. Nah not that far down , Murnininee is TOO far from town. Am at Cowleds and YEP have been getting a few snapper , the old chinese fish and plenty of crabs . 8)
  25. Bring them on !! . I am lucky enough to have access to a printer and the A4 labels you are talking about ( I guess you mean a print option will be available on this web site ) but are you planning to have printed labels available as I am sure home brewers would love to be able to purchase labels ready to stick on their pride and joys .
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