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  1. Thank you all for your input, the airlock problem was something I had not thought of, but there is some good ideas there, my main concern was the slurry at the bottom of the fermenter being constantly stirred up, we had envisaged moving on every two or three days, only a short distance but still moving. Not into bottles at all, strickly a kegger, I have been eyeing of those little Bundaburg rum kegs. I think they only hold 20 odd litres or so. I hope this post topic stays around for awhile, might get some more good ideas. cheers, and thanks again.
  2. Next year I'm retiring and the bride and I intend to spent a couple of years doing the big trip around Oz, seeing as how we both like a cold drink on a hot day and it can get quite expensive in remote areas I was considering taking my brew gear with me and was wondering how the fermentation could handle being shook up whilst traveling. Has anyone else done this?
  3. Martin, yes it can, it is wired into the fridge power cord, then the original fridge thermostat switch is turned to it's coldest position and the new switch will take over from it maintaining what ever temp is dialed. I am certainly not trying to push Grumpys web site on to anybody ( there are certainly a lot of raw prawns there)( as well as some decent chaps) but there is a mountain of info on this subject by quite a few different brewers, just type in fridge conversion and you will find a lot to ponder. If you read the post by a chap called Graeme to a chap called Arthur it goes into good detail about the switch in question. cheers.
  4. Martin, the cheese thermostat would be fine if you lived in a hot area and all it had to do was turn the fridge off or on to keep the temp down to the desired setting, however if you lived in a place where the temp can fluctuate anywhere from minus to 30, you will need a thermostat that can switch the power from cooling to heating. This way it is possible to brew at a constant temperature no matter what mother nature likes to throw at you. You can also control the actual fermentation temp as well if the probe is inserted inside the brew. Global Components at Melb and Syd sell such a thermostat for $35. It is called EGO model EF55.13204.010 range =0-40c
  5. Martin, if you go to Grumpys and type in" fridge conversion" you should find all the info you are looking for, if not please feel free to pm email me,(see profile), cheers.
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    Thanks very much for the lesson in chemistry, but I'm still non the wiser as to the answer to my question :?:
  7. Paul, why do Coopers (and most other kit beers) say on their cans to use white sugar, when HBS and forums encourage you to use all the other various types of stuff to give you a better tasting beer and tend to put white sugar down? I would think that you would want the best results for your product, hence you would recomend the best ingredients to add to it
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