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  1. Gday Muddy, Thanx for ur reply now fella I have done evrything correctly 1).clean the bottles spotless washed and rinsed with boiling hot water. 2) primed the bottles by dropping 2 carb drops in and filling then capping. 3)then putting the bottles in the kitchen and covering them over with a sleeping bag to keep warm also the air con on as well. 4)the only thing i didnt do was invert the bottles, but readin the FAQ it says when using the drops no need to invert. 5)just got home from a bush job and i have givin my 120 or so botts a big shake up,looks like if they dont come good i will be drinking flat grog[annoyed] . 6)your comments thanx fella.
  2. Gday all, I have done about 5 brews and keen to try (why wouldnt ya be)any way i cracked a couple of pales and cerva and the lager they have been in bottles for about 3 weeks,just to sample? and they seem to be flat as a tack. Your comments plz and thanx
  3. Gday All, Has anyone had a crack at making Coopers mild ale if so how did it turn out.
  4. Gday All, What is the easiest way to remove labels from bottles.
  5. Thanx to everyone that replied to my message your info in very good , so for me ITS big bottles and thanx Cheers N beers everyone[cool]
  6. Hi Guys, I want to put my brew in coopers stubbys is this a good thing or do you recommend using big bottles. Your comments plz
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