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  1. I have stumbled upon a conundrum surrounding our favourite brewers. The Cooper family brew beer. So it is Cooper's beer - the beer of Mr Cooper. Rightho, no problems. BUT - grab yourself a coldie and have a squiz - you will see no apostrophes in the main label. Implying (incorrectly) that the brewers are the Coopers family. But look at the lable of the NECK of the current bottles and we are back to the apostrophe! Ah, the pain of marketing mangling our grammar as she is wrote. Thinking along these lines, I went looking at old labels and found several exceptions that DO allow the apostrophe. Thomas Cooper's Finest Export (from about 2000) http://www.cooperspubs.com/images/beer/labels/pages/l400_labelthomas.htm Cooper's Premium Clear Ale (again from around 2000) http://www.cooperspubs.com/images/beer/old/pages/450premium_90s.htm In the TEXT of the label on Coopers Best Extra Stout (from the mid Eighties) http://www.cooperspubs.com/images/beer/old/pages/450stout_80s.htm I am tempted to report the whole family to the Apostrophe Protection Society.
  2. Very well done indeed. Most informative.
  3. Would have been there, except that my daughter was born that morning :-) And no, I didnt name her Sparkling (etc)
  4. Try http://www.cooperspubs.com/pubs_victoria.htm for a very out of date list - but gives you an idea. Sorry its not been updated for years - went and got married :-) Cheers
  5. Dark notes and images at : http://www.cooperspubs.com/coopersbeers.htm#darkale Label images at : http://www.cooperspubs.com/gallery_labels.htm Tasting notes including two year aged Dark at : http://www.cooperspubs.com/tastingapril2000.htm Cheers!
  6. Vote me in for the Nayes. Tap water has body - plenty of minerals and interest. Which is what you NEED for the majority of brews - guts! Bring it on! I'll take the point for the clear lager type brews - go with rainwater. But for Ale? For Stout? No argument in my mind.
  7. Gidday. Hmm, Payroll - I figure that makes you the most important person in the company! :-)
  8. Been drinking Vintage 2 for the last two years (bought 8 cartons of the stuff!) and geez it grows on you. Makes 'normal' beer quite pale in comparison! But Im just about out of it now. Maybe I'll have to make a home brew that is designed to age and scoff that instead... like Oliver and Geoff's Millenium Ale (designed to be drunk over the next 100 years - they think big) http://www.homebrewandbeer.com/millenniumale.html
  9. Hi Sunny Coast Brewer, Geez I hope the yank Simpsons cartoon syndicate doesnt have a go at ya! Top artwork. Coopers had a dig around a year or two ago for a simple label printing program that they could distribute on the Coopers site for home brewers. I imagine it was all too hard and was dropped. But - its still a great idea. How about it, Coopers?
  10. Hi C46543 or is it ? (geez ya folks mustn't of had much imagination) I regularly ignore my fermented beer and guiltily get back to it a month or three later. Nerver had a dud one yet (although they may have been even more supurb if bottled pronto :-)
  11. Update on the 28th march - from the 'Brewery tours' tab on the Coopers website: So get on the phone and start booking :-) Top work Frank on the larger (Lager?) discount for the faithful. Gee it's nice after a year and a half to get back to this thread with the tours finally in sight.... :-) (not to mention the thread on the old forum from 2001!)
  12. Kieran, Coopers have had a share buy back offer on the table for a fair while. As part of last year's fracas they bought back the shares of those who wnated to cash up - a figure of about 4% rings a bell. The only difference is that after Lion Nathan's bid the buy-back price went from about $45 to over $250! So one spin-off from the share attack is that the 'market price' of Cooper's shares has been thoroughly reviewed :-) (Disclaimer -figures supplied by my faulty memory , but the gist remains the same anyway)
  13. And the home brewed stuff has the added joy of knowing that you are paying bugger all tax to Big Brother. Ah.... now that's sweet!
  14. Its always going to be a problem getting a 'head' of home brews so some can age before being scoffed. Try flat out brewing and botttling for a few months, continuous production. That should stock every spare cupboard in the house! Or ... consider bottling them with a mate.. one that doesnt drink much ... at their house . Then youve got to go around there to scoff 'em, so there's some chance of a few being left.
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