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  1. This has been a treasure trove of useful new ideas ad I have been kit and partial mash brewing for 30 years.!!! A sincere thanks for all the great info and tips, especially the malt as a primer.
  2. Thanks folks I really appreciate the advice. Would there be any benefit in using a Safale Yeast or the Coopers can one?
  3. I was looking at doing a mid strength 3.5 Dark Ale using either a can of Stout, Dark Ale or Ruby Porter with 500 Malt (Dark or Light??) and adding 20-30 grams of Fuggles and Goldings. Any thoughts? Any other suggestions? Not really keen on the toffee taste I get from the Rogers and looking for something else.
  4. Thanks for your input - looks like Dark Ale and English bitter types of beers
  5. I bought a few cans of 1.5 kg amber malt cans (Coopers) instead of Pale Malt and need some suggestions about how to use them. Eg adding them to a Thomas Cooper Irish Stout? Dark Ale? Any help recipe wise appreciated. Have had a look at a few but most seem to be Brown Ale types of beers.
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