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  1. Just brought 2 slabs of vintage 2008. One to try and the other for storage. Going by my tast buds not impressed with 2008. Let's hope it improves with age.
  2. Typical, I agree with you. I always buy the 750ml bottles. And let them age a further 12 months before I drink them. Also found if I drink two 750ml, just enough. However if I drink stubbies I can go to 8 to 10 before I have my fill.
  3. Paul, Stubbies or talls
  4. How do I get a keg. I would like a keg for my 50th. Cheers. Paul.
  5. Two questions is there going to be a 2008 Batch released. And could you purchase one in a keg. What about if I bring my 20 litre keg to Adelaide for you to fill up.
  6. Thanks for the tickets feels great to finaly win something given up on tatts Stick with coopers
  7. Hi had a great night many thanks to everyone.
  8. Hi, Many Happy returns for the year. Buy vintage Ale isn't about making money it's about drinking an ale that's like Angels dancing on your tongue. If your wanting a tester I'm more than happy to try for you. Enjoy them. 8)
  9. When is the melbourne get together for 2005 Or is it going to be 2006
  10. Wally I agree with you. Coopers is one of the last family owned businesses run and owned by the family. It would be a shame to see them loose control of their business. Long live the inderpendant and family owned companies
  11. Paul are you saying to prime a keg dextrose like a bottle and it will last longer. And how long will a brew last in a keg if using gas. Thanks
  12. Hi, Just wanting to know. How long will a brew of lager using SAFLAGER S-23 take to ferment a batch. I put it down on 31st July. Temp has been at 14c. it is still fermenting. Cheers
  13. The only stupid question is the one not asked. I'm curious as well.
  14. Just spoke to my local supplier he told me that victoria isn't getting Dr Timm;s as they say in the classics WHY IS THIS SO. Shall I hold my breath now or just die. :roll:
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