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  1. thanks Greg ... will give it a try sometime. I'm not much taken with the many recipes which sound like they chuck in everything in the pantry ... call me a pleb, but I like it fairly basic. Cheers
  2. Hi Greg You didn't mention sugar .... did you use sugar in the fermenting process????? Paul ... your recipe mentions just 300gm of sugar ... I'm confused. What ferments to produce the alcohol???? What sort of sugar are you referring to?
  3. What sort of info are you looking for? there are several good sites depending on what you're looking for. How come when I was at Uni they never got me researchibng homebrew stuff????? I'm sure I would have found it a lot more interesting than what I did.
  4. Q

    Brewing Pale Ale

    Hi Stefan My Pale finished @ 1010 using Brew Enhancer 2 too so that sounds as though it must be near the mark ... or at least for 2 independent brewings. Lets hope it tastes as good as it smells. Cheers
  5. Greetings fellow quaffers (and quafferettes????) Coupla questions re Pale Ale brewing What is the optimum temperature at which the brew should be fermented? I know a range is recommended, but is there a BEST temp to brew the good drop? What alcohol % are people getting with their Pale Ale brews? If you follow the instructions on the can precisely, what alcohoil % should we expect? Your advice would be appreciated.
  6. 8 WEEKS!!!!! Strike me pink ... a man's not a flamin' camel !!!!! Mind you, I've got 2 batches of stout to work my way through before I get to the Pale Ale which I'm going to bottle tomorrow. So I reckon the Pale will be safe for couple of weeks. Just checked the SG which seems to have settled at 1010 which means an Alc % of about 6% which surprised me a bit. How did other brewers get on with the Alc % of the Pale? Happy drinking
  7. Hi Tony Fancy I read somewhere that Coopers site is set to GMT Looking forward to sipping my first Pale Ale in a few weeks time. I've done the Lager & Real Ale which have been great. Have done a couple of Newcastle Brown Ales (Not Copers) for my son & he reckons they're pretty good to ... and he's VERRRRRY fussy.
  8. As a beginner to this home brewing stuff (but the 6 brews I've done have all been Excellent!!) I've noticed that most of the sugars have an indication of the approx Final Grav reading I can expect. Have just put on my first Pale Ale brew and couldn't find that info on the can or on the Brew Enhancer 2 packet. (or maybe I'm just blind???) Can someone plesase give me some advice. Cheers
  9. Just getting into the swing of the homebrew journey & so far so good. Wondering about the number of times it's OK to reuse PET bottles (Tthe brown ones) and wondering about how many times I can reuse the plastic screwtop caps. I note that 1 packet my son got for me from somewhere says they are for one use only. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks to you all for advice ... seems that it will be ok to use stubbies etc as long as I use appropriate capper ... realising there's no come back if anything ever goes wrong because of the "not to be refilled" advice on stubbies
  11. Dunno about all this fancy labels stuff ... I must be a pleb ... I make it to drink the flamin' stuff, not look at it ... hehehe
  12. Stubbies have "not to be refilled" embossed on them but are they OK to be used for bottling homebrew?
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