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  1. Okay so this may sound crazy but i just brewed up two seperate batches of fruit wine and im wondering if anyone else has had success doing this. i made a peach and orange wine mixed with dextrose and then a cranberry orange and raisins mixed with dextrose. They both have a potential alcohol percent of 9%. Im also hoping that the yeast will leave behind some residual sugars so that it will be sweet. just like when i brew an ale coopers extract beer with the same yeast it ferments and then stops and leaves behind some sugar for extra sweetness. do you think the same effect will happen with my wine? also how does the yeast do this? how does it ferment a bunch of sugar and then the yeast say "okay were almost outta sugar its time to stop fermenting". Also if anyones interested in the alcohol tolerance of the coopers dry yeast, i just got an email from coopers indicatinv that they have brewed beers up to 13%!!
  2. So what do you get if you ferment an ale yeast at lagers cooler temperatures ?!
  3. I recently brewed a coopers draught beer and I assumed it was an ale beer, but then as I looked more into it I heard some people say that it is actually a lager beer. Ill show you which can I bought in the website below, its the can with the yellow lid on it. http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.highgravitybrew.com/productcart/pc/catalog/draught_1764_general.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.highgravitybrew.com/productcart/pc/Coopers-Draught-p2275.htm&h=250&w=250&sz=54&tbnid=oj1U74t2RqQ6AM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=90&zoom=1&usg=__L9HDZIeBqOrYnDuin7aqIIUUJfw=&docid=-v0NPPmte3F0HM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=vrYtULnLNKPaywG984D4Ag&ved=0CH0Q9QEwCw&dur=352 So I already wrote to coopers by email and they told me that this can comes with an ale yeast, but they didnt clarify whether that officially makes this an ale beer. Or if its an ale yeast with lager ingridients , which Iv heard is called a steam style beer. Another confusing thing about this is if you go to the coopers website and look at their listing for draught beer they list it under a lager style. This website will take you to the page im talking about. So I dont get it, did i brew a lager or an ale ?! http://www.coopers.com.au/the-brewers-guild/how-to-brew/lager/fresh-draught
  4. Yea i realize its an ale yeast now , but what i dont get is why coopers listed it under the lager category on their website. thats whats making me think i brewed a lager beer. but your saying its actually entirely an ale beer?
  5. Hey everyone, So I just finished bottling like 60 beers of my coopers Draught. I came upstairs to my computer and I was curious what are the ingredients withing the coopers draught can. I looked on the coopers website and was suprised to find out I brewed a LAGER! the coopers website calls it a Lager fresh draught, but I had no idea, the can simply says coopers draught, and the ladie in the store told me she had no idea about the beer supplies. This is my first lager Iv brewed and I am now worried that it may have not finished fermenting. Here are the specs, I added 2.2 pounds of Light Malt Extract and 103Grams of dextrose and had a SG of 1.037. I fermented in my basement at 67F with 2 packs of dried coopers yeast. I used the yeast that came with can and an extra pack I bought. The FinalGravity reading was 1.009. The coopers website says the Fermentation may take 2 to 3 weeks. They also recommend to ferment at 20\xb0C/68F or less. When I had a look at the fermentation in the pail I did notice a couple bubbles come up, and I attributed them to the fact that was just co2 escaping, since I carried the pail upstairs and it got moved around a bit. I also primed the sugar at a rate of 5g/L. Now coopers actually recommends priming at 8g/L but I decided to go lower this batch, which may be a good thing if theres less sugar in the bottles because the original fermentation may still be going... Anyone have any helpful advice? Has anyone brewed this Coopers lager in 2 weeks at 20c/68F with a SG of 1.037? Maybe ill have to put my glass bottles in a big container incase they start exploding!
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