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  1. Thanks I'll try there. ....and I hope to get a little more slpping sunday when I get home from my fortnight in the bush on my next break 8) :roll: :wink:
  2. Geez two posts and two slaps !! :oops: :oops:
  3. .....err yer you might be right . Upon reflection it may well have been water based . I'll check with him at our next sampling session. :oops:
  4. In the "HOME BREW/MAKE BREW section there is a recipe for Extra Smooth Bitter . I wouldn't mind trying it but I'm having trouble finding a can of Coopers Bitter , is it off the market or just out of stock at the three places I have looked ?
  5. A mate of mone suggested smearing a bit of petroleum gel on the rubber seal to assist in the sealing . After a bit of use and regular cleaning it does get a bit hard and this makes it easier to tighten .
  6. Why muck around with yeast , just use the satchel provided and glasses - well isnt a stubby made of glass ??? The only trouble I have is trying not to send Pale Ale FLAT out down my throat. ...Like that victorian crowd say ..matter of fact I feel like one now!!
  7. If i have to go over there for work ( depending on the takeover) or if I can wrangle a footy trip I'll get in touch
  8. Cheers Fly I might even bring some caps with me . Of course we might have to loosen a few caps before we go ehh. :wink:
  9. Jezza's cousin ?? Must make life interesting . Fair dinkum it don't matter much to me I like them all to varying degrees . Played footy in country SA from about 10 til I was 45 so have only ever watched VFL/AFL on telly.In fact the only two times I have been to the G was to watch Manchester United play Australia and to march in the opening ceremony for the World Masters when I played Baseball for Port Adelaide. Maybe now I will get over there to watch a game when the tide is on the dodge and the fishing is on the quiet side.
  10. No no don't do it . It would taste as bad as the draught West End put out when the power won last year :lol: :lol:
  11. As ALF used to say " I kill me !!"
  12. Geez Barfly ya makin me weep . :cry: :cry: Agree with you about discounts and club nights but the forum has been useful for a few things about brewing techniques. One thing thats got me puzzled is lack of use of clear glass and screw top bottles as I use them both and have had NO trouble. 8) 8) How did you get on with the coloured caps ? , as long as ya don't barrack for Collingwood I might be able to post you some and renew your faith in the mighty Coopers Club. :wink: :wink:
  13. Wonderful work William Woolmer will workon whatever wonderful way we will wow wowsers and wives :lol: :wink:
  14. I got them at Harris Scarffes , not sure where you'd get 'em from but they are worth the trouble to track down . Of course you know about the green one's don't you ?? 8)
  15. Maybe a Malt satchel hanging off a necklace will help you blokes out ?? :lol:
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