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  1. Just bought a can of Bavarian Lager, but when i got home and opened it i found the instructions were for the "Original Series & not the International Series". The instructions don't concern me but how can i tell if it is the correct yeast or is it the same used for both Series????
  2. Hi, Just a quick question, I renewed my membership on the 6th of Jan as it was due to expire in Feb. (Maybe a little earlier than I had to I know) but I recieved my pack today and found it was the same as I had last year. Is it possable to swap it with the current mug? ( the shirt or cap have not been opened or worn!) Regards Danny
  3. Paul, Tried your method of boiling water and a quick swirl, worked like a charm!!!!! Thank you. :D :D :D
  4. Tryed pouring slowly after the first amount went solid but still not too much success, again resorting to the blender!!!! I did get it all mixed but it took a lot, which just made me feel more like it was "BEER TIME".
  5. I've just put down a Sparkling Ale but had problems when it came to adding the "light dry malt". As I added, it started to go solid and stick togeather, eventually resorting to using a handheld blender to mix it in. Is there a better way or am I just going about it all wrong? :?:
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