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  1. might see how much Saaz i can squeeze into this recipe maybe : http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/19/
  2. Yep .... i'll drop the Saaz completely :> i'll go down to local homebrew and get a little Galaxy and a Little Fuggles i think maybe just a 50gm + 50 gm ... steep fuggles and i might do a dry hop galaxy for amazing smell I might have a crazy idea for my Saaz ..... What about Saaz Mexican Cerveza ?? only a small amount tho. Or should i go and get a Coopers European Lager and do something wiht that ?>
  3. COOL ! thanks for the info guys !!! yah i have actually never used saaz ..... it's just that i am out of my all time favourite Galaxy ( which i go BOOM with and i do love the taste and especially the WHOA aroma ) so i think JUST only 100 gm Saaz Hop steep on brew day and no more ..... ???? yeast.... i'm efinately Re-Hydrating BUT just use the supplied Coopers ? and i should reach rpetty good attenuation ? THANKS again all !
  4. PLEASE comment with any suggestions please ! I have currently purchased a Coopers English Bitter 2 x 500gm coop LDM and my cupboard is full of like BE 1 , 2 DEX etc. and i have some grains in the cupboard too , i think i have un-cracked crystal and a dark grain too. Saaz hops are only 20 $ for 450 gm ...... so i might be dropping those in maybe 250gm saaz hop tea / steep and then 200gm saaz dry hop on like day 8 ... 14 day brew i was thinking for my recipe : 23ltr batch the EB kit 1.7kg 1kg LDM <---- should get a really good head and serious body 200 gm crystal <---- just for a tad of freshness 200 gm DEX <---- dont wanna overdose on the sugars should i go and purchase a more robust yeast ? or just go with the coopers but also " re-hydrate " before i get started ??? THANKS ALL !!!
  5. YES thats right ... i got some of those metal tea ball things but i didnt like the way they jingled around in my FV when bottling etc. and they also couldnt hold many hops so they are in the bin :> i'm gonna try and find some large tea bag thingy's on ebay and get a bacth and see how i go. for dry hopping specifically i think they will work well jsut need to find a home brew store here in Victoria that sells them or someoneone online thnx all
  6. That sounds like a plan. I can even do my starter in the temo controlled hb frisge. Is there such thing as too much yeast ? Like you neve rhave to worry about a 7gm yeast starter becomimg too powerful ? And you dont use basic sugars like dex bwcause the yeast will start to ferment ? Thnx for idea :)
  7. Has anyone ever had ideas / suggested that if any home brewers want to sell their 7g packs of yeast they dont use ???? I live in Cranbourne , Vic 3977 and im sure ya could post them in a normal envelope :> or maybe like gumtree we could set up a trade and swap lol how much would you guys sell your 7g left over yeast packs for ?
  8. yeah i never really hop my stouts etc. due to the fact the longer they bottle condition the better... like ideally 3 mnths tastes great ! but little hop aroma <: i will skip the dry hopping. it still has 100gm in there so thats cool.
  9. COOL thnx for thoughts guys ! yeah i think i better buy some bulk yeast so i can always have a bit extra ... do you think you can mix yeast ? what i mean is obvioiusly you couldnt mix a lager and a ale yeast because of temp variants ... BUT if i added 7 g coopers al yeast and say a few gm of a us-05 in the same batch ??? or is that a disaster and = bad flavour ? depending on ingredients etc. my stout i put on hit 1,040 so 7g of coop yeast shouldnt be an under pitch im hoping :>
  10. is there only 7gm of yeast because most of the Coopers Extract tins end up as a kit n kilo recipe ? the batch i put on tonight for example would have been a " safer " batch for the yeast to develop and reach attenuation etc. if it was jsut a couple of grams more. i've noticed that the specialty yeasts i buy from LHBS's are usually 11.5gm i think or higher denomenations but never less than the 11 gm i think. so yeah is the reason the supplied yeast is only 7gm because of the whole kit n kilo thing ? Does anyone find that over time they end up with heaps of left over 7gm Coopers yeast sachets that they dont use ?
  11. OK just made this batch :> i could only take the OG reading once everything was in it ( apart from the yeast ) it was a complete " wort " i have read somewhere that its best to take a gravity reading before adding hops but from what i understand as long as you take an og before adding yeast it's no worries. the reading was 1,037 or to round it off 1,040 :>
  12. recently noticed some of you talking about " heat seal tea bags " ..... this is a fantastic idea for dry hopping BUT how much hops do you guys get in them ? i found LARGE on ebay but only from the US such as http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TEA-BAGS-LARGE-HEAT-SEAL-BATHTEAS-Oatmeal-Baths-INFUSIONS-SHIPS-FREE-/111264723523?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item19e7e4f243 i think the NORMAL size tea bags in australia are too small for hops as can probably only squeeze in 10 gm lol any thoughts ?
  13. OK i have it all sorted and locked in lol .... The recipe that i am doing tonight ( someone please have a go at the ABV % , ill give a OG reading later .. ) 23 ltrs total in FV 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Selection Irish Stout 200 gm Roasted Barley 250 gm Dark Dried Malt Extract 500 gm Coopers BE 2 supplied 7g coopers yeat ... ooh its in a WHITE packet lol ? fermenting at 21c for 14 days 100gm hops going in last 15 min of boil / simmer then another 100gm hops around day 6 ( you should dry hop if there is still fermentation going on ? ) COOL ! thnx all if anyone wants to guess the ABV % etc. plz have a go and i reckon im at the limit but the yeast should work !
  14. RECIPE ADJUSTMENT ! how does this sounds guys and gals ? 250gm Dark Dried Malt Extract 500gm roasted barley 500gm BE2 whole tin 1.7kg Coopers Irish Stout and the 200gm total of hops etc. same as before can someoen crunch some numbers please , would this be in the ball park of 6 to 8 % ABV and you think my yeast will ferment properly ? THANKS ALL !
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